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  1. I think Jesus may of existed as a person but not what they say about him. Tacitus is seen as unreliable as proof of Jesus. See next post
  2. You just do not get it. I respect you and we have often been on the same side.. I just want respect in return
  3. No you do not get paid gor this. It's an ego thing that drives your arrogance. There is no point in continuing this discussion.
  4. I disagree. Their are a number of times you have tried to distort posts into arguments about pointless arguments about symantics and trying to undermine me and others. Its not clever. Its damn annoying. Then you kept saying "WRONG " without explanation. Its then I became angry and then you pressed the ignore button. Now your trying to whitewash the issue. I recommend you leave this and hope the future is different. If not stay away please.
  5. Ah! Now we have it. You are referring to the time you annoyed me and not for the first time and then when I got cross you pressed the ignore button.. I have not been back since. We are talking again. Best leave it Meredog.
  6. It is often knowing what is a false assumption that is the problem and all can have a problem with it. Where are we going with this?
  7. True but if the answer is "WRONG" I take it they have written me off. All of human relationships hold many assumptions. Good or bad. You writing to me assumes I may listen. Life has many assumptions.
  8. The word Tosspot used to mean a drunkard reasoning from a drunken state. Today it can mean someone drunk on their own ego and being arrogant and being ignorant or foolish. That is how I read the situation. Trump like (imo)
  9. WRONG when someone says I disagree or that is not how I see it, it has respect for the other persons right to an opinion.Just saying "WRONG" communicates that someone is arrogant and being a right toss pot.
  10. I can see this point. In the UK, the Religious Society of Friends has no religion except peace. Its meetings consists of many faiths and Atheists. It holds it meeting in mainly silence . The only thing that can be assured they will talk about is social issues. In the UK it is recognised as a church even though the members say they are a society. They meet on Sundays and can hold marriage ceremonies. As you say it walks, quacks and swims like a duck.
  11. AmberLF that is the Christian position. It is a faith religion and what others think is secondary. Fiction is more important than what others see as fact and seen as their facts.
  12. I understand Christianity has always been about control with its talk of sin and condemnations. It association with the deaths of people throughout history. Simply millions have suffered for disagreeing. Christianity has shown agression from the holy roman empire to the back street church. Try talking about something you disagree with in the bible or say your gay and see what happens. I think many presidents talk about a religious faith only because they know its a manipulating force and they welcome the control this gives to them.
  13. Yes they always deny it but every time they get to parliament the same horror happens