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  1. We have Alpaca Farms here in Maryland as well. The First time I ever encountered alpacas was at the state fair here. They had two with haircuts like french poodles and I fell in love with the animals immediately and adopted them as my avatar. I have even thought about infesting in them
  2. Dan you said "I'd be more concerned about where I was going instead of what I was leaving." concerned (adj) - Bing Dictionary anxious or worried: worried or apprehensive, particularly about something such as a situation that is developing or that has newly arisen
  3. That last line tells me then that you have never fully experienced the love of God and that you would spend your last days in fear. But that isn't surprsing considering the basis of your belief system
  4. What I would like to do is max out my credit cards and go Bigfoot Hunting in Oregon, but realizing how little time I have to spend with those I love and that love me I would defer and spend time with them. I would probably quit work.
  5. Are there any stenographers here that can verify that
  6. Can't you sprinkle something on the lawn in that area to make the pooch not want to go there like cayenne pepper or something
  7. Yes I think that is it. I'm not up on actors names either unless they are uber famous.
  8. No I'm not big on movies. I think last vampire movie I saw was the Van Hellsing one which I surprisingly liked.
  9. I've heard her name bandied about often on-line and know shes has something to do with vampires but I would have probably reacted the same as your co-worker and wanted to know how she is related to Kim Kardashian
  10. Aren't these things relative to one's social class. The normal person could teach what they believe to be good every day manners to their children but many of these teachings would still seem crass compared to the type of manners used in Higher Social Circles like Buckingham Palace.
  11. Exactly what the Devil wants us to think
  12. Wow that is cool thanks for sharing.....are some of them valuable like regular coins due to rarity?
  13. I can actually believe that. Searching for work one year I worked 4 days a week on Section 8 homes until I found a job. In different areas of town the roaches behaved very differently. They love to eat the wallpaper paste and most homes I worked on would be filled with them. In what we call Pigtown here the roaches would actually attack when trying to scrape away the loose wallpaper, unlike other neighborhoods where they would scatter the best they could though they had little room to scatter anywhere there were so many of them. One would get use to hundreds of them falling on you when tearing off the wallpaper but one day during lunch I found a halfway clean place to rest and eat my lunch only to feel something crawling across my neck. I reached for it and it was a very large centipede.....I couldn't take it any more I stood up and quit and walked off that job forever.
  14. I'd like to ask you guys how many times has your coins been washed in the wash.
  15. I love that step and reach rule.....thanks for the info.
  16. Congrats Dorian.....for us non military folks what does "coined" me it sounds painful if it was anything bigger than a penny
  17. After just a few minutes of youtube videos and these people are starting to really worry me. The last place I want a roach is in my mouth or my microwave. At least my microwave is still safe from them, as I'm sorry to say I had a roach run across my inside lip once after accepting a cola from a date in a house infested with them. Still sends shivers down my spine remembering that sensation.
  18. That is in Florida and that probably isn't your normal run of the mill European or American Roach. I do not condone this guys actions, just merely posted video to get good perspective of size
  19. Jesus paid his taxes so why shouldn't churches. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's.
  20. The research can be prohibited but someone is going to be doing it anyway sooner or later one would think.
  21. I have just the opposite problem, I enjoy Christians prosletizing at me and can't even get a peep out of the ones that know me
  22. Batman really let himself go after he got hooked on crack
  23. Science has never claimed to be so nor has any of its educated practitioners Unlike some other systems of thought and their followers!!