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  1. although Dan will totally disagree but the Evangelicals are a split off too. The church who debated what to believe under Constantine was the church of Rome. That church crushed the voice of others including the Jews so they could control things. It was not until Luther broke away did so many other church give birth, each claiming they more accurately interpreted the bible. It's been break away all down the line until you come to the church of Dan😀.
  2. Judaism does not recognize Jesus as the messiah and he does not fulfill their scriptures on the topic. Fundies insist he does. Judaism have no records that Jesus existed or the events of his death like the temple curtain being ripped, darkness ascending, or the dead walking. On your first point it seems with all at gods disposal a couple of stones were used to write with. Then there are so many laws that moses must of been the strongest man who ever lived or have been crushed under their weight.
  3. It seem the bible defence that without the bible how would atheists know good from evil Lays hol!ow. It seems believers are the ones who don't know and need a 2000 year old document to tell them. That is why they cannot see crushing the skull of a none virgin wife is wrong.
  4. So your saying killing non virgin brides would of stopped Jesus coming. Yeah right and I suppose wearing two types of cloth also would of stopped him. You can excuse any brutality that ran for years but I can't. I see some are wanting an apocalyptic war to bring him back again Sheer madness.
  5. It's funny but if the OT God was a human and went about saying kill without remorse or compassion or empathy, he would be labelled a psychopath. To insist that someone had to die for each transgression and have his son die for that reason then they have a severe personality disorder. Yet, when they say they are God then all this is overlooked. I don't get it. They worship a psychopath and someone with severe personality problems. Yet, I just think people wanted to have law in a deeply religious population and what better way to control them by saying God said it.
  6. When I was a child of two, I had poliomylites. It left me with some paralysis. The church said the reason I was still paralyzed in some muscles is because my parents did not believe strongly enough. It mattered little that the minister could not heal me either. Madness.
  7. Socrates was poisoned. So was Arius. He argued Jesus was a man filled with the spirit rather than a God. The early church banned him and then invited him back and poisoned him.
  8. Sorry but, I hadn't become aware that every topic had devolved into a political diatribe. Can you show examples of this in this section.?
  9. It's funny but it is not only religion that will fight fact. I studied NLP and hypnotherapy and there is this thing called self limiting beliefs. This is having a belief about ones limitations and holds one back from progress. I remember someone who also studied it, ask me why I had not cured someone with severe dementia using psychotherapuetic NLP. I pointed out that no one has found a psychotherapy that puts back the brain cells they had lost from dementia and without that psychotherapy could not help. Memories were often fleeting and remembering that they had seen me a few moments before had been forgotten. It is totally tragic. With that, my fellow student became cross and said it was my self limiting beliefs that was at fault. He just could not see the limitation that a reality check would bring that was beyond the psychotherapy. He wanted to believe he had the answer to everything and for him it was as a religion. i found this insistence in a number of approaches that people had got excited about. You must believe something to make it real and happen. My usual approach was to say you can believe you can fly all you want but I still don't recommend jumping off high buildings. Some reality checks can be fatal if not painful.
  10. It matters little whether divorse is allowed or not now. These are the laws instructed by your god and are used to judge sin. The idea of refusing to believe crushing a woman's skull with rocks is ever justified as righteous has nothing to do with pacifism. Not everyone who is against such vicious punishments is a pacifist. This is just Dan justifying the unjustifiable again.
  11. God's law was to stone women who we're not virgins on their wedding night. I don't care if she had even committed adultery, stoning is a sick rule by a sick god.
  12. I remember you justifying wives who were not virgins on their wedding night being stoned.
  13. I can understand that. Feeling apathetic to the idea of a God or indifference is very close.
  14. That should be =Jonathan did not say that no Christian was ethical and caring. Just no more than other people who do not profess spiritual guidance.
  15. Key, Jonathan did not say no Christian ethical and caring. Just no more than anyone else.