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  1. The thing is Dan, without those who were violent, like the crusades, Christianity would not exist or be established as it is today. It was their violence and the fear of violence that they generated that destroyed many other religious groups and made it a political and social entity that it is today. It also established an orthodoxy. In a sense you owe a lot to them.
  2. I did not use the comment as proof of the gospels. It was just a comment on how unjesus like Dan's comments were
  3. I seem to remember Jesus turning over the tables of the merchants. If you have nothing but poverty and no opportunities to improve your situation the option you have is to ask for support. It is not a position of pride but an act of desperation in the face of a government that does not give a damn and is cutting your life line benefits. No one wants benefits but we cannot all be businesses and we cannot all be wealthy or what we have would be worth nothing. Yet, for dignity's sake all should be cared for in a society. Love your neighbour is said but it is not loving to remove their be
  4. Interestingly the minister of the church was removed for Trump's one and only visit. He did not approve of being removed from his own church. It was a propaganda shot and nothing more.
  5. With all the news reports on violence inspired and carried out by Trump and the right wing and yet he condemns something that happened in Mexico because he sees it as left wing.. This looking the other way when terrible things were happening is what enabled Hitler in Germany. They ignored the warning signs and appeared shocked when they were later confronted with it. If Trump truly is the anti christ then people like you enable him Dan.
  6. Firstly I saw the vids of Trump celebrating the news reader being shot. I saw the vids of BLM people being attacked. As for bible verses - picking on one verse does not negate the premise that the bible as whole is nonsense.
  7. Oh! Come on. I note you say nothing about Trump attacking black lives matter protesters. Trump even celebrated when a reporter was shot with a rubber bullet just for giving the news. Then there was the picketing of polling stations and the removal of post boxes and the KKK going in fully armed to city halls and you say nothing. Then there was the conflict caused by South America and his dealings with refugees. Even imprisoning children and again you say nothing.I Yeah! Very Christian I am sure. As for the bible, I have yet to see any evidence it is not nonsense. Even when y
  8. That is missing the point. The bible still says kill people in the OT. According to you god wrote this. Are you saying god contradicts himself because that is how it looks. When you read that book as a whole the more nonsense you see. Maybe that is why you cannot give me a straight answer.
  9. Telling people to kill others for no more than having a belief in this mixed up, cruel, and bitter world full of suffering is indeed crazy power in my book. Especially when your supposed to have the power to remove suffering and make everything much more clear
  10. The bible supports one belief and all must follow or be punished. The OT says you can put to death none believers among you even if it's your children. It also says you can take slaves. You can kill those who do not listen to priests. There is a strict code of conduct that has to be followed or you die. It strikes me the reason that Dan has difficulty with Antifa is because the religious right wing and fascism have a lot in common.
  11. The only difference now is they vote for people like Trump to do it for them. I guess that is why people cannot judge them because there are no real Christians.
  12. If you can only tell real Christians by their actions then looking at European history and that of the U.S. then there must be not many real Christians. Heck, for centuries they spent their time torturing and burning people and declaring war on none believers. Perhaps there are no Christians.
  13. First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me. by Martin NiemΓΆller In the early days the Christians supported the Natzis because they believed they would bring order. Some Christians did speak out against the fascists and many did not until after the war when it was
  14. So has the KKK but I note your note on about them. Only on about those who oppose them. However from the words you use you don't inspire me that you know the difference or even care.
  15. It seems to me Dan that you have not a clue what a fascist or Marxist or antifa is. Then again it is not in the bible. Why should I expect more from you. Although a Nazi is called a national socialist it has nothing in common with socialism. I also told you I was antifa and you accuse such as violent. I have never attacked anyone but I have been attacked by fascists. I think you need to learn the difference.