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  1. RabbiO

    Hebrew Roots

    Hebrew Roots is a Christian movement.
  2. RabbiO

    Recognised Church In England

    You may be waiting quite awhile for a reply. It's now more than 8 years since the poster last signed on to the forum.
  3. The Sarducci, as in Guido??? Independent of how they are portrayed in Christian scripture, what do you really know about the Sadducees and the Pharisees?
  4. RabbiO

    Gospel and Reincarnation

    Here's an experiment, Phillipe - Take a chair and break the legs off. Advertise that you have four chairs to sell. See how many takers you get. You can then let us know the results
  5. RabbiO

    Sufficiency of Scripture

    And here I've been concerned that I might appear too brusque. Sheesh! Now I'm going to have redo my response. Thanks guys. (The spotlight follows the rabbi as he slowly exits stage right, all the while muttering under his breath.)
  6. RabbiO

    Sufficiency of Scripture

    Mindful of my role as a member of this community and mindful of my responsibility as a mentor I have been wrestling with the right words to use to respond to the OP - words that would reach the OP and would not be seen as hurtful and uncharitable. I'm not sure those words exist, but the path these threads have been following demand I say something. Shabbat is approaching and, again, there is the expectation that I will be in the synagogue for services, so again I ask your indulgence until the end of the Sabbath. L'shalom.
  7. RabbiO

    Feed Your Frankenstein

    I never said you are anti-Semitic. Re-read my post. I do not debate religion for a variety of reasons that I believe I have set forth in the past. If I need to do it again I will. However, I will respond when Jews, Jewish history, or Judaism are maligned or misrepresented. You have done both to all three.... Even if only out of ignorance. And so you and I are not quite done. However,, Shabbat and Pesach fast approach and further conversation will have to wait until after the weekend.
  8. For all those who celebrate Pesach (Passover), I wish you each and all, your households and all those you hold dear, a joyous Pesach, a happy and kosher holiday.
  9. RabbiO

    Feed Your Frankenstein

    I don't know if you're simply ignorant.....and arrogant..... or whether you're anti-Semitic, knowingly or not. As you're fairly new, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.
  10. After all these years who would have thought I'd have to say this, but apparently some people have missed all the clues. Putting aside all the posts in which I have identified myself as both a Jew and a seminary trained rabbi and putting aside all the posts In which I discussed Jewish points of view and putting aside all the posts in which I have discussed variances between the Hebrew of the Jewish scriptures - which some refer to as the Old Testament,- and how they are translated into English, there remain these - my member name, RabbiO, which happens to be what some of the kids call me; the Hebrew under my member name; my avatar which shows Krusty the Clown standing next to his father the rabbi.... you know, the fellow wearing the kippah and tallit and standing before an open Torah scroll. I am not a Catholic nor am I any other type of rChristian. I am not a Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Satanist, Muslim. I respect those who walk those and other paths, but those are not the paths that I travel on. So once again, for the record, I am a Jew and a rabbi. L'shalom.
  11. RabbiO

    Feed Your Frankenstein

    Your belief that the Jews tortured and murdered Jesus would be laughable if ithat belief hadn't lead to the slaughter of innocent Jews by those who held a similar view.
  12. RabbiO

    Revelations Chapter 17 explained

    Call me crazy, but I'm getting the distinct impression that you don't have fond feelings for the Catholic Church. Any other religions, churches, institutions, or people that you don't care for? Might as well get it all out at the start.
  13. Actually, it was not a B movie. It's production cost, in1950, was right at the average production cost at the time. Richard Widmark was an A list star and Elia Kazan was an A list director. The movie won an Oscar for writing. The movie budget was not higher because back then most of the players were under contract to the studio.
  14. RabbiO

    Wisdom Lovers United (or untied)

    I would suggest you brew yourself a nice cup of hot tea and then enjoy it with a fresh prune danish. That should calm you down by the time you're finished and we can try to have a conversation. It's highly unusual for someone with only 9 posts on the forum to feel such anger that they are ready to just walk away. Maybe it would help if you told us a bit more about yourself, what attracted you to the forum, and what you were seeking to accomplish as a member here.
  15. RabbiO

    Wisdom Lovers United (or untied)

    Let me welcome you to the forum. You don't seem to understand that on this forum, as well as other forums, perhaps most forums, it is not uncommon for conversations, in response to comments, to tackle subject matter some what different than the original subject of a thread. These, for want of a better term, digressions are not hijackings of a thread, they are simply the natural progression of a discussion. You also need to understand, if you do not already, that these conversations are not private. If you respond to a post by Larry, then Harry and Barry have a right to post responses to your post. If you are uncomfortable to the freewheeling nature of this forum, the forum may not be the best fit for you. However, I would encourage you to stay and participate and get to know the other members.