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  1. Why does there have to be a why? I don't except that there's anything to us apart from the biochemical. Why must there be a point and purpose? This question strikes me as ridiculous. This is the only life that I know I have - of course I'm going to cling to it - when it's over, then that's IT! If I believed that my life was going to go on forever, then I wouldn'i mind ending it in the least. I don't have any children. I never desired any. I can't speak for anyone else. But, I will say that life is much, much more than a cycle of suffering. I don't understand the rest of your question. I have not killed anyone, I'm not killing the planet, and I'm unsure that the word 'creation' fits.
  2. Hello Qryos. There's not enough Dancing Muses around, that's for sure. Well said.
  3. Indeed. I hope all is well with you. I kill bugs mostly. Jains are the only people I know of who try not to kill anything. If you're redefining pacifism to mean someone who won't kill anything, then by your definition, I am not a pacifist. But, this is not the definition that most people use. I suspect you know this. Nonsense! Sparrows kill all sorts fo creatures, but they do not kill other sparrows, Bees will try to kill creatures that threaten their hive, even commiting suicide in the process. But, they do not kill other bees of their type. This is how most creatures behave. Have you ever heard of a cat bringing a dead cat home to it's owner. Often, yes, What has that got to do with anything?
  4. It doesn't matter if there's only enough food for 1 in a 1000. Evolution involves many different aspects - the availability of food is a huge part of it.
  5. Not necessarily true. Imagine a creature that can kill 90% of what comes along, but only one in a thousand will find enough food to surive a single day. Compare that to a creature that wins half of the fights it gets in, yet has plenty of food. Besides, the sentence you quoted was not meant to be taken by itself. It was part of a bigger thought,
  6. I do believe you're missing something. I kill all kinds of things, but I do not kill other people. I'm a pacifist, Most animals are the same, they'll kill different species, but not their own kind. Using this logic, it is pacifism that is natural. Of course I don't see what natural has to do with it. Further, if you're going to bring evolution into the picture, you're wrong. A creature that will not kill any other creature is exactly what evolution has created ... through survival. Being something that doesn't kill is what survives best.
  7. Fawzo, I'm honored. Thank you, Mark Could you please define 'natural'.
  8. I am a pacifist. I'm unconvinced that gods exist, so I don't care to comment on their feelings.
  9. good to see you too good to see you too I know I don't know anything is that what you mean?
  10. all seasons of peace for many reasons do cease with barely a crease
  11. Thanks. If you believe that prayer works, then by all means, pray. Framkly, if that's what you believe, I hope you're right, the people of Japan need all the help they can get right now.