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  1. Won't argue, just do your homework is all I will say
  2. He is based more on pagan god and traditions but I still think it's cool love santa!
  3. Rereading his post I think your right.
  4. The original did not include god....
  5. Good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine.
  6. To minister is to serve and help those who need it. To be a minister is to be the one who serves and helps others. IMO of course. There is also the clergy aspect. Many people can and will be close minded and ignorant, Many of them on the religious front will call themselves christian. Many will think this makes them righteous and/or authoritative. Ignore them and accept them. Try to teach them if you want but be prepared to bang your head against the wall. Christianity despite popular belief does not hold the monopoly on religion or spirituality. Also remind yourself of the many good christians there are. It helps.
  7. Depends on the situation. To protect, defend, and also survival. If the situation warrants it of course.
  8. Please say a prayer/blessing for my recently departed grandmother Hilda.
  9. Rob Halford is the lead singer for Judas Priest. Heard about this on the radio. I sent some thoughts freddies way. Queen is definitely an epic band that I will sadly never be able to see.
  11. What do you mean by upload them? What do you mean by hidden to the public?
  13. Excellent. I started a bit yesterday and will continue reading today. Keep reading and start posting when you find anything you like or want to comment on it in this thread. I look forward to your views