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  1. 1. no one is obligated to listen to anything I say; 2. I have no wish to prevent anyone from speaking. However: you -will- Respect both my right to be here And my roles, whether you 'agree' with it or not. If anyone wishes to assert they do not need to respect these factors, perhaps the Mods/Admin might like to think about the situation.

  2. (attempted to edit this earlier, but couldn't find the thread...) "reasonably assuming"... examples: - situations in which one or both individuals were pressured into it; - situations where one or both individuals do not take it seriously; - situations where for one or both, there are questionable motives (like a local individual who asked about a piece-of-paper temporary 'marriage' so he could be eligible for some kind of housing thing that he was not eligible for with his 'live-in' arrangement. I believe if clergy is aware of these kinds of situations, they're morally obligated to refuse. but then, that's just my POV.
  3. Sibling war! Copy and paste this if you are the best and smartest of your siblings. If this stands for one hour without your brothers and sisters protesting, it is so.

  4. nope, not in the slightest. however- opinions on topics like that, whether positive or negative, have nothing to do with "reasonably assuming," as they're based on personal viewpoint and nothing more.
  5. legally- doubtful. morally- I believe if a minister "reasonably assumes" a marriage will fail, he/she is morally obligated to not officiate.
  7. if the stuff u posted here and awhile back is any indication of the situation u are dealing with, "you're a bad person!" can more accurately translate to "because you won't give us what we want, won't do what we want, etc. etc." in other words, you're dealing with selfish, self-centered morons who are doing nothing more than using a form of temper-tantrum because they're not getting their own way. please don't buy into it- u can drive yourself batty if u accept the blame for someone else's behavior & lousy attitude. and, if your mother is tagging u with a 'syndrome' over this, it sounds like she's as wacko as the others. (no offense intended)
  8. vanish = they're taken off the site due to copyright violations
  9. gay people aren't who they are or what they do for the purpose of causing misery to others, while that's precisely what these individuals are and are doing. big diff.
  10. anyone else having any difficulty with their youtubes? mine vanish so fast it's usually not worth it to save any
  11. & that's the core of the problem. some do not want to hear 'it is right for you,' but insist on hearing 'it is right.' and mine also.
  12. Dreams: no. a person's defense-mechanisms cannot operate when he is asleep; he has no control over what goes on in his mind. Thoughts: "yes and no"-- meaning: a person generally cannot prevent random thoughts from crossing his mind... however, he does have some degree of "say" in whether he just lets negative thoughts "keep on crossing and go on their way" or whether he lets them stick around so he can "entertain" them for awhile.