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  1. Jon - Even Israel Finkelstein, the archaeologist and co-author of The Bible Unearthed, when he conducts the family seder goes through the haggadah without editorial comment or embellishment. In that spirit, I wish you and anyone who celebrates the holiday a zissen Pesach - a sweet Passover. If this Rego Park born and bred kid ever makes it back to Jackson Heights perhaps over coffee or good wine we can respectfully arm wrestle over the issue whether there is, or is not, value in the Tanakh.
  2. I suspect that there are not many members who are fluent in Russian. Might I suggest that if you are looking to have an impact that you post in English?
  3. If memory serves me right this is not the first time you have put forth this ancient canard of Jews as Christ killers. If memory serves me right I called you out on it the last time you did this. And if memory serves me right, I was willing to believe that you spoke out of ignorance. For you now to repeat that lie as fact makes me wonder if I was overly charitable in my assumption. I am a designated Mentor on this forum. I didn't ask for that designation, but I feel honor bound to try to set a positive example, to try to hold myself to a high standard of conduct in my conversations with others on the forum. If you persist in repeating this lie, however, I will also have to be true to my responsibilities as a Jew and as a rabbi and the next time we "speak" my tone will be far different.
  4. And the recipes were fantastic - unless one keeps kosher.
  5. I'm positive this was brought up before, but let's go over this one more time. In the Exodus 3:14, G-d says that he is Eheyeh asher Eheyeh - I will be what I will be. There is no present tense verb in biblical Hebrew for is/am/are.
  6. RabbiO

    New member

    Welcome to the forum. You might want to make the same query at ulc...org.uk Actually there is only one dot after ulc, but if I do it correctly it does not come out correct. Don't ask. L'shalom.
  7. Maybe I missed an important message, but I've been used to going to ulc.net and then clicking on "Forums" to get to the forum. Imagine my surprise going to ulc.net and finding a new home page and no link, as far as I can tell, to get to the forum. Only because I googled " ulc.net forum" did I find the way back here. How will new folks know the forum exists?
  8. Apparently what you know of the PharIsees and the Sadducees would fit into a thimble and still leave room for your finger. Of course, I could be wrong and you've actually spent a considerable amount of time studying both and are prepared to discuss at length - and please feel free to take as much space as is necessary - and in detail, the research that lead you to your present conclusions.
  9. The English word "priest" does not mean bridge. And the Hebrew word "kohayn" does not mean bridge either.
  10. Putting aside the issue that neither is G-d a male, apparently you have never read Jewish scripture, the Tanakh, what you would probably call the Old Testament, in Hebrew. As best as I recall, there is only one instance where a female pages deity is referred as a deity. In that instance the Tanakh uses the same word to refer to her as is used to refer to G-d - elohey.
  11. What a hate filled site you referenced.
  12. Before saying anything else I must say I'm curious. You've previously written that you are a Pagan so why this attempt at Christian prayer? What are you trying to accomplish?
  13. Hebrew Roots is a Christian movement.
  14. You may be waiting quite awhile for a reply. It's now more than 8 years since the poster last signed on to the forum.
  15. The Sarducci, as in Guido??? Independent of how they are portrayed in Christian scripture, what do you really know about the Sadducees and the Pharisees?