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  1. Yea BroMSky and old nick would have loved this topic
  2. I can give a rats hiney about political correctness. I do care about my Spiritual Development and that of those I love though. As the Buddha has stated to save others from experiencing the negative karma of certain acts I would be more than willing to accept that karma onto myself to save those I cared for from experiencing it.
  3. Sadly to say at this point in my spiritual development me as well.
  4. There is one answer that answers the question......FEAR......fear causes others to kill.
  5. I do believe even the Buddha said he would kill to prevent another from suffering great karma. Like if the Buddha found out some fruitcake decided he was going to shoot up some school full of kids. I saw that on an interview between him and Bill O'Reily
  6. Welcome to the forum, and I'm into musicals has the story been choreographed yet
  7. My response was to your question "But what evidence is there that self-awareness has changed our nature or behavior? If it is such "common sense" then surely we could be talking about specific examples?? Our laws change to match the morality of the masses at specific points in time and culture it would seem. As a people become more sophisticated it follows that their laws would as well. Modern psychology and such concepts of Id, ego, anima and animus seem to point to our demons and darkness all emitting from within ourselves through genetics or nurturing. The idea of demons and devils and darkness controlling us from without is fading fast in modern societies. The first century great psychologist Yeshua Ben Yosef pointed this out quite clearly with his statement "there is nothingfrom without the man, that going into him can defilehim; but the things which proceed out of the man are those that defile the man." That clearly speaks of the awareness of the darkness within us.
  8. If something forced me down a dark slimey tube as barely as wide as my shoulders and yanked me out into a bright light I'd be screaming and crying too
  9. I would think that some examples to evidence this would be the way many humans views such things as slavery, women's rights, child labor, and cruelty to animal as opposed to peoples of ages past.
  10. Thanks emalpaiz I've never heard of this celebration before.
  11. Happy, I would think that every day human experience, history and common sense would be all the evidence you need to see the validity in Hex's post and since it is near impossible to convey common sense to another being he may not see the point in trying
  12. But what if we do know what we don't know and just aren't aware that we know
  13. If I am not mistaken our eyes only see one billionth of the light spectrum and I'm pretty sure our instruments only measure a small portion of what is left as well. I think all types of energies and things could exist in those other areas of the spectrum that we have no idea of.
  14. Aren't time and space just as real as leprechauns, Tooth Fairies and werewolves? They are all mental constructs correct?
  15. How much money would it take before you would steal a candy bar away from a child? I would be very tempted if the price were right to steal the candy and then replace it with a whole carton of said candy, but feel so very bad that I caused hurt to the child even for an instant. I think $10,000 might be enough.
  16. Things may exist but how real are they? Many things exist within my own mind but how real are they? Is that nice little box of some mysterious dessert I received from some famous food designer in my dreams last night real? I can't wait to open the box and see what it is
  17. I personally don't think there is much truth contained within the book. Yet how can God only stand apart from time and not be a portion of it. Can time and space exist apart from God?
  18. Is that a million US dollars or Zimbabwe Dollars and is it before or after taxes??
  19. Wow after only an hour you too were ready for bed.....you must be one smooth talker
  20. It is a more accurate translation.
  21. Yes that is part of my point and may be why to Gnostics he is known as the Demiurge, but then again I have heard the more correct translation of that verse is "I will be what I will be"
  22. The other day I headed to the fridge to heat up some Manwich which I love that someone specially made for me and I opened the freezer instead and grabbed some frozen waffles and toasted them instead.