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  1. I am grateful this Holiday Season to see some old friends still hang out and discuss stuff here........HAPPY HOLIDAYS ANIMALS!
  2. Yet a chair was not always a chair and wont always be a chair, and depending on perspective really isn't really a solid chair now, but an assembled group of quantum energy swirling about moving through space at fantastic speeds. So the chair is really a dynamic thing which is constantly changing
  3. A may not be non-A in the present moment but was it non-A in the past or can it be non-A in the future. If God is dynamic then change would be expected. If he is stagnant then he is dead.
  4. Then if they were intelligent they would eliminate that creator, especially if said creator acted tyrannically and threatened them constantly with destruction.
  5. If a loving human father can forgive his children for their misdeeds simply out of compassion and love with no recompense required, how much more compassionate and loving is your God? Tyrants, bankers and judges demand recompense, and never is the righteous and just payment that of an innocent human sacrifice. So one must ask them self, does the deity they worship resemble more the fearful tyrants of the world or is their deity the ultimate example of a loving sophisticated father.
  6. If we can judge a Book as evil that has inspired more mass torture and death then any other in recorded history then The Bible by far is the Evilest of them all. One can judge a tree by its fruit correct?
  7. Definitely the people and friends I have made here keep me coming back for more and it is my goal to solve the Pickle Conspiracy if it is the last thing I do on this earth.
  8. I would think fair would be an opposite and equal reaction for every action, but then there are instances where this isn't necessarily the case. If someone accidentally steps on my foot or knocks me down is it fair that I in return stomp on there foot or shove them down to the ground? Methinks not.
  9. Brother Kaman what brand essential oils do you prefer? I have a few and love the way they make my room smell I usually burn Frankincense, Rosemary or Peppermint. Just a few drops of peppermint are great. I did 5 drops in some water one day and the smell overpowered me in my room.
  10. So far not much in the way of responses to my group post. One woman who peddles Essential Oils says they may help, but not much more outside of that.
  11. I'll pass this along to a secret group of people who are experts in this area if you like. I'll then post the responses here.
  12. What a poor and sick twisted individual one must be to only behave morally in life because of the promise of some future reward.
  13. Never claimed the electromagnetic force could not be over powered by enough gravity. Mass is condensed energy after all. How could the electrons escape from such a strong gravitational pull. If they were forced out of the neutron star itself shouldn't they they still be pulled to the vicinity of said star?
  14. All matter was once collected in one spot and yet some force blew it into tiny quantum bits throughout our Universe. The background radiation which is electromagnetic energies makes this clear. I would think that once again electromagnetic energy won that battle. Also doesn't light escape massive black holes all the time in the form of pulsars and quasars where once again electromagnetic energy is stronger. I'm not big on science but I'm sure equal amounts of matter and electromagnetic energy will result in the electromagnetic energy winning every time. Don't need to go the massive size of black holes. Take any small niobium magnet and place next to it an equal size piece of iron. You might want to keep your fingers out of the way as the electromagnetism may take your fingers off after its shrugs off the effects of gravity like a flea.
  15. http://www.colorado.edu/philosophy/vstenger/Cosmo/ant_encyc.pdf 1. The electromagnetic force is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than the gravitational force. If they were more comparable in strength, stars would have collapsed long before life had a chance to evolve.
  16. I don't understand what portion of this factual statement you don't understand. "In fact, Gravitational force is 10 thousand billion billion billion billion times weaker than the Electromagnetic force. Well, it sort of makes sense because if the Gravitational force were stronger than the Electromagnetic one, we would fall right through the floor!" Where is Hawkings statement that contradicts that. No link please
  17. With enough matter!!! Lets see since matter is massive amounts of condensed energy to begin with given equal amounts of both, say a gram of electromagnetism and a gram of gravity (if it were possible to contrast equal measures of both) then once again electromagnetism would over power gravity by leaps and bounds. The scenarios you listed include massive massive amounts of matter which shoots the amount of concentrated energy off the charts. There is no wonder then it seems as if gravity wins. A few billion mice could take on Hercules and win too.
  18. Ok Youch. put small small bits of paper out on a table. Then rub a comb through your hair and hold it above the paper. The electromagnetic static energy in that little combs lifts and pulls the bits of paper away off the table from the full gravitational force of the whole earth. CASE CLOSED!
  19. "In fact, Gravitational force is 10 thousand billion billion billion billion times weaker than the Electromagnetic force. Well, it sort of makes sense because if the Gravitational force were stronger than the Electromagnetic one, we would fall right through the floor!" I think the fact your brain hasn't been pulled through the carpet fibers proves it.
  20. Thomas is my favorite Gospel period. I enjoy bits and pieces of all of them. I enjoy the Gospel of Phillip with Jesus kissing unknown body parts on Mary. I don't think any of the Gospels give us a true representation of the real man though.
  21. Plenty here on the East Coast as well with 12 more inches of the white fluffy variety due to arrive this evening.
  22. Healing energy and prayers headed your way oldflathead.