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  1. I am starting to look at evil and good in the light of flow and thermodynamics. Good would be anything that allows love to expand and flow dynamically so that it does not become static. The opposite of Good then would be anything that restricts this energetic flow and causes it to become restricted. A thought such as "I am" would seem to an attempt to retain this energy into one point and therefor cause an impediment to the natural flow causing a distortion. The more thoughts of 'I am" or self that occur the more distortions and ripples that occur obscuring good.
  2. Best of Luck Stormy...sending you lots of positive and healing energy
  3. It's a cool design but when I first saw it the first thing that came into my mind was a wild fire and smoke had burned the brush and left it lifeless, the fires of hell maybe muhahaha
  4. May I ask what topping was on the pizza Smurf Dreamon delivered. Al can we forgo the pot this time and break in the smoker....for some reason I'm having an urge for snake jerky Welcome to the forum Rev'd Rattlesnake!!!! I have to ask first off do you have any allergic reactions to any spices?
  5. My beliefs are that everything came form a state of love and pure potential and one of sheer bliss and beingness. This state is ever expanding further and further away from the core. At some point in eternity within some fringe outer element of consciousness arose the conscious thought of "I AM" and the false belief in separation from the whole. These thoughts of separation led to fear and thoughts of punishment and then an ego developed which then in an attempt to hide creates the ever changing dimension in which we have our focus. This belief is not written in stone, or at least I haven't found written in stone, silver or gold in any tablets buried in my back yard as of yet
  6. Mine didn't have Alpaca years
  7. The Eagles The Rogues - great bagpipe group Celtic Woman Isao Tomita Yanni
  8. First off I didn't see any of them wearing the required French Maid outfit and secondly from the ones I've seen in the ad...please tell them to cover up my dust mites almost lost their lunch
  9. I can see many instances where such a device could prove harmful, but how would it be helpful except maybe during power surges.
  10. Oops sorry you mods all look alike :0 Thanks mdtaylor!!!!
  11. Thanks for the info Dorian. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school and never remember hearing that story before,
  12. I've never heard of St. Charity and E-Bay comes up with nothing for it
  13. Sending lots of love and healing energy your way Stormy!!!!
  14. Cute little Easter Bunny Intern....he'll do well once those eggs (fleas) he leaving behind get larger and dyed different colors.
  15. Luis if you are true to your faith and belief system how can your political purposes not be a direct reflection of your religious or spiritual beliefs?
  16. Being farted on by a bishop has to be better then getting doused in Holy Water I would think. Can you imagine what a blessing it would be to have Jesus fart on you?
  17. They are nice Rev. Earl ..... one with dark blue on the outer edges and a turquoise center would be fantastic looking me believes.
  18. I was just also thinking that being successful in such a law suit would entail intent. If the people proclaimed the Bible was perfect out of ignorance from past programming and did not maliciously set out to cause anyone harm or gain their money then I'm thinking the suit would fail. One might have to prove the people who made such claims knew and intended to receive money from the congregation under that guise. Darn it!!!!
  19. Did he read one of my posts where I would like to file a class action lawsuit against every church that advertises the Bible as the perfect inerrant word of God and collects tithes based on those teachings. He would have a tough time proving it ruined whatever career he may have had, but he may just have a case about the psychological damage. Thanks for posting this Pete and if you hear more about this please keep me updated. Might give me the confidence to go ahead with my lawsuit against the churches I attended and payed tithes to. I would have little trouble proving psychological damage
  20. Congrats Bro!!! Seems to me you have served with much dignity and honor and you have earned my respect and am I am very grateful and a better person for having had contact with you here. Brightest Blessings!!!
  21. I have just recently had contact with a retired police officer. The stories that he has been telling me are shocking and disturbing. For some odd reason I disliked the guy even before I actually talked to him or knew he was a cop, but now I really have a dislike for him.
  22. My condolences and prayers are with you and yours Pastor Dave
  23. lol yes that would be more profitable for me.