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  1. I am very saddened to hear of Rev Al's passing. A kind and helpful friend on the forum. He was a peacemaker. I shall remember him.
  2. So saddened to hear of Rev Al's passing. He made many contributions to this forum and was a peacemaker. I shall miss him and remember him. Peace.
  3. Judging people is not my job description as a Christian. Loving people is. I may judge certain acts as immoral but only among other Christians. I am not to be concerned (in a judgemental way) with the behavior or beliefs of non-Christians but, by my behavior, I am to emulate what a Christian believes. I read in Scripture where God promises to reveal Himself to those who seek Him. I cannot limit God to what I think are the rules of revelation. If a person is seeking God and winds up in a temple, a synagogue, meeting hall or a mosque...who am I to judge? I am told to express my beliefs "when asked about the hope that is in me." I know folks who are not Christian and have a better grasp on the Christian life than some Christians. Peace. PS: Nice to see you guys. PPS: While I hold the events in all scripture to be true, a Christian (especially of the Gentile persuasion) should spend most of the time in the New Testament. When ya got that down pat, especially Romans and Hebrews, then perhaps a much clearer understanding of the OT pronouncements would be forthcoming.
  4. Ive been away for a bit and just saw your post AV. Your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace.
  5. I strongly agree. If in doubt, simply ask the Lord for guidance in your prayer(s) and then open your mouth.
  6. Of course, Dan, as you and I, as examples, searched for God, we were led to the scriptures or a church meeting or whatever. And, as a Christian (sometimes I dont like using that word becasue of the current connotations attached) I believe in, by choice, the Bible. It has been my guidebook and proven itself to me to contain factual promises from God in my life, so I cherish it deeply. I also believe Isaiah 53 and other prophecies to be about the Christ. That is where I believe God led me. And even if 53 is not what I believe it is, it isnt enough to even consider renouncing my faith. As far as others, to me, seeking God is a personal thing and I will not judge the love of God of another because their "religion" is different. That is between God and themselves. We are not saved by what Jesus taught. We are saved by faith and that faith is trusting God above all...believeing not just in Him, but of Him. For a Christian, it is accepting God's promise of salvation if we trust in Him and that trust is based on the work of Christ. But the Christ, I have come to believe, is more than just the Christian view...the Christ is the method by which God can and does save anyone who calls upon Him; the Christ is the mediator between God and Human and as I read both the pre-Jesus scripture and after, I have concluded that whatever religion practiced, if one is truly seeking God, His salvation will be made known to that person. Religion has nothing to do with salvation, in my opinion. It is, in the end, not a matter of dogma or beliefs, but a matter of placing your trust in the Almighty Father whose existance is far beyond and above what we could ever imagine. In the bible, God says He will save whom He will save and that His arm is not shortened that it cannot save. God will save the just and the just shall live by faith. Faith is the key. In my belief,Christ is the go-between allowing direct access and communication. I believe in the redemption of mankind through the suffering and death of Christ on the cross and I believe God can and does apply that justification even if one does not fully understand the miracle of that event, or even if one never heard. With God, all things are possible. The scripture says there is no one that seeks after God. This is where we must be cautious as to whether we are seeking God or simply seeking something that fits our idea of God and complies with our concepts. Because of my experiences, I firmly believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Son of God, yea, God Himself in some earthly form and manner. For me, this is only right, but that does not make others wrong because I do not know their circumstances or relationship with the Divine Father. There are many religious acting folks out there whose heart is far from God, and many happen to be so-called fundamentalist Christians who spew hatred and judgement and condemnation rather than forgiveness, acceptance and love. I will share my faith with all who ask but I will never force or coerce anyone to believe as I do. I have seen and experienced the power of God in my life which causes me to cling to Him through the method He gave to me...reading and praying His word in the bible. This is what I will relate to others if asked and they can consider my words. Let the Spirit of God reveal the truth to those who earnestly seek Him. There is so much I do not know or comprehend of the spiritual but this I do know, I trust in my God, I rely on Him and His guidance. He has not let me down and affliction has drawn me closer to Him. One more thing. When my son died last year, it was a Jew, a Viking and an Alpaca lover who took the extra time to personally write me, share their thoughts, and express their condolensces and assistance. How very "Christian" of them. Peace.
  7. I have come to the conclusion, through personal experience, that certain truths are self evident. 1. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. 2. He who calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved. 3. That we do not discover truth but it is revealed to us through God's Spirit. 4. That if we acknowledge God in what we do, He will guide us and 5. He who comes to Him, God in no way will cast out. Now, if this be so, if you are truly seeking God, you will find Him as He will reveal Himself to you IF YOU ASK FOR GUIDANCE and do not rely on your own understanding of things. How He does it and through Whom is not for me to judge. God searches the heart, i cannot. Peace.
  8. In a sense, we do ordain ourselves/each other, much like the early Christians, for some type of credibility, legality or perhaps thinking something magical will happen when the paper arrives. There are other reasons also, and everyone has their own. True annointing, however, comes from God and one does not need papers to prove it. I also think if one believes they are annointed, personally through a calling, or perhaps witness of others, application for an online ordination is the quickest route for the benefits of legal recognition. It has been made obvious to me here at ULC that ordination by many of us is taken seriously. Peace.
  9. Haiku for John Mom waters your grave plants and flowers with her tears; such a sad image! Your short life appears like a flickering movie in my minds eye screen. Did i hear your voice in the recess of my mind? Perhaps, just a wish. I look up and see white elephants in the clouds just as you did, son. Has it been a year or the same day repeated over and over? Purple morning haze changing to red and yellow; a new day begins A new day begins but you are not here with us - purple mourning haze Purple morning haze then yellow with three red stripes, your colors and flag Your colors and flag become dawn of a new day; what will sunset bring?
  10. The spirit of the created, in death, returns to the Creator. If that's heaven, then yes.
  11. Thank you Bro Hex. I always knew you were Jung at heart. Peace.
  12. Are You still having bets with the devil, Lord? Job lost it all so You could prove a point; You knew already Job would not cave in, yet his faith, like mine lately, was sorely tested as he watched his belongings perish and family die. Are You still having bets, Father? Sure, after it was over You restored him; new kids and cattle, but I can’t help thinking they were but replacements – did he not mourn the loss of those he initially loved – for the lives sacrificed to prove Your point? And David, whose son of his sin was taken before he could speak or even be aware of his existence, because the child was not meant to be in the first place – a child of lust – Yes, Your actions were just because of one’s sin there must be a wage to pay, I heard You say: Death. Scripture says, “In all things give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you.” Give thanks? I would rather run up and pound my fists against Your chest! You have brought me close to You through affliction, trial and tribulation and…have I not lost faith? Why then this ultimate burden of grief? You could have taken me, this old sinner with charcoaled lungs and a list of lifelong failures, instead; thus sparing not only myself, but mother, brother, sister and friends such profound sorrow and grief! Give thanks? A spiritual anomaly, so it seems to me, one that tears at the fiber of being to lift up hands that hang down, change mourning into gladness when my heritage has been destroyed! So be it. I will bear the cross, I will cling to your robe hem as a little child, trusting, and You know why? It’s all I have to hope in. Like David said when his son died, I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me. If this be not so –eternal life- then mortal life itself is a travesty of creation – we worship vanity - has no meaning or purpose; and we are most to be pitied. and I have not beaten my fists upon the chest of the Creator in anger over death, but merely have beaten upon the air. So I choose to continue to believe, my faith remains intact, yea, even stronger; thus, O Lord, You have won another bet with the devil and it cost me, as it did You, my only son.
  13. I am most interested and anxious to hear more, rabbi.
  14. My heartfelt condolences, RabbiO. Psalm 116:15 Proverbs 31:30-31 Peace
  15. Thank you for taking the time to write and share this. peace.
  16. I always enjoy your reflections and comments, my friend.
  17. John was not only a rapper, mc, dj and b-boy, but a teacher and edifier. When someone in his group faltered in their practice, he would say, "It's okay, I got you!" Many times he encouraged his peers to recognize their potential and reach for the maximum. When they tripped or forgot the words, he would step in and say, "It's okay, I got you." I believe on that fateful morning, as the young girl was panicking and fearful, drowning in the water, John reached out and said, " It's okay, I got you." And, as he passed from this life, I believe in my heart he heard the Creator of All, his God, say to him, "It's okay, John, I got you." Peace.