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  1. The politics of faith. Why can we not go back to the apostles who never attended seminary yet wrote the New Testament? I can understand the Corporate Church not recognizing ones baptism by a believer but God accepts such baptisms because all who believe and strive to keep His Commandments is a priest of God.
  2. Well I for one have no problem believing it hook line and sinker LOL.
  3. My life has been a roller coaster ride in many areas but yes I do find happiness and contentment in many areas of my life even when things seem impossibly bad.
  4. 95% on a regular basis

  5. I miss yall as well, I am doing fine but I cant get online very often. I am getting better everyone says my progress is great, it has been a little over 4months and my progress is like I have been recovering for a year. I guess I am just stuborn.

  6. Hey Robin! Just checking in and hoping all is going well with you. Havent seen you post for a while. We miss you around here!

  7. Science is only theories while religion is faith. Scientific thearies are mistakenly called fact and then they learn more and they become obsolete while the Bible and Christianity remains the same just opinions change. I beleive the Bible and Christianity will be prove true while science will once again change.
  8. This is awesome, yesterday I hike half way up a mountain and it felt great. Last night my arm got cold, it is usually cold on its own but I cant feel it but this time I did. I found I have more control of it and it no longer feels numb inside. Praise the Lord. Fawzo thank you, you are truly a compassinate freind. I love you all, Robin Caudle
  9. I thank you all once agian. I slowly gained more control of my hand an am gaining feeling were I dont have none. I have feeling on the exteria but have little or none in the muscles. I am currently typeing with the aide of my right hand an it is slowly getting better. Fawzo this has effected my understand but it is not as you would like freind. I have become even more attached to the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I pray that some day you could see it as I do but you have not had the exspreience I have to confirm and strengthen my faith. I love you all; Robin Caudle
  10. I thank you all and pray I will be back soon.
  11. Are you serious? Your serious arent you? You really have no understanding the scriptures or history do you? Oh well just another person who believes lies and condemns truth, have fun.
  12. I thank you, I was just wondering because of a couple who came into my wifes office and was asking questions about one of us performing weddings. We hadnt even really thought about providing the service before and were just curious.
  13. OK I have my ordination here with the ULC, my wife is a Notary, we would like to know how we would go about advertising and performing wedding serimonies. Do we have to be registered in our area? Do we charge? If so what do we charge? What legal hoops do we need to jump thru?
  14. LO, you seem to be equating the hypocrites with the true followers. A true follower of Christ will admitt that they sin because it is an excellent witness that we are not perfect only Christ is perfect. Attacking what you not understand or what you perceive as being presented falsely is giving into the world view or drinking the poisoned koolade as you so elequently shared. Facing the truth can open the door to a love most people do not even realize is out there. I wish you well and only ask that you not judge us all based on a few because none of us are perfect.