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  1. Pacifism may be mere cowardice. So Jesus was a coward?!?! Standing by and refusing to act while harm befalls a neighbor is not a virtue; it is a vice. Yet isn't this exactly what the Biblical God does by allowing the Serpent to deceive Eve? To love evil is itself evil and constitutes a passive form of complicity. To allow evil to exist in the first place is even worse!!!
  2. Brightest Blessings my friend, I hope when they get done patching you back up you feel a lot better.
  3. The salt water in my wool isn't as bad as the crabs
  4. Yea its amazing how the fears and low esteem of one sick person can wind up affecting so many. Yet how many times have we passed people each week who were in need and thought not my problem. I wonder if just one kind act by one person somewhere down the line could have triggered something to have averted the whole situation. So while its fine to send healing love and energies to all those affected and give them our sympathy and empathy and kind words, lets truly honor them this week by actions of kindness to all those we meet. Who knows maybe one of our actions of kindness will help avert a future such disaster.
  5. Was a crazy day. Some Fundy hopped on my surfboard and was trying to save me, its amazing where those folks pop up at. He said his name was Joe Nah
  6. Does your friend eat its sunflower seeds without you cracking them out of the shell. My Godchild gets me to help her crack all the seeds for hers because she says the poor little thing only has two teeth lol
  7. Where'd you get my "high" school picture from. I think we all experimented back in those days .................Thanks BpCorey
  8. Looks like that video is no longer available on the website. Everybody wants you to be a member these days. Hope your pain subsides Al and you start feeling better.
  9. Sorry to hear about your hamster loss Tsukino. My godchild is on her 4th hamster now and she'll love your info. Shes an only child with few friends except for her poor hamster Rover who gets loved a little too much. We had the poor little guy going through mazes and cardboard playgrounds we made for it Saturday.
  10. So how does a God suffer the pain and death as humans and to what point? Seems more like a passion play where the actor gets up and walks off the stage after the last act to me. So what is it that atones for the sins? Would suffering even be a possibility with "FULL CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS" from what I have experienced methinks not. Though a possibility I don't see it as very plausible.
  11. I highly doubt that one being being tortured and crucified for a few hours could atone for even a very small portion of the sins of the world. Many people have died much more excruciating deaths. Some deaths like scaphism (http://voices.yahoo.com/the-five-most-painful-execution-methods-history-2930808.html) make crucifixion look like a picnic. How does maybe an hour of torture and 6 hours of crucifixion even remotely make full atonement for the totality of sins of mankind. I doubt if such a death would even pay the compensatory Biblical price for the sins of mankind for ONE DAY?!?!?!
  12. Hmmm seems like some guy named Jesus is very famous for doing this exact same thing only in a more dramatic fashion but it makes people feel good so
  13. You have to be able to read the undead posts between the living posts they are hilarious
  14. No one taught the Christian Nation how to drop an A-bomb on someone
  15. Could the sanitary conditions be attributed to the fall of Rome which also sometimes is attributed to Christianity as well?
  16. Suppressing the sciences sure didn't help though. Also weren't many healers killed as witches as well. We even see signs of the restrictive nature that the Conservative Christian right place on sciences such as Stem Cell research and fighting against ideas such as Evolution in our own times. While Europe and the rest of the world race ahead of us in research in these areas.
  17. Yea it seems as if the Church wasn't against all scientific discoveries only those that opposed their teachings.
  18. I have seen some interesting discussions on this topic and would like to open up the topic here as well. Did the suppression of Scientific Discoveries and suppression of free thought create the environment that led to the Dark Ages?
  19. And some Jews thought Simon of Peraea and a host of others were the Messiah too....just say'n
  20. Or one that ignored them all together and taught the inter-connectedness of all things and the brotherhood of man
  21. Thanks I never heard that before.....I should really check out some of your Facebook Gnostic links sometime, I just can't pull myself away from chess, scrabble and Words with friends long enough lol.....I will read this one now though Whew that is hard reading. A deeper knowledge of the Aeons and Gnostic Creation might have made it more pleasueable
  22. I'm quite sure he's a Pittsecostal
  23. Are they pronounced exactly the same by people of every language?