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  1. Hello! I don't know if anyone can help me but I have a quick question. I currently use Windows 7. I wish to group some pictures together and have them play with music in the background. I was able to do so with Windows Movie Maker when I had Windows XP. However this doesn't come with Windows 7. Is there a similar product I can use, or at least another option? Thanks in advance.
  2. Welcome to the forum and the ULC!
  3. Hello! I have a question that I hope I can get an answer for. I have an Acer B1-780 Tablet and want to install Instagram on it. Every time I install Instagram, I try to open it and I get a message stating that I should un-install it and re-install it. I do that, and I still get the same message. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Thanks everyone. It seems to be working now. I just uninstalled it and re-installed it.
  5. I honestly do not know. I went to Google Play and punched in Instagram and downloaded the app that came up. I assumed it would be the right program. It does work at the moment. I find it helps just choosing the picture and then clinking on adding to Instagram and it works.
  6. Welcome to the forum and the ULC!
  7. My condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed.
  8. Happy Father's Day, everone!
  9. Thank you to the ULC and the Kirby family! Long live the greatest religious organization on the planet!
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    Welcome to the forum and the ULC!!!!
  11. Rev Ed

    Doctoral Degrees

    I'd make the suggestion that when used within the Church, like on the forum here, it's okay to call yourself Doctor. Otherwise, use the initials after your name if you want to use them else where. For example, I'll use the D.U.L. after my name if I use the title - D.U.L. stands for 'Doctor of Universal Life', one of the degrees available from the ULC.
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    new member

    Welcome to the forum and the ULC!!!!!
  13. I would say no, but the only person who could give you an accurate answer would be a lawyer.
  14. It's a nice idea but goes against the ideals of Rev. Kirby. Also, when I became ordained, I was not serious about it. I am more serious about it now.
  15. Happy New Year everyone!!!
  16. Happy Independence Day!
  17. I have a question: when I became an ordained ULC minister I remember reading something that said I could state my religious beliefs as 'Universal Life'. Now I cannot find anything about this. Is this still the case, or was I wrong in this idea? Thanks.
  18. Sounds like an interesting pin. Here's to the "Modesto Messiah!"
  19. Rev Ed

    Women Preachers

    I concur - I support women being ordained. Women can be far more understanding at times about personal issues, and other women may be at more ease talking to another woman about their problems.
  20. Does anyone know about an episode from 60 Minutes about the ULC which claimed that Kirby Hensley admitted to being a 'con man.' I found a book from my local library, which is available from Amazon: It is supposed to be from actual 60 minute episodes, and claimed that Rev. Hensley stated: "I'm a con man. [laugh] Every other fellow that I came in contact with is a con man. When I give a fellow an Honorary Doctor of Divinity, it's just a little piece of paper. And it ain't worth anything, you know, under God's mighty green earth - you know what I mean? - as far as value." (Pages 17-18.)
  21. What about as a follower of the ULC - Universal Life? Isn't this basically what the ULC is about too?