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  1. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxixw06iy7k
  2. I have this theory that the British invented marijuana as an answer to Motown....kinda like in the way that white guys can't jump, they just can't do Motown....so they came up with an answer - lets get stoned ~ that way, everyone's timing is off and no one can play Motown, in other words, "if we can't play Motown then no one can...now, go and smoke this, and while your at it, take this bottle and go drink it".... I dunno, it all get started back when we just jamming in
  3. who dos not like The Supremes? The movements, the hand gestures, the harmony, they were so good....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diOA3M3CjHE&feature=related
  4. to save my life...there's no one i like that much, no one who can't be put down, if they should choose to attack me. So far this has never come up, and I sure hope I never have to be put into that situation.
  5. yeah but she comes back, ya gotta watch the movie all the to the end you know...
  6. yep ..."but dad, it's Smokey" ...
  7. i'm going to wally world...** this **
  8. I don't know if you'll remember that old tv ad (late 70's/ early 80's), but it went something like... (dad) "Son, turn that music down" (son) " but Dad, it's
  9. so we not so different...except you're smarter than me, and richer, and probably better in every other way, but we do agree that the sound of the ocean is music, I lived at the beach for a year, played in a band for a living and got to see the ocean every day, I miss those times the most of all
  10. I do agree, sex work, not slavery...umm gee, you probably should start a thread on that topic alone
  11. on a deserted island, you'd have to have a hand cranked radio or a solar panel or a watermill or something, unless they have a power outlet somewhere....sorry, my mind just went wandering, couldn't help myself... I agree with everything posted above. Booker T and the MG's Odis Redding Wilson Pickett Van Morrison Kitaro (not in any particular order) If I really was on a deserted island I'd think the sound of the ocean, the birds, the bugs ...would all be music to my ears...peace
  12. Since the title of this thread is "current mood" and not "the song I most want to listen to right now" (just making the distinction)... I can't think of a better song that describes my current mood than By Buffalo Springfield...
  13. hmmm...well Nashville would be a no-brainer, and NYC, Chicago as well....there just isn't enough room for me to post links to all the great music that came out of those cities. As far as I know, Liverpool only had one great band, but boy were they good...
  14. its a good idea...and it tabs into something I've been slowly figuring out for years...people will pay, in fact they already pay, to watch people work (I'm a carpenter and a musician, I know), so I've often wondered, would it be better if I just worked naked? I make $20 hour, those girls are making $100.....got me thinking...., most of my clients are middle age ladies....hmmmmm
  15. Get me my horse, put me up in the saddle and push us off in the direction of Bp Corey...if I ever I do find him, I'm going to...( drum roll) take a nap
  16. I know for a fact that I didn't eat 11 million worth of sugar cane...
  17. don't forget, "I'm the only person who replies to your post"\
  18. I am sooo out of touch....ohhh well, the girls were cute, that'll be on my memory for as long as that lasts, or until I see another girl, whichever comes first, but it was cute.
  19. the keys are the secret indeed, everything really seems to center around them, ....yeah
  20. you can add piano to the list now, actually I've been banging on the things for years,but I took my first real piano lesson today and , it was quite liberating