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  1. I am currently in the process of determining the status of the forum administration. Until such time as I am able to figure out where everyone stands, I would remind everyone of the forum rules and ask that you abide by them. After further review, it may come to pass that certain housekeeping duties be attended to in abrupt fashion. Topic locked.
  2. Thank you everyone. Much appreciated!
  3. If you find you are not able to post/read/whatever in certain areas of the forum, please post here so that I can fix the permissions that she messes up
  4. murphzlaw1

    Atwater Vitki

    (Posted on Facebook Saturday, but not here because I was ill.) It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of RevAl, or Atwater Vitki. Members here may know him from the ULCOnline forum. He was one of our moderators. Al was a great guy. I enjoyed working with him. He was always a voice of reason, and he was known to put others first. He was an amazing person, and he will be missed. This is the message that was passed along by an old forum friend, from his daughter: "It really breaks my heart to have to say this. One of the most important people in my life has left this Earth, to make his journey to heaven. This morning my father David (At-water Vitki) passed away. He lost his battle to Stage 4 lung cancer and other medical problems. He was only 13 days away from his 61st Birthday. I will always cherish all the memories I have with you deep within my heart. The one memory that I will always cherish is that you married me to my best friend Michael Richins Schroeder on February 1, 2015. It's not everyday, you see a father perform their own daughter's wedding ceremony. I loved it when I got to see you, no matter where you were. Of course the best place I got to visit you was Hawaii!!! I will always remember when I was young, going to Rio Del and spending time with you, and your kitty Scuffa! Those were some the best times of my life. It is sad when the person who gave you the best memories become a memory. One or two other things I have to say about my Dad is that, you were loving, very talented, a great artist, funny, and even hard-headed, even tho you told me that k didn't get that from you. One thing that is awesome, I had the Thank you for being the best Dad I could ask for. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. And always remember that no matter how old I get, I will be your Pumpkinut. I love you Daddy, YOUR PUMPKINUT REST IN PARADISE DAD!"
  5. murphzlaw1

    Atwater Vitki

    Due to illness this weekend I hadn't gotten to post on the forum. I will be fixing that right now.
  6. Congratulations Andre and everyone at Headquarters! Thanks for keeping up the fight and supporting us through thick and thin!
  7. Qeick question, do members have the ability to change the "rank"  under their  forum name? IE, yours is Pres. and CEO...


  8. This is why you're a Mentor, Luis..
  9. murphzlaw1

    Moral Basics

    ain't that the truth
  10. I have unpinned the topic. This was a MEMBER run (not an official function. Unfortunately, after 12 years, it ran its course. If mdtaylor decides to reopen this in the future he may do so.
  11. oh, they've been pickin on me for 15 years now. I'm used to it Can you believe that, mererdog? We've known each other for over 15 years.
  12. murphzlaw1

    New pastoral help

    I moved this topic to the Legal area to better assist.
  13. murphzlaw1

    Problem Validating E-Mail

    I bumped you up to the members group.
  14. murphzlaw1

    Topic Access Problems

    I'm still seeing some issues like mererdog stated above, even after the upgrade... I'm also totally unable to access some topics. I still think it's database related, so Kevin and I and the host will have to fight that out. On it, might take a bit.