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  1. The following quotes I've chosen to represent my belief that (Christ, Buddha, insert favorite deity here) consciouness is already inside us all and it is only our ignorance of this fact and our identification with the egoic self that keeps us from realizing and acting as such. And before anyone gets their panties all twisted in a knot, I know there are probably 6 gawdzillion scriptures to contradict this. Just maybe because they were written by someones egoic self. I would also like to see any other verses by other faith's scripture that correspond with the following: Various Biblical statemen
  2. Thanks folks! I actually flubbed the first line of the last verse..its been ages since I wrote it. My orignal went So now my soul dances all alone, not shines all alone.
  3. ...blow gun you've ever seen. Its GPS guided and shoots around corners, even comes with a ....
  4. Thanks revbel! I enetered it into a contest about 30 years ago and it won the $50 first prize. Too bad I never saw the $50. The newspaper editor said someone broke in and stole all the poems and the money.
  5. I understand where you're coming from. I don't leave the house without my piece of sugilite around my neck and a piece of chrysoprase in my key pocket. I would feel totally naked without them. What stone was your necklace?
  6. My soul once danced among the stars where love is all you need. And there they met my soul and yours and hope began to breed. And Oh a light began to shine, the likes heaven rarely sees. My love for you grew bright and strong, but it was only me. I screamed I danced I laughed I cried, I got down on my knees. I prayed to God that you'd be mine, He gave no gurantees. So now my soul shines all alone, My heart lost in a dream. My soulmate gone and darkness reigns, Just wishing on moonbeams.
  7. I've hung around Wiccans for a few years now and just realized I've never heard of them speak of any kind of heaven or Bliss or nirvana. What is the ultimate goal for a Wiccan Seeker? Thanks again for the discussion!
  8. Thanks Rev.Fred I already understood that the tools were just focal points to help bring your mind to a singular point of consciousness where its easier to jump the gap. I use to be a big rock and mineral guy who used all of Melody's master number minerals to meditate with. Then I learned to bypass them and just use my mind. Trying not to be ignorant but the only example I can think of is riding a bike. When you start you need the training wheels but once you master it you throw those suckers in the garage and drive like a bat out of hell. Crutches are usefull until they are no longer needed.
  9. Well as I was thinking along the lines such that the tools of the trade (wands, cauldrons, etc etc) might wind up becoming a thing of the past once folks learn to just meditate upon what it is they wish to manifest. Brightest Blessings!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I have another question, if you don't mind? What effect if any will the recent findings in quantum physics that basically mind equals matter and is non-local. The perceivers effect upon all that he sees and the interconnetedness of all things, have within the Wiccan community Isn't it starting to look as if magick is just a tool for focus and that what basically is happening with spells and such are just the effects of natural laws of the universe? Brightest Blessings!
  11. I have a question concerning Wicca. I love Wiccan people dearly. Pretty eccletic bunch, the ones I know I always assumed it was a tradition steeped in ego. If one person's magick could be stronger than someone elses than it must not be based in truth. I hypothesize. This weekend I was in a gathering of Wiccan folks and I heard a few of them talking about how many Wiccans literally go insane before reaching the second degree. This only reinforced my beliefs about the ego factor. Any thoughts or comments. I took a class in Wicca but it wasn't right for me and I left after 6 weeks. I noticed to
  12. I'm happy you're happy but it seems as if its a genetic trait having them born so close together in the same locale. Now if one of those lovely creatures comes out purple or blue THATS A SIGN! Brightest Blessings!
  13. A lightning bolt comes crashing down and singes Marty's ass. In a rolling thunderous voice God says "Nipplestein, I warned you about eating prunes! You know they make you..."
  14. Then Vanna started laughing demonicly and shaking and smoking and transformed into Satan himself, Nipplestein grabbed his...
  15. "Nipplestein you only have 23 hours left, Sabbath or no Sabbath. Ask Vanna where the Dali Pickle lives!" and take a..
  16. So Marty reached in his pocket and pulled out his ...
  17. Ok do you all want to start a never ending story? The premise is each person adds one or two sentences to the story and tries to leave it open for the next person to write whatever they creatively want to add to the tale. Please do not add whole paragraghs. There are a lot of brilliant creative people in these forums so this should be hillarious. Chapter 1 THE BEGINNING The voice from the clouds told little Marty Nipplestein he had only 24 hours to save the planet, but Marty had no idea where to find the large golden ....
  18. Beliefs would keep me from experiencing the totality of the NOW, and since my belief is only in the NOW my belief is that I can't have any beliefs. Anyone else notice the room spinning