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  1. Fantastic and when it becomes a best seller and big time movie like the Potter series don't forget us little people on Premier nights CONGRATS!!!!
  2. Which one is older the US or Murphz
  3. Positive energy and prayers headed hers and your way!!!
  4. My only pledge is to try and leave humanity a little bit better off than it was before I got here

    1. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      That's the best any of us could hope to do!

    2. SoundofPeace


      If you change only yourself for the better, then your pledge is fulfilled.

  5. How old must Wyatt be before he is allowed to hold a sparkler? Tell Wyatt Happy 4th right back at him......he doesn't look all that happy did someone burn his hotdog?
  6. Just confirmed my suspicions about the batty members in our group
  7. Pileated woodpeckers can be rather destucrive as well. They can rip the bark off of trees going after those grubs under the bark. You can always tell when they are pounding on trees compared to the smaller peckers.
  8. I love titmouse they are cool and come and sing for me quite often in the woods, they are less skitish then most birds....they usually hang out with Carolina Ckickadees though and Nuthatches. I haven't seen any around with swallows. We actually have to spray chemicals inside our awnings to keep the swallows out. I hate doing that because all other birds are welcomed its those darn dive bombers that go for your eyes and wont let anyone near the house if they get a chance to nest that I loathe with a passion. It takes all my retsraint and then some not to whack them out of the air with something hard besides a blast of water now and then lol My favorite bird of all are owls of any type. I feel like I'm in the presence of royalty when I get near one in the woods.
  9. Being a Birder myself I hate to admit that I despise swallows. Those little dive bombers bring out the worst in me.
  10. I was cutting the lawn last year in the backyard and having to shove the mower into a a large shrub to get under it. I knocked a robin's egg out of the nest and it broke and I felt terrible. Now I'm very careful around that bush, yet today when I was cutting around it a baby bunny just bigger than a mouse barely escaped the front edge of the mower and scampered off. I would have been devasted if it hadn't of been fast enough to just barely missed being mulched.
  11. I think what it is saying is simple. "Trusting everyone who claims to be your firend is foolish and can lead to despair. Trust only those rare few whom you know are your true friend."
  12. If I lose all my hair and tail after 5 years eating cherrios I think I'll stick to my pepperoni pizza and cola diet thank you very much
  13. Happy Solstice Fellow Travelers

    1. Rev. High Priestess Mandi

      Rev. High Priestess Mandi

      A Merry Solstice to you as well!

  14. Wiki has some good info on the Jesus Seminar if you are interested. Check out the list with the porbability of what Jesus said in red and see how close it comes to what you have concluded in your investigation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_Seminar
  15. Silly Alpaca?!?! Look Ed I followed the directions you gave me to a tee....well almost I improvised a little. I did this and believe me I beat the heck out of the outside of that bowl with the hand mixer on high speed vigorously for a full two minutes. Not much happened except now I need a new bowl and hand mixer. This seemed a bit odd but I took the bowl upastairs undid my blankets and hopped under the covers with the dough and took a 1 hour nap. Then awoke and heated up the frying pan to 325. I must admit the rest did me good. This part was messy. I got out the axle grease and couldn't find any English muffin rings or tuna cans but did find some rusty old oil cans in the back yard. I couldn't find a pair of tongs to remove the rings, I don't wear them, so I had to use a pair of my SpongeBob thongs. They worked great I didn't burn my hands at all. Well the crumpet police never showed up but the fire depratment got there just in the nick of time before the rest of the house went up in flames. Did you miss a step in the directions or something. Maybe next time give them to me in American instead of English When I went finally back into the kitchen area I did notice one of the crumpets was done to perfection. It tasted fantastic!! Funny thing about that fire, I haven't seen my hamster since.
  16. Was out again for a little while around lunch today. All seems fine now except for some sweet sticky substance oozing out of my DVD drive all over the place
  17. Yea Bob Barker is probably looking for a gig
  18. Probably all those darn updates windows shoved down my throat yesterday on work PC, Home PC and laptops....I had 24 updates they took forever and I could barely do anything while on line while they downloaded Or Al was making birthday cupcakes out of one of his USB ports again!!
  19. What criteria do you use for "the original teachings of Jesus"? Is it the Jesus seminar?
  20. Glad to hear you're healed my friend!!!
  21. I think if I were rich enough to visit all those places I'd be a happy dancer too, or could it be he just had to go and was afraid to use the local restrooms
  22. Now looks whos dropping gems of wisdom around for all to enjoy! Great post Hex.
  23. Happy Beltaine folks!!! Summer, I'm still waiting for Spring to get here!
  24. I enjoy walking cirlces around the Stupas at http://www.stupas.org/maryland_general.html I think I will visit there again next weekend it should be quite lovely there in the Spring. One important thing to remember when visiting Buddhist temples is don't wear socks with half the heel missing lol I felt so embarassed
  25. Great Easter Post Brother Peter....Brightest of Blessings for you and yours!!!