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  1. I suppose to learn from others unlike me or more knowledgeable at least.
  2. I'm hitching a ride with a bipolar werewolf suffering from an eating disorder.

    1. Argonious


      Wow that would be quite a ride be safe

  3. Frailty Don’t think your alone, You’re not. Don’t think He’s given up on you, He hasn’t. There is no evil you could’ve done, That he hasn’t forgiven countless for. It’s been said: “God see’s the truth, But he waits…” He’s been waiting for you.
  4. This one most likely sums up most of us
  5. My Beloved Son My beloved son, Don’t let the world take away from you, The greatest gift God has given you, Your innocence… My beloved son, Don’t be afraid to be who you are, Even when others don’t understand you, Because many others will… My beloved son, Know that you are loved, Know that you are never alone, Know that I will always be by your side… My beloved son, Never be afraid to live your life, And dance to the music in your heart, Without shame… My beloved son, Do your best in all you attempt, And you will never be disappointed, Nor will anyone else.
  6. That's funny I dont care who you are.
  7. I think that's very true. We all have free will. I wonder though, if both the light and dark humans decide to do good things with they're choice, will we still meet in the afterlife? I hope so.
  8. The Battle There is war in every soul, Between light and darkness, And angels and demons battle there, Only one can bring honor… At first glance you’re flattered, By these winged warriors, Engaged in combat for your destiny, Or fate… Then you may realize, This is your fight, not theirs. Only you can choose the outcome, Only you can win or lose, Choose wisely.
  9. Often Often I wonder… If I had my own prophet, My own revelator, Would my life be different? What changes would I make? Perhaps it’s better not to know, And endure life’s hardships, Only to learn from the pain, To salvage a lesson Often I am frustrated… By mistakes and failures of the past, How they haunt me, How I act as my own tormentor, Punishing myself, With regret and self-loathing. Often I’ am astonished… By the forgiveness of a loving God, Who saw the ugliness of my heart, But cleansed it with the blood of His own, Though I was most unworthy, A God who believed in me, While I could not believe in myself.
  10. What about creating your own style of service, where people take turns sharing fond memories of the deceased, instead of the traditional services?