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  1. My Spidey sense tingles and warns me when danger lurks near. HAs never failed and why I am still here
  2. It is a Buddhist thought "to rejoice at death and cry at birth"
  3. You mean you don't sleep in a Serta Coffin with a 666 sleep number
  4. Hmm the thought just occurred to me that vampires can't have their photo taken.....whose pic is that in your avatar
  5. I always thought you were a little squirrely
  6. I love the Buddhist Christmas song "The little drummer boy" all the aums just makes me vibrate with joy :-)
  7. I don't see how 1 and 0 's can have emotions. They may be able to mimic emotions like the emoticons, But is she really as ecstatic as she seems
  8. Sorry to hear about your loss. Positive thoughts and well wishes headed your's and your families way!
  9. Hmmm.....let me think. Do vile ignorant people or people who lack compassion for others upset me more?
  10. Al I'm sorry so sorry to hear about the added sadness into your Realm. Each moment of life is so precious its a shame to waste any of them.
  11. I'm happy the dimes bring you comfort. I've had so many weird things happen to me in my life that I seldom doubt the veracity of claims such as this. Imagine waking up in bed on two different occasions in two different houses with dead honey bees all about your bed and room without even the faintest idea of where they come from. I still ponder the message in these events to this day. Maybe my flatulence smells like honey when I sleep.
  12. Tell your son to start leaving $50 gold pieces.
  13. Do you have it all memorized by now? What percentage of it do you have to know by heart before one can be ordained in the Catholic Church.
  14. Ahem....this Alpaca can not afford to get it's valuable luxurious wool matted.
  15. I think she is smiling down upon you right this minute Stormson my friend, trying to let you know that she is fine and all is well
  16. My heart and soul reaches out to you Stormy old friend.......I was so happy to see you were back and then saddened by your grief.
  17. We do have a nice pot, oops I mean hot tub for newbies to sit back and enjoy themselves. Make sure you bring a couple of carrots, potatoes and beef bullion cubes with you.....wait a minute......Rev Al is it white wine or red wine this week...I need to tell the Nube whether its beef bullion or chicken broth this week.....
  18. I'm Fawzo there and we can play rated or unrated and you can choose which color you prefer.
  19. I love the form and the poem.....if anyone be brave enough to challenge the Fawz in chess just log onto Chess.com and I promise to make your demise as painless as possible
  20. My thoughts and prayers are directed her way!!!
  21. RabbiO Did, I still am drawing a blank. My reasoning facilities are faulty like the Steelers "O Line" Songster, very kewl story.....I've had a couple similar experiences with members in my family. I experienced my nephew and sister as married in another life and my sister had him killed. Now she has to help him grow.
  22. Many times when pondering the workings of the Universe I have seen a 3-D WEBLIKE SPHERICAL ORB which seems to be showing me the interconnectedness of all things. I have been imaging myself as just a portion of the overall fractal of life recently. Its seems to resonate with your holgraghic descriptor.