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  1. officiating a marriage in NY city I have a friend who wants me to officiate her marriage I'm ULC ordained & registered in Massachusetts only. Is their anyone in NY city that could officate for my friend?
  2. When celebrated at home I understand that it is the oldest daughter that wears the crown of candles on her head.
  3. I would not hold a sword to promote peace A Prayer For The World By Rabbi Harold S. Kushner Let the rain come and wash away the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds held and nurtured over generations. Let the rain wash away the memory of the hurt, the neglect. Then let the sun come out and fill the sky with rainbows. Let the warmth of the sun heal us wherever we are broken. Let it burn away the fog so that we can see each other clearly So we can see beyond. labels, beyond accents, gender or skin color Let the warmth and brightness of the sun melt our selfishness. So we can share the joys and feel the sorrows of our neighbors And let the light of the sun be so strong that we will see all people as our neighbors. Let the earth, nourished by rain, bring forth flowers to surround us with beauty. And let the mountains teach our hearts to reach upward to heaven. Amen.
  4. Prayers and healing energy sent to help people cope with their injuries and losses
  5. Beautiful. Makes me want to be there in person. Thanks for sharing
  6. Volunteering your services also helps there are many organization already supporting those who need a place to sleep and a hot meal. These organizations are always in need of volunteer help.
  7. I am so grateful for all of you in my life ~ for postings and experiences shared, for the gift of knowing each of you and for the honor of being part of your journey in life as you are part of mine. Thanksgiving Blessings, with love, Bridget
  8. Himitsuko, I like this I can use it to open up my celebration of the Celtic new year. I have created a little family ceremony around our ancestors. I am not pagan but I am drawn to my Celtic roots
  9. I will be celebrating the Celtic New Year. Oct 31st-Nov 1st That also happens to be my daughters Birthday. Chant for Samhain A year of beauty. A year of plenty. A year of planting. A year of harvest. A year of forests. A year of healing. A year of vision. A year of passion. A year of work. A year of rebirth. This year may we renew the earth. Let it with each chain we break. And let it begin every time we awake. begin with each step we take. Let it begin with each change we make.Let it begin
  10. During my teaching years I wanted to empower the students in my K- classroom regarding the blame issue " s/he made me do it" I began to use the term "you're, your own boss" when helping them solve disputes. Solving dispute issues worked, when the children began to understand that they were in charge of the outcome if they bossed themselves and not the other person.
  11. These are challenging times. good wishes going his way
  12. Fear is worse than the disease. Sending positive thoughts and Reiki Blessings
  13. The news just keeps getting better and better remarkable recovery.
  14. Maybe different levels of wisdom come at different stages of your life! The wise are always updating and learning We can learn from each other. I learn from my students, grandkids, my own kids, co- workers, people on this and other forums I'm a life long learner, always gaining new insights and upgrading my wisdom .
  15. Prayers for your brother and his family are on there way
  16. hard that the blood was gushing from his
  17. That's another way of interpreting/translating Blackthorns posting.
  18. An interesting point of view. A mind is like a parachute it works best when its fully open to all information. Today we can trace our true ancestors back using DNA In 2006 my friend submitted a DNA saliva swab to Oxford Ancestors for interpretation.
  19. post #27 was another person's opinion not Blackthorn's. There are many folks who do believe that the native American's were not the first American's. There are many theories out there each have a valid point. The Arctic Tundra from Russia to Canada was believed to be where the nomadic people first traveled from.
  20. True, As a child I was never allowed to use playing cards, they were considered evil. As a teacher I found playing cards a valuable tool to teach math I'm trying to recall a chant that was part of a game similar to the bone game you described. Children sat in a circle and passed a stone around, the stone could change direction. Players would have their hands crossed at the wrist as they passed the stone around the circle, no one knew who had the stone except the person passing it and the receiver. The chant started out something like this..Hey Naya hey
  21. How do you keep the spiritual/honorable names alive and not lose your proud heritage to institutionaizedl gambling casinos ?
  22. Those names that got changed are gone forever my children's school team changed from warriors to falcon I know that mountain you speak off and have spent many summers in Greenville. Here in Massachusetts and along the eastern coast line the name now attached to native Americans is casino's