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  1. Islam at 4.2 % of the population but the fastest growing perspective is "No Religion" in the UK. That now stands at the latest survey at 53% of the population in the UK.
  3. Trump Antichrist 666.htm
  4. Trump Antichrist 666.htm
  5. there is no evidence that they witnessed anything. Yeah! I have heard the suggested connection between Mark and Peter but here again that is just surmised but it can not be a presumed because there is no established or recorded connection. I have heard Mark was a roman scribe of Peter's but again there is no proof of any of it. I dont call it a hoax because people actually believed the event. Bronze age man was capable of believing lots of myths. You only have to look at the Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Babylonian gods to understand that. As for the Paul story on the road to Damascus, the story in Acts written much later, does not seem to make up its mind what happened and Paul never quoted it in anything he wrote. Religions and gods were ten a penny back then and I believe without Constantine's endorsement I doubt the Jesus story would of made it into the present day. So hoax no. Ignorance, superstition, and wanting to believe it I believe helped spread it. All I can say if the bible is some almighty gods way to save the world it is a very poor effort. But hey if you want to believe nonsense then that is up to you.
  6. Dan you say a lot of bull sometimes. Shakespeare wrote 41 plays, 154 sonnets, and 2 narrative poems. All bear his name. I can also see records from people who saw his plays at the globe theatre including royalty. I can even visit his home where he was born and there has been historic digs at the site of the globe theatre. Now then we have no records of anything Jesus wrote. We have three synoptic narratives based mainly on Mark. Who really wrote them is unknown but there is nothing to suggest they witnessed anything. There are no first or second person narration or impressions, which suggests they are just repeating something they were told. There is no proof that any of them met Jesus. Their names and additions have been added later. Then we have a Paulian influenced gospel of John declaring he was God and written much later. Then we have the book of Acts that does not sit well. Most of what is Christianity is Paulian. Paul never met Jesus or had much to do with his disciples. Then there is debate as to how much he wrote. There is no record about Jesus that does not come from the bible and nothing that directly came from him. My money is on Shakespeare..
  7. Outside of the bible no historical documents exist that have not been forged that Jesus existed. Jews being there or not there does not mean any of the gospel writers were there. Outside of the bible more is known about Pilate than Jesus. Again we come to the gospel of Dan.
  8. I was just hoping for some from Dan. Sllly me.He makes so many sweeping statements that don't add up without the gospel of Dan.
  9. Pontius Pilate is recorded in Roman history for being a cruel man who loved causing outrage among Jews just so he could kill a few more. He is the only leader Caesar ordered back to Rome because of his cruelty. Now you say 4 witnesses. There is no evidence any of Jesus' followers witnessed Pilate judging Jesus. Hey, one gospel said he said nothing and another says he had a full conversation with Pilate. We are also asked to accept that this thug of a Roman leader did not want to crucify Jesus and yet Roman records show he delighted in killing Jews. I put this down to the fifth gospel of Dan. After all I am sure you witnessed it if you can say who else was a witness. None of the gospels writers declared they were there with Jesus and Pilate.
  10. I have siblings who are JWs. After years of trying to convince me by them and members of their church the elders just asked them not talk to me about religion anymore. Things have been a lot better since. I get the occasional dig like " don't you think it strange that people believe in evolution just because they found a few bones?" You can imagine my response to that ðŸĪĢðŸĪŠðŸ˜€
  11. There is as much evidence that you have Dan as there is for Venusians living on venus.
  12. I know. However I was referring to lots of illogical beliefs. If it cannot be supported by some evidence then why do people believe these things? You sound weary Jonathan.
  13. I gave up using a capital letter for the bible ages ago as I did not believe it merits recognition.
  15. What is it that makes a person continue to believe something despite all the evidence to the contri.