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  1. I have not heard from luis since the hurricane. I have seen news reports about his home town . The hurricane rushed the sea in and it caused a huge landslide and thousands of people were washed into the sea. It looks bad and it seems we may of lost Luis. I beg your prayers and wishes for our friend Luis.
  2. One thing I see as a problem with some groups. They start as an open and friendly and then start to seek purism of their viewpoint. This leads to hostility between the group considered pure and those not of the same persuasion. It then breaks up and the purests seek ever more purity of vision until they break up again. The problem is they force people to leave and make it unpleasant to join for new people. I use "purest" nominally.
  3. I use the title Agnostic but most think of that title as being Atheist. I feel the two are different but accepting of one another. I have always thought Agnosticism as being the only open and scientific position. I may not believe in Christianity and I definitely do not believe the bible. Does God exist? I am only left with who knows. As it is at present the evidence shows as very unlikely and it is not likely as we can see it as things are at present. If I could see evidence to the make me change my mind I am open but I do not see it empirically or scientifically. For me that is the difference between Atheism and Agnosticism. In my opinion, One definitely does not believe there is a God and the other does not see it and does not think there is any way of knowing it at present. All I know is until there is proof I do not care. How others see things may of course be different.
  4. If no one ever believed in gods then that would be the norm and the need to call someone atheist would not arise. It has arisen because some do believe in gods or spirits.hence the need to distinguish.
  5. That has to be true . If everyone was atheists then we would not need to use the term of distingion.
  6. It has taken me a long time to be able to get hold of research into religious history. I think it is a political thing. If people are meek and submissive to religious leaders they are more manageable. The trouble is many of these religions worked in there own states but now the world is getting smaller they are crossing each other and so there is conflict. Secularism works for both states but religion does not but each state continues to promote it and so there is conflict even to the point of terrorism. One madness verses another. That coupled with the struggle for power in this world it just makes a terrifying soup of hatred.
  7. In the UK religious prejudice is right up their with rascism. The Christians hate it because they cannot preach about their hate of Islam. Now that is fun.
  8. Some Islamic states kill atheists. Its all to protect an unsubstantiated belief and put it beyond question. Scrutiny is unwelcome. It is all a front. The bible says specifically that you should not make oaths or swear by it. It is just political bull. Message. Do not question me.
  9. I am back. I just needed to talk about something personal. Thanks for being there for me Jonathan. I used to have a friend who was a staunch Atheist Marxist. He always said the best way to deal with religion is to ignore it and do not give it the attention it thrives on. He would laugh and just walk away. They would get infuriated. He would say give them attention and you give them undeserved power. As long as they are getting attention or persecution they will just will continue to feel they are legitimate. It is an interesting approach.
  10. I will chat with Johnathan. I do have an issue of conflict but this is difficult to talk about. Thanks everyone. It is to do with grief and loved ones.