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  1. Common Sense is not so common ~Voltaire
  2. Washington never said that as Phil claims.
  3. Black Sabbath 2013, Mansfield MA. Attached are two videos. I apologize for them being short clips, my phone won't send videos that are too long. sabbathvid1.MOV sabbathvid2.MOV
  4. Mayhemfest 2013 continued. Rob Zombie Rob Zombie crowd walkthrough
  5. Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013, Hartford CT. Battlecross The Wall of Death Butcher Babies Job for a Cowboy Crowd shots Amon Amarth Five Finger Death Punch
  6. Mountain Jam Festival 2013, Hunter Mountain NY. Stage shot. The Fire People Hula hoop dancer
  7. Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2012, Hartford CT. With Clown from Slipknot. Crowd shot. As I Lay Dying We are Motorhead and we play Rock and Roll. Slayer
  8. This is a book I have found to include many things of worth.
  9. Son of Man is a title and it can also be found in the old testament in multiple places. if memory serves with Elijah or Ezekiel, it carries religious significance and does not always merely refer to an every day human. Of course one has to believe Jesus called himself this or even existed for it to carry much weight. Either way the jesus myth is well constructed and son of man is there for a reason.
  10. Thank you Peter. Although what would the English translation be for that word. I am aware of quite a few religions that have concepts analogous to Karma but I would find it more appropriate to use the proper expression in its cultural context instead of taking a loan word which may have a similar meaning but altogether represents a foreign ideology I am also glad you responded because I wanted to ask you a question about Judaism and reincarnation. I once heard in an interview with a Rabbi on the subject that jews had a similar concept but it was believed that only people who had died tragicall
  11. That doesn't seem like the blind man was paying some Karmic debt. It seems like he was blinded from birth and suffered just to make Jesus look good. What passage was this specifically. I can see how the disciple asking if it was his or his father's debt can give a certain impression. I would like to read it in its original context. Also I was not aware karma is a Christine doctrine, I had always thought it was Hindu/Vedic?
  12. I've found that I've read more of the Bible and have more knowledge of it than almost every Christian I have met in person. I've also read the Bhagavad Gita, Toa te ching, Eddas, Satanic Bible, and other writings related to spiritually, philosophy, and religion multiple times. I've also partially read others but not fully such as the Koran. Many Christians take for granted that they only have to study one book and a lot don't even do that.
  13. One should not discount Constantine in the creation of christianity. While it may have been Paul's ideas and writings that formed the basis it was surely the pagan emperor who used them to his own devices and gain.
  14. I've been meaning to add vitki that warlock may not be negative. While the old english oath breaker is a possible source of the word there is also Vardlokkur in old norse which may be a possible source of the term and most translate it as. It means one who fetters or binds and I believe may also have connections with seid. It has to do with warding away evil spirits and fettering or binding them. Also in Scots language warlock would translate as a cunning man.
  15. Wise is he not who is never silent, Mouthing meaningless words: A glib tongue that goes on chattering Sings to its own harm. - the High one