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  1. Quite simply, the old testament was the bible Jesus read. When he said "search the scriptures", he meant the old testament.
  2. To me, this hypothetical poses no problem for the Christian. Is it possible for God to create a rock so heavy that he could not lift it? For the Christian the answer is yes. The Christian will tell you that he worships the Triune God (one god in three persons). God the Father created the universe. Jesus Christ, God the Son, was incarnated and lived on earth both fully human and fully divine. During that time, scripture does not reveal an instance wher he attemped to lift a rock but failed to. However, we are told that he was completely human in every way except sin. Scripture says that he made himself of no account (Phillipians 2:6-7). And, during the passion we are told that at some points he could not even lift his cross and Simon the Cyrene was enlisted to assist him. Since many rocks are much heavier than a wooden cross, it is probable that he would be unable to lift them. The same can be said about knowledge. God the Father is all knowing. However, Christ tells us in the Gospels that not even he knows the day or hour of the Judgment, only the Father alone. Because the Trinity is one divine essence eternally existing in three distinct persons, these kinds of questions are no obstacle to faith.
  3. I can see that it has certainly caused a scandal. Given the insults to others and others' faiths that I've witnessed over the last few weeks, I'm quite surprised by it all. I did not intend it, but since I hurt everyone's feelings I will try to stick to scriptures that won't feel too close to home for other posters. Given that I won't know in advance what might aet folks off, I may get it wrong from time to time. But you guys are a forgiving lot, I'm sure we'll muddle through.
  4. Prayers for Manchester.

  5. I do assert that Genesis is a fully accurate and trustworthy account of the beginning of the universe and of God's salvation history.
  6. As I've stated before: I did not intend nor did I call anyone a fool. I've repeated it over and over. Yet you continue to disregard it. You call that behavior harrassment when it is directed at you. Why then do you harrass me?
  7. You are wrong about my stance. I never proposed that the bible was inerrant. I impart to all who will hear the truth that Holy Scripture is infallable. There are subtle differences, but differences nonetheless. Please do not misrepresent me. I disagree with this and actually find it rather condescending to the ethnic groups to whom the law and prophecies were given. What makes you believe that the ancient peoples of the Levant were any less prepared or capable of grasping the true creation story than a ninteenth century white Brit? Do you really believe God pulled Darwin aside and said "pay no attention to what I told those savages, that's all they could fit in their thick, brutish skulls. You're now so smart that I can give you the real scoop, not that bunk I told to the Troglodytes in the old testament. Check out these birds on Galapagos Island and it will all be made clear to your much more advanced intellect." It sure seems like what you're implying imho. The fact is that various evolution theories were being bandied about by pre-Socratic philosophers hundreds of years before Christ, in a greco-Roman culture, chose to reinforce the historiocity of Creation, Adam and Eve, Abel, Noah's flood, Sodom & Gomorrah, and Lot's wife. He gave no hint that he viewed these as allegories. He spoke about them as history. Why would he who I pesume we both believe to be truth in human form participate in the furtherence of a lie when clearly the theory of evolution was accessible to his listeners and they were capable of understanding it. Answer: he wouldn't and he didn't. Creation, as recounted in Genesis, is the truth and Jesus bolsters it in his own words and actions. It is impossible for God to lie, Rev. Callie. He speaks truthfully in all he reveals, even to the folks you may view as too dull to understand. A view I do not share. Right. God can use His creation, our reason, and the illumination of the Holy Spirit. But none of these contradict scripture because God does not contradict himself in any of his means of revelation. If they do, the messages are not Godly and are not true. Christ tells folks to consider lillies and sparrows to illustrate certain points. But when people have questions about salvation or doctrine, he tells them to search the scriptures. Scripture is the rule, the measure of the Faith, against which all things are measured and tested. Again, you are wrong about my stance. I never claimed revelation had ended, only that the canon of scripture was closed with the death last apostle. Revelations can and do continue but they are not to be added to the bible or supplant the original canon. The new testament is made up of the writings of the Apostles. There are no more apostles. Thus, there are no additions to the new testament. Its just that simple. I disagree with this as well. Not every "revelation" is from God just like not every spirit is from God. They must be tested against God's word written, no matter how spiritual you perceive the source. If it is not the same Gospel as in the bible, it is a damnable lie. "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed." You stated somewhere that you are a Methodist minister. I would invite you re-read Wesley's Articles of Religion, especially the one on the sufficiency of scripture. The Bible contains all things neceessary for salvation. Being in relationship means meeting God on his own terms and when he reveals a truth, accepting it. Even when it disagrees the world's ideas.
  8. First point: God's command that the Children of Israel execute sorceresses among them was not wrong. According to Ezekiel, such women used evil magic to commit murder. Murder is an evil for which the death penalty is appropriate. Second point: Again, I did not call anyone a fool. However, I do agree with the Psalmist that one who says in his heart that there is no God is a fool. As I've already stated, since I do not know anyone's heart I cannot say with any degree of certainty anyone here is a fool. I can see that many here, including you, want to convince me that I have. Perhaps you should heed your own advice: "I don't mind when someone tries to explain their understanding and even try to convince me...but when the point comes where they have clearly failed, and they continually do so...it strikes me as harassment rather than enlightenment"
  9. You are correct that I have that right, guaranteed under the 1st amendment. But as I did not exercise that right, it is not relevant. What logic? I did not bring up Ex 22:18. Brother K exercised his freedom of speech to talk about burning witches. Care to explain why I'm getting questioned for his quote of a verse? Seems rather odd.
  10. What riot? What are you talking about?
  11. Again, I disagree. I see no greater glory than that by a mere word, God spoke the universe into existence ex nihilo. Plus, it has the added bonus of being consistent with Holy Scripture.
  12. Interesting. I do not believe that. I take the bible, including Genesis, literally, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Evolution theory is antithetical to God's revelation on creation.
  13. I don't understand your statement. Are you stating that quoting scripture on a discussion board is equivalent to burning a witch? What does one have to do with the other? That's not even a rational response.
  14. Do you think scripture says to burn witches?