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  1. You're right. I did attribute that to you. Sorry for that. And, I don't need help, thank you. I can see historical facts as plain as anyone. What I do have is optimism that society will slowly learn that mistakes of the past need not be repeated.
  2. It was an observation, and a statement of my point of view. You state that the church teaches these horrible acts yet you give us the Bible as the instrument of teaching. I would ask you to please give us statistics to show that THE CHURCH teaches what you accuse, which church that is, and to please cite your references. I'd like to know...
  3. All I have to say is, do a complete study. Provide an analysis that shows all religions that show ANY amount of discrimination towards others. Then, give us the percentage of each that discriminates against others. Then do a study that shows commonalities among those that discriminate vs. those that do not. Until then you're simply stirring the pot.
  4. I don't recall hearing anything in church lately that instructs me to go out and slay the Philistines... The Pope does not tell us to stone adulterers to death. And the minister that conducted my marriage ceremony did not require me to slay my first born. I have always thought of the Bible as a history book. Not as an instruction manual.
  5. " We aren't supposed to attack each others personal beliefs. Nor are we supposed to attack each other. I get that. I can understand it. But I don't see much happening in terms of debate if we can't attack a person's position(their belief). " And the purpose of an attack is to destroy. What would anyone be interested in destroying someone's belief? Can you even do that? Is a belief a tangible thing that can be destroyed? I would submit that the answer to those questions would be no. Even if someone capitulated and agreed with everything you used to attack his belief, deep down do you think you have really altered that person most intimate beliefs? " I mean, anyone can claim to speak to God, or angels, or demons, or Jesus, or Odin, or do we go about politely questioning these statements? I personally have had issues with this, and understand that others do as well. " So what is the purpose of your questions? Are your questions formulated as an attack or as a means to gather information? Don't you think the forum exists to share information for the purpose of learning? We should not question the beliefs with negative arguments. You question beliefs with intent to understand. " I try to attack the position, although maybe attack is too strong a word, more like debate? " So, do you have any interest in learning about things you do not understand or believe? "The simplest thing for me is to ask for proof. But some of us ask for proof in a very judgmental way(myself included from time to time, unfortunately)." Scientists demand proof. Theologians rely on faith. Somewhere in that I believe that science and religion have crossed paths. Can one prove the existence of their God? Is something that cannot be explained by science automatically attributed to God? Is something that cannot be explained by science simply yet to be explained through our lack of knowledge? Scientists learn though asking questions in a manner that allows them to learn. Why would theologians use attacks instead? What I know about science and what I know about religion would both fit on the point of a needle. But what I have faith in fills an ocean. I don't know that I can answer questions regarding my faith an a manner that a scientist would understand or learn. That would depend on the scientist and what he is willing to accept as an element of a hypothetical. Scientists gather information for lengthy periods of time without arriving at a conclusion. Why should we be any different? Why should we begin our learning by attempting to destroy what we don't know before gathering all the elements available to draw a conclusion?
  6. For those that actually have a congregation and meeting place, this can be generated locally by the leaders of your congregation. If not, see above.
  7. That's great news Bro. Kevin!
  8. There was a time when one could reply to a topic there. And admins occasionally make errors when viewing topic lists like "New Topics Today." If you change the forum options to Show All topics it will show the topics that have been replied to, and may even allow you to view the replies.
  9. Back on. New server. Dedicated. After analysis there are 3 users that are responsible for tons of spam being sent to them, and as a result, through my servers. Their emails will henceforth be refused. They are allowed to select a new username as long as they understand what has happened... A reminder. Do not post your email address on web pages where spammers can harvest your email address. Display it as 'user -at- ulcmail dot net' or something. Better yet is to provide a contact form where your email address is never displayed. Then only give out your address to those for whom you establish a business relationship. Let's not let this happen again. Please let me know if you are not receiving your email as expected. EDITED: Those users are responsible for GMAIL refusing all email from the server. If you are using a gmail account to receive your email then you will no longer receive your email until Google again allows mail from
  10. Due to the massive amount of spam that is now being received and fowarded to everyone this service will have to take a break. Sorry for the inonvenience. Please start using other means to get your email. It is possible that this service could return in the future but it may take a while. I will keep the configuration files.
  11. I think you are being overly legalistic. Generally, the act of marrying someone includes placing your signature as officiant on a state document and returning it to the courts/clerk for filing. Until that is done you have not satisfied the legal definition of marriage.However, that is only my opinion. It is not near what competent legal opinions are worth...
  12. As said, if the ultimate goal is a legal marriage then you must follow the requirements found here. Those fine employees of the county recorders office will help you with the correct flow of paperwork. The only thing required (found in the link above) is that "the parties shall declare, in the physical presence of the person solemnizing the marriage and necessary witnesses, that they take each other as husband and wife." So, as part of the ceremony you perform make sure that each of them specifically state that they take each other as husband and wife. Good luck!
  13. My recommendation is to retain all of your security programs, just only have one doing a live scan, or real time protection, whatever your choice of software calls it, at a time. It is always a good idea to scan your computer for malware using multiple virus programs. But only have one start automatically, run services, and do real time protection.
  14. If you are simply a minister ordained by the ULC and want to perform marriages in Pennsylvania then there are a couple of things to consider. First, the statutes talk about a minister ordained by a religous organization IN Pennsylvania. The ULC is not in Pa. It is in Ca. If you were to start you own church, and had a legitimate congregation, then Pa would likely recognize you as they do any other religous body. Second, Pa recognizes a couples ability to marry themselves, without the need for an officiant. Conduct the ceremony then have the couple fill out the forms as if they did a self marriage. Just be sure they know what they are doing and that your involvement is only ceremonious. And yes, you can preach in a church, officiate for funerals, and do any other rite normally associated with ministerial duties (notwithstanding for the above.) Of course, this is just my own opinion. Any advice you receive on the internet is generally only worth what you paid.
  15. You will find a lot of differing opinions on Tennessee marriages and how to organize your church. Here is mine, for what it's worth. I do not see what 'trademarks' have to do with the organization of a religious body. Trademarks protect images used as corporate identity. I'm thinking you probably are referring to the documents used to create a corporation. Commonly Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation, or other named document that creates a corporation in your state. The cost is usually not all that great, for non-profits. Gaining 501c exemptions are a little more in depth and costly. The least expensive I have found is Floyd Green Financial Services in Atlanta. (I have used them before, but not in the creation of a church.) For something like $499 you get your corporation established as a non profit, bylaws, and the necessary paperwork to file for the exemption with the IRS. When you file for the exemption with the IRS you will have to pay a fee to the IRS anywhere from $400 to $800 depending on your estimated budget for the next 5 years. So, for under $1500 you can have your church created as a non profit 501c organization. The cost to the ULC as a congregation is minimal, if anything. To get into a position to officiate marriage ceremonies in Tennessee is another can of worms. The key things to consider in the statutes is "care of souls" and "concious, deliberate, act." My interpretation of this is that Tennessee wants to see a brick and mortar church where you have a congregation, and the ordination is conducted in person and not over the internet. Once you establish your church and have a congregation simply have your congregation ordain you as their minister. Obviously, during the course of organizing your church you need to have documents that establish your faith and not just rely on the ULC premise that all beliefs are welcome. And, have a document that establishes the need and process whereby the congregation ordains the minister of their choice. Finally, you have the hurdle of getting Tennessee local governments to recognize your authority to solemnize marriages. All I can say is Good Luck! But, that is the route I would take if i were a Tennessee resident. Other opinions WILL vary!