Prayer Request For Robind69

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RobinD69 had suffered a stroke on May 21st. I spoke to him yesterday via PM and he said it would be okay to post a prayer request for his recovery and current situation. He says he is at 75 percent right now and appreciates our prayers and concerns. Please remember Robin in your thoughts and prayers.

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RobinD69 certainly has my prayers and best wishes!!!!

I'm very interested in finding out when he returns whether his experiences have altered his beliefs any.

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I thank you all once agian. I slowly gained more control of my hand an am gaining feeling were I dont have none. I have feeling on the exteria but have little or none in the muscles. I am currently typeing with the aide of my right hand an it is slowly getting better.

Fawzo this has effected my understand but it is not as you would like freind. I have become even more attached to the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I pray that some day you could see it as I do but you have not had the exspreience I have to confirm and strengthen my faith.

I love you all;

Robin Caudle

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