Prayer Request For Robind69

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I thank you all once agian. I slowly gained more control of my hand an am gaining feeling were I dont have none. I have feeling on the exteria but have little or none in the muscles. I am currently typeing with the aide of my right hand an it is slowly getting better.

Fawzo this has effected my understand but it is not as you would like freind. I have become even more attached to the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I pray that some day you could see it as I do but you have not had the exspreience I have to confirm and strengthen my faith.

I love you all;

Robin Caudle

I'm just glad your getting better! If your faith in the Bible has aided you in your recovery than that is great.

Brightest Blessings and sending you healing loving energies to assist in a full recovery.

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This is awesome, yesterday I hike half way up a mountain and it felt great. Last night my arm got cold, it is usually cold on its own but I cant feel it but this time I did. I found I have more control of it and it no longer feels numb inside. Praise the Lord.

Fawzo thank you, you are truly a compassinate freind.

I love you all,

Robin Caudle

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