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  1. I'm gonna stop you right there and tell you that you're full of it. The MODS don't have the authority to restrict posting ability. There's nothing in your account that indicates that an ADMIN has restricted your post count. I'm the only admin that has been on recently, and I certainly haven't restricted your postings. Do NOT attempt to slander the staff of this forum with your absolutely baseless accusations. Anytime you've received a warning or restriction you have been made aware of it.
  2. Qeick question, do members have the ability to change the "rank"  under their  forum name? IE, yours is Pres. and CEO...


  3. I heard there was a problem with the theme, and some problems replying to topics. I fixed both, I hope, by restoring the original theme. I'll see if I can fix the other theme when I have some time.
  4. Anyone have any comments on the new theme for the forum? Like, dislike? Bugs?
  5. This is why you're a Mentor, Luis..
  6. ain't that the truth
  7. I have unpinned the topic. This was a MEMBER run (not an official function. Unfortunately, after 12 years, it ran its course. If mdtaylor decides to reopen this in the future he may do so.
  8. Let me know, I think I fixed it. I'm gonna have to go through all of the permissions one by one, cuz they seriously jacked with my settings.
  9. I'm on it.
  10. Occasionally moderators will go through and archive old postings, but that's on a case by case basis. Many threads still have good information, even if links contained therein are out of service. I provide updates to the forum software and repair the forum when it breaks. We are not soliciting for additional moderators at this time. Should a position become available we will inform the membership and allow them to apply.
  11. oh, they've been pickin on me for 15 years now. I'm used to it Can you believe that, mererdog? We've known each other for over 15 years.
  12. flattery will get you everywhere.
  13. I moved this topic to the Legal area to better assist.
  14. please ignore
  15. I bumped you up to the members group.