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  1. I don’t mean to open a dormant thread, but what exactly is being argued?
  2. Is the sentence supposed to read "Judaism and Islam rely too much on the enforcement of brutal rules and therefore they diminish themselves? As always, I ask for a reason.
  3. My point in the above is to note that the prayer offered is not a universal prayer. It’s a Christian prayer.
  4. If you’re waiting for, expecting from, the OP a response, you may be disappointed. It is almost 3 years since the OP has logged onto the forum.
  5. Now you've done it. This is no longer an issue as to whether RevBogovac's original reply was or was not appropriate. This is no longer whether in the abstract your reactions have been overly sensitive and way out of proportion to his post. With no real knowledge of RevBogovac you have relentlessly attacked his character and his motivation. This is what we, in my neck of the theological woods, call lashon hara - evil speech. You may be "thoroughly unimpressed with this Forum". Personally, I feel that way sometimes. Here's the thing though. Frustrated, angry, bewildered or driven
  6. Stop me if I've said this before..... Felix Adler, the founder of the Society for Ethical Culture, was the son of a rabbi and studied briefly for the rabbinate. Of him it was said, "There is no God and Felix Adler is his prophet. Years later, after Rabbi Kaplan had begun to publish his theories of Judaism, that saying was revised, with "Mordecai Kaplan" being inserted instead of Adler.
  7. The joke as I first heard it - A Jewish atheist hears that the best school in town happens to be Catholic, so he enrolls his son. Things are going well until one day the boy comes home and says, “I just learned all about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” The boy’s father becomes very angry. He takes his son by the shoulders and says, “Avi, this is very important, so listen carefully. There is only one God — and we don’t believe in him!”
  8. Everyone encountered Nichiren Shoshu back in the 197Os! They made, by comparison, the Chabaniks manning their mitzvah mobiles look shy and withdrawn.
  9. So you’re saying that your wife exists solely for your benefit?
  10. You may be a person of many gifts, but apparently the ability to write in intelligible English is not one of them. Is English a second language for you? If so, what is your native tongue?
  11. Not sure who “we all” are as this is not a Christian forum. Nonetheless, welcome to the forum. L’shalom.
  12. Whose Christianity? To be honest, I’d have the same reaction if the same question was asked with Judaism substituted for Christianity. There are some significant differences between Judaism as I live it and practice it and the Judaism of, say, a Satmar Hasid.
  13. Originally a sarcastic comment directed toward Felix Adler who left behind rabbinic studies and founded the Society for Ehical Culture, later adapted by substituting the name of Mordecai Kaplan, founder of The Reconstructionist movement in Judaism, - There is no G-d and Felix Adler is his prophet. Thee is, of course, the Secular Humanistic Judaism movement, founded by Rabbi Sherwin Wine. The movement is atheistic. The flagship,congregation is the Birmingham Temple in Michigan. For the moment I'm just going to sit over here in the corner and enjoy a cup of coffee and a b
  14. Two posts in 10 months? I'm not sure that fits the definition of "active" , but what the heck. I'm sure that when you have something you want to say, you'll say it. A belated welcome to the forum.
  15. Jon & Dan, The Talmud records that the longest lasting argument between Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai lasted three years. You guys long ago passed that record. Neither of you has budged from your positions and I dare say neither of you is going to budge. Maybe the time has come to stop pushing each other's buttons and just wave at one another as you stand up upon the opposite sides of the theological chasm you occupy.
  16. Which part of illegal are you or they having a problem with?
  17. Jon - Even Israel Finkelstein, the archaeologist and co-author of The Bible Unearthed, when he conducts the family seder goes through the haggadah without editorial comment or embellishment. In that spirit, I wish you and anyone who celebrates the holiday a zissen Pesach - a sweet Passover. If this Rego Park born and bred kid ever makes it back to Jackson Heights perhaps over coffee or good wine we can respectfully arm wrestle over the issue whether there is, or is not, value in the Tanakh.
  18. I suspect that there are not many members who are fluent in Russian. Might I suggest that if you are looking to have an impact that you post in English?
  19. If memory serves me right this is not the first time you have put forth this ancient canard of Jews as Christ killers. If memory serves me right I called you out on it the last time you did this. And if memory serves me right, I was willing to believe that you spoke out of ignorance. For you now to repeat that lie as fact makes me wonder if I was overly charitable in my assumption. I am a designated Mentor on this forum. I didn't ask for that designation, but I feel honor bound to try to set a positive example, to try to hold myself to a high standard of conduct in my conversations