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  1. They used do that with me but I came back strong that made them look bad. Now they leave me alone.
  2. I just wonder what does it matter what theists think of atheists. I think each person knows their own path in life and those who think you have no right to not believe in what they say are at fault. A person can be a Christian or an Atheist . Unfortunately there are many debates that are brought about by those who feel their view is right for all and all should adopt it or be at fault. In there is much turmoil. On topics like homosexuality the trouble is again not that a person is gay but those who keep saying they have no right to exist as a gay or it is some illness which needs curing. They then cause terrible misery. What others chose to say about theism should be for them only and they alone should live it and leave the rest of us alone. It is not that Atheists are not wanting to be saved but that they do not recognise anything to be saved from and the means of being so called saved is nonsense to them. Some do not understand this.
  3. Very likely Jonathan. I saw on a documentary of an atheist church run like a traditional Christian episcopalian church. They just like the atmosphere.
  4. I think it happens because many people do not see it your way.
  5. The survey suggests that a large number of people who profess a faith do not believe it
  6. The survey suggested: 17% of all people believe the Bible version word-for-word 31% of Christians believe word-for-word the Bible version, rising to 57% among "active" Christians (those who go to a religious service at least once a month) Exactly half of all people surveyed did not believe in the resurrection at all 46% of people say they believe in some form of life after death and 46% do not 20% of non-religious people say they believe in some form of life after death 9% of non-religious people believe in the Resurrection, 1% of whom say they believe it literally
  7. Thanks Meredog. That pretty much kills the Isis, Ra and Elnil view point
  8. I am also told "Israel" mean God is triumphant. Not speaking the languages, I just do not know. I just want to seperate the rubbish from the fact. Like I say I am not aiming to argue. Thanks. If anyone has further info I would be grateful
  9. Hi Johnathan, I would has it a guess about less than 5% is truthful. However I am looking at some writings that talk about there being many gods. I am aware of the Jewish assertion that there is one. I also hear of Egyptian, Babylonian, and other religions pre dating Judaism from the region. I am just interested in origins of God in culture. Not wishing to bash anyone. Just do not want being preached at.
  10. I was reading that the word Israel is made of three gods IS for Isis, Ra for Ra or Re, and El for Elnil the horned god. The Bible talks about EL often in the early passages. I am told this is maybe from the mountain god or the solar god. Please can people give any ideas to look further on this topic. I understand this topic may be touchy to some but I would like educated sourses from history and not just bible references unless relevant to my research. Please understand I do not believe in the bible being totally truthful so please take scorn elsewhere. Thank you friends.
  11. Thanks Gwynn.
  12. My comment was about the quotes and there relevance to child suffering and death.
  13. I read the qoutes but I cannot help wonder what do you say about them?
  14. One has to believe we are not there by chance or that there is some power who brings these horrors to teach us lessons. I find that sickening. The pain of horrible painful death only teaches me if there is a god then he is very cruel and heartless. The verse does nothing for me.
  15. Hi Overgrown,. In the 45 years that I was a nurse I have witnessed many people die. Some die in utterly cruel ways. Watching a child die of brain cancer was a horrible experience. I do not blame god, I just doubt he exists. Nature can be cruel. It does not seem to be influenced by a god. It can be beautiful and also horrific. that is nature. We do not escape from this. Death happens.