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  1. The word God can be describing many things. I guess if there is a conscious god then to separate itself from the processes of just functions I look for logical sequences of suggested thought and consistency. However, that may be a mistake because it maybe possible for a stupid blundering god. With the biblical god I see Inconsistencies in that you have an OT god who is busy destroying all in its path and a NT god that is prepared to die to save everyone. That to me causes cognitive dissonance and I see a break in the logical pathways. That is one of the reasons I don't see the biblical good as possible. It is the quandary a good God that is also a psychopathic killer, a loving god who cannot forgive disobedience or caring God who claims to intervene but does not. That to me is evidence of inconsistency and the absence of reality, but I could be wrong a stupid, temperamental, inconsistent, or a illogical god may exist.
  2. If someone wants me to accept an unjustiied belief, then they have to justify the belief and prove that that there is something in the belief and it's not just supported by fiction and unsubstantiated repetitive dogma. It should be something I can question in my own mind without emotional blackmail by saying I will be punished by their believed unsubstantiated god for doing so. I am 65 years of age and witnessed much suffering and hurt as people make sense of this life in desperate conditions. I can say I want a chance for me and everyone to be forgiven because there are many hurts in this life. The idea of a so called god who cannot see that and wants to destroy all who do not have a said belief is for me immoral and then when I see that god has no evidence or intervention and watched so many die in war, disease, hunger, disaster, poverty and can sit back and watch 6 million Jews being massacred, or others in the new years day tidal wave and so many other events and then has the blatant cheek to say that God loves us then forgive me if I vomit with the revulsion. I demand real proof and not notion.
  3. Yeah! Dan, So full of love. NOT
  4. Me too. It is strange coming to a no religion part of the forum and preaching religion. Dan may believe as he does but he will not get converts here
  5. I am not trying to get converts but some Faith's won't let it go there. I could easily live and let live but not when I feel hammered all the time by strained arguments designed to shoot my viewpoint down. I am agnostic and That is that. I am not interested in converts. Most evangelical Faith's do a good enough job on their own because despite all the effort they put into it there is still no empirical evidence and it's no more than a belief coupled with an assertion and twisting arguments to suit their ministry. As an atheist or agnostic they want facts and that is what their ministry is always short of. Also because of the lack of evidence I just can't be bothered to treat what they are saying with respect and listen. Maybe if they don't understand what atheist or agnostic means then maybe I should spell it out with "I just can't be bothered and will not be bothered ".
  6. Dan and CML I am leaving and looking for a more rational conversation. Bye
  7. Well for me they are just stories. Your just giving your own interpretation. Archeology is still arguing where the temple was and where was David's court. There is no trace or other evidence that Sodom and Gomorrah ever existed. There is no evidence that Jesus existed or that there was a registry of births that they had to go too. There are so many gaps. All the fundies do is twist the story until it fits something. The possibility that the story could be wrong never enters their heads.
  8. I think we are getting a flight of ideas and no pattern of a logical thought path. I think it's time to disengage. There is no point. Thanks Cuchalain and Jonathan.
  9. CML I give you one for persistence. I hope you understand this, but producing more unproven notions does not make an unprovable stance more provable. Logical progression is based on one provable truth built on another. The more I read the more fanciful nonsense it all seems. So if you have no proof then I disengage. Not because you and Dan win but I see no point in the conversation.
  10. Dan, I have pointed out that there is no Archeology proof Jesus existed, the so called historical proofs have been faked, and as the story of Jesus was written after the prophesies all this points too is the story was written to cooinside with OT writings. The OT writing are totally understood differently by the Jews who wrote them to the distortion that christendom later prescribed them. In short you have nothing of substance except biblocist dogma. Peaceful solutions here is to live and let live but that involves respecting our differences. Something Dan won't do and will keep coming back. They other thing is quoting scripture does not add substance to someone who doubts the scripture and sees it as nonsense. It is meaningless as proof of anything but repetitive dogma.
  11. That for me is twaddle. If you only have faith in something unproven, and without substance then what do you have? Nothing. Why do I need trust in anything else without substance. I know some believe in fairies , pixies, and goblins but does that mean they have gained anything more for having faith in them. No. Actually Dan I do have faith in something. I have faith that you have nothing of substance or worth putting my faith in. Does that make me more respected? No of course not. So for me your statements is a nonsense.
  12. Belief is not knowledge. It maybe knowledge about a belief but it's nothing more. Its empty unproven nonsense. Its matters little how much knowledge you have Dan about nothing , it is still nothing without proof. A million times nothing is still nothing. You have no proof and until you do I can understand people not wanting to talk to you about it.
  13. History shows that the church is quite capable of creating hell on earth. The numbers that have been killed, drowned, burnt alive, hung, poisoned , or just plain tortured in its name is massive.