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  1. No midlife crisis here, finally found a deal on the MC I have wanted for 12 years.... I have ridden since I was 13 years old.

  2. I'm in Florida, I am taking a disability retirement.

    A Motorcycle hmmmmm A little midlife crisis? LOL

  3. Not much, bought a motorcycle,,, how about you?

  4. Yo Gus... Whats up? Long time no see.

  5. Cliff

    Open Question About Desserts

    Custard,, but please NO coconut
  6. Cliff

    Who Do You Look Like?

    Norman Schwarzkopf
  7. My prayers are also being sent.
  8. Well deserved congratulations to Von Noble
  9. Wow talk about honest. I'm very impressed. Very cool when someone is openly honest.