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  1. Well the being did not reveal its self to me personally but I am sure it did to someone in history. Therefore it must be real. As for gowns I suppose I would go with sky blue with bright read hats. Perhaps we could also write an epistle or two as a basis of dogma or something to piss other religions off. 😁
  2. I never said Athe was a god. Just a mystic spirit of the universe of none existence. I know that sounds cryptic but no more so than christianity.
  3. I have just invented a being called Athe. If christians do not become Atheists then they will be doomed to eternal punishment. If they preach against Athe then they are to be met by their accusers who they misled forever. Although Dan will deny it I bet he is secretly afraid. 😃
  4. The UK is to start fining people who go for unnecessary trips out of doors. If you cannot prove your buying food, going to a chemist or your a key worker then you can be fined. I know this is about the corona virus but I wonder how long it will be before its done for other reasons.
  5. I know he is a stubborn pest. Like unto a fly in the ice cream. Full of his own importance and lack of reason or understanding, and thinking he is clever.
  6. Your faith creates a hell and then you threaten people with it. You think we are scared of your myth. No! Find someone who gives a damn about your made up mythic realms. I just wish you would listen but you persist with what others see as stupidity. Dan your full of BGS in the Irish terms.
  7. Firstly I don't believe there is a hell. I believe it is a Christian invention to threaten and control people. Then there is the problem as to whether or not the bible contains any truth at all. I doubt it does. He mentioned near death experience but omits to mention that people have experiences according to their belief structure. During the process of death the brain produces a large amount of endorphins and the person is just tripping on that endorphin. Therefore it is no proof of anything. Then there is a moral arguement. If for arguments sake a god exists then to hold a grudge and punish someone for eternity is neither justice or moral. So the central goal of faith is not love. It is hate of human frailty. So take your threats and shove them up your a....e.😠
  8. I get that and when I was working there were times I did not want calls so I turned it off and left it at home.
  9. It is becoming a frightening world. I am not sure about the biometrics identifying people. As a nurse I used to take and record many of these a day. A person can vary a lot. I have blood pressure problems and take meds. It can vary between 130/80 to 200+/110. My pulse also varies between 70 to 110 and occasionally I get ectopic beats.
  10. Trump was the the one claiming to be the most intelligent man in the world. As for spain. Pick up an old mobile to go out with. Something that uses only data on the phone or leave it at home on the cats collar. That said a man passed my wife who is 70 and talked loudly on his mobile and said that he had the virus and therefore would not be into work. I just hope my wife has not caught anything. Her chest is not good.
  11. I doubt you will return Rabbio as you usually pop in and then disappear. As I see it there is brutality in the law. It is being promoted as gods law and that it is hallowed. Now you may disagree but burning wayward daughters of priests, killing none virgin brides, killing your own children because they have differing religion or have been abusive to their parents, stoning gay people, slaughtering neighbouring towns because someone from that town preached a differing religion, and I could go on. Whether you do that or not nowadays is not the point as it is still described as gods perfect law. It is brutal and I make no apology for that.
  12. Trump, the most intelligent man in the world, the Pope, Angela Merkel and a Schoolboy were in an airplane. The pilot rushed in and said grab a parachute as the plane is going to crash. He then Jumped out. Noticing that they were short of parachutes the most intelligent man grabbed a bag and jumped out. The Pope said I am in charge of the Catholic church and its important that I survive and so he grabbed a bag and jumped out. Angela Merkel said to the boy that means there is only one parachute left and said to the boy that he should have the last bag as I have lived my life. The Schoolboy replied that there was two parachutes left as the most intelligent man in the world had grabbed his satchel and therefore they were both saved.
  13. They already have computers that flag up odd behaviour in London. Another thing about phones. Two terrorists were avoiding talking to each other and were just typing in messages to each other but not sending it. They just showed each other the typed message and then deleted it. They thought they were safe. However, the police still managed to get the messages and jail them for it. Nothing is safe online and they already know a lot more about than you think. Another thing police in the UK, in the Derbyshire peak district (A large natural park) have been using drones to pick out walking groups of more than two and warning them. 1984 ain't too far away.
  14. The USSR was made up many eastern block countries who never wanted to join but were passed on to Russia after the second world war. No one had the will to take on Russia back then. These countries were having their national identities strip away from them and so there was antipathy towards Russia. There was also a lot of fear as people would be spirited away in the night and sent to Siberia or shot and buried. A friend told me if you wanted to joke about Russia you closed all the windows and doors and went to the centre of your home to whisper it. So when the wall collapsed so did the control of Russia and could not wait to get out. China is one country and has one identity except Tibet. Many living in fear. It gives out the most death sentences and can hold court without your presence and later pick you up in a van and kill you with no appeal. I hope China does collapse but I don't see it for a long time. I wish I did.
  15. I don't understand Jonathan's. I cannot believe your arguing the existence of a god. Christianity without the man god has little meaning and we both agree on that being a. Fantasy, Therefore it and the babble have little meaning to us. Judaism and Islam relies too much on the enforcement of brutal rules and therefore it diminishes itself. To rely on man to enact brutal punishment is another way of saying their absent god can't be relied upon to enforce his own rules. That and if there is a god then the brutality demonstrates how petty he is given our meagre presence. In this universe.