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  1. Its been 2 years since I was on here , so I thought I will post about ,what I have seen in religious discrimination , since , I was flabbergasted at the uneducated people in real life ,that are christian but ridicule ,others because they are too stupid to. Google , I was shocked they promote. Education but not educating themselves . its a wonder how they can promote education ! , I know "not "all Christians are the same, but for those who bully witch wiccan and pagan ,and dance in church to recieve the holy spirit , reminds me of when I first learned about covens ,wiccan they dance , so my opinion to these Christians whom bully wiccan pagan witch , " don't call the kettle black ,while your black your self " Peace Lordie
  2. This thread gotten heated Allow me to say why I started it because not enough people out there who need help knew or knows were to turn and they get teased and pick on no matter why what or were who they are or come from. So many people out there do take advantage of the system .and so many don't get the benefits they deserve. We don't realize how many suffer w out food or meds because we are too busy bickering about spelling or grammar or manners or the fact that our taxes pay for welfare. Really come on now!! Being any religion we should stand up and help those in need and don't bicker about were why who . And if you all realize our taxes not only goes to welfare but other programs that benefit welfare and ssi and ssd. Like job training Ged. Counseling rape victims support housing elder abuse prevention child abuse prevention rides for people w disability. We bicker about a lot of things . With out knowledge of who what were and when. Instead of bickering be thankful of your life and the people in it the things you have.
  3. I help people all the time on social media about welfare and how they can to apply Why? Because if someone is in need and don't know about it. Then we should teach them and maybe they teach others.
  4. Rev Timothy congrats on your wife getting her disability. I feel for those who need it to but I have to agree w cutting congress wages. And this outrages spending. Too much if that in government today And I c someone got straight talk how do u like it? Any way I know a few people on disability that are getting tease for it and some on welfare as well But this system has to change some how. Maybe now we are expressing our thoughts on here maybe just maybe someone will listen
  5. Grateful no problem sorry I missed your reply I feel sorry fOr disabled people who can't get any assistance. I know a few who are deaf.it isn't fair
  6. Yesterday i was in walmart and an old lady couldn't even reach the chips i got them for her it was weird everyone walked by and didn't help i saw welfare people yelling at their kids just to Get a cell phone card it hit me that . those kids were created so their parents can draw welfare . they were mean .it was sad people used the system like that .and then i saw old and disabled people left stranded because the local bus again didn't pick them up .it was a weird day . but it got even weirder as i was going about my day i saw old people walking in the rain . but some people riding the bus that drive . i was mad to say the least . I think welfare is good if we use it for good . i had a neighbor growing up had 13 kids all welfare kids .and then 15 kids the more kids the more welfare .i thought really!! i was young at the time i didn't know about welfare pays for kids . so as i got older i go if they do that maybe they can help me .i was abused maybe i can get a lawyer or any help they turn me away . their excuse i had no kids and i am not on drugs .the lawyer i went to was legal aide but they wanna charge me 5000 for just looking at my case i said no . Because i was a teen at the time and work i guess i didn't qualify for help even tho i was barely able to walk my back muscles was stretch and bruised my arms and legs had nerve damage . at the time i thought i could get help they turn me away .years later i tried to get my mom a cell free from the government she didn't qualify . she only made 495 but she was married so she didn't qualify . which was wrong one of my ex friends said to seperate and then she can get benefits my mom refused . my dad didn't qualify for medicaid because he worked at a ski resort part time .i think it is stupid .that the ones who need it don't get it but the ones who milked it do why? i think that there should be help for everyone!!!
  7. My abuser just lied to get more foodstamps and said he was married . that's just plain fraud . i feel it takes away from those who need it . around here we have help w rent if u get kick out but when women apply they say no . The elderly here or anyway can't afford much food or medicine i think we should take a look at this welfare . and help those who need it i met a woman who is deaf I'm both ears she said no one will help her because she is smart .i was mad to say the least . and there was my ex (abuser) who goes to welfare and ask for aide and lies about his life . and he gets aide it isn't fair to those who desperately needs it . my sis can't even get medicaid even tho she is severaly disabled . . it is just not fair the other day i was at a store will the elderly was waiting for the bus soak in the rain they waited all day . they didn't get a free ride or even half fare as the law states here .so there they were soak and cold i don't think it is fair to mistreat them . here were i live disables walk or roll their selves to the store . because the bus keeps saying they are out of funding i met a young girl about 14 her legs are crooked and she has to walk to get groceries no one helps her . a blind man lives near me he cannot. afford rehab so he taught himself to use a cane and to walk to and throw . he cannot get a ride neither .i was just recently dx w optic neuropathy w pigmentary glaucoma . i was never able to see to drive but if i could i would take the ones mention above to the store .and bring them home .we pick and tease but some one out there is worse off and we only think of our selves . that's sad
  8. My friend was a true lover and friend he saved me from being kidnapped on this day several years ago i cannot thank him enough he is dead now and i miss very much . we were. school cops and church security officers together . and we both had the same respect and love for god .we both are ulc ministers but we both loved each other more than any thing for my friend my lover my buddy whom was there and protected me he is my angel watching over me . thanks you
  9. Welfare has a program for jobs now it is interesting to see that but in away ashame to see older americans suffer they dont make much and won't or don't qualify for any aide . i feel for them Youch i must applaud you for standing up for yourself and believes. very good
  10. I agree atwater And i want to reply to the subject at hand Welfare I feel sorry for our seniors that is on welfare because they cannot make it on social security It is ashame they deserve better Each seniors did something build this world But they dont get the rights they deserve I think we should show our respect to our elders and give them money to live off of as well as a phone and internet . They deserve that much After all they built this world we just live in it And when we get old we can say we honored our elders . And on disabilty welfare or ssi .no one makes much On that so when try to save money they get blown off or some one takes advantage of them or the system .which is worse . My ex got free apartment For a year free phone and cable .after he got kick out .he works making 200 a week while drawing ssi . So thats not fair to those trying to get disablity or even those on it . . My mom cant get a free phone and she tried they said she made too much at 495 dollars a month . The system only picks and chooses whom they want to get free stuff or help which is ridiculous .and when a welfare to work reciepient goes to work they loose their medicaid even tho they make the same amount as they did on welfare .i think that is just stupid .and a disabled goes to work ( in some states) they loose either their check or their housing .because they make a dollar over .thats not right neither I think instead of giving stuff away like the welfare system gave my ex they should look and see if that person is legit
  11. Thanks meredog Hpsccatbland u are a witch really but anyway back to the question at hand as in welfare and iphones . iphones are not that expensive. 50 dollars for one at the dollar store mine last for about 5 years not matter what type of phone i get they last .but the people who pick on welfare having a phone no one understands it is savimg money how u say by combining internet w phone which seperate is extremely expensive . as here in pa no one cam qualify for free net so have to pay over 100 a month in the net alone and those are the seniors which i feel bad for .some don't qualify for a safelink phone others do but don't know how or what to apply . i tried to help seniors w this but it is hard for them mostly they cannot see well so i continue to show them my. theory is hand the seniors the phones and net for nothing they deserve it. and it is their right that it seems no one gets it is sad
  12. As for sure . atwater maybe i can try to put it back on course .i don't know how but i can try
  13. I saw rev tim posted he is also a bully survivor . but any survivor knows you don't pick on another I.am many forms of survivor of bullying teaseing is the beginning and code red is the end . i got code red the last year of my high school . no matter what i am dealing w in life i always have time for my family and friends. for instance. my friend needed me i was so sick but no matter how i felt i ran to her and help her out and no matter how i get teased or belittle on here i am there and here for my family . and friends always i started this thread for two reasons one is to define the hate people have for low income people on ssdi ssi welfare and the unfortunate seniors . but i got more than i bargain for on here which is ok because it showed the hate i describe any one low income or poor i feel for . but using this thread for a defence of ignorance is not what i bargain for i assume that everyone will or won't agree to this but i ll say it any way look back on this thread look and see that i tried to help some not w my writing but my experience . but i get dumped on by critiques that don't know what they are. understanding . really come on now any one can as long as their minds are open . which w my experience people from the background i am from does but still we get a few weeds i gotta dig out so to speak and these folks on here making fun of my writing is not only cyber bullying but hate depict unto one individual because of various reasons of their own suit .and standards of nom for seen intelligence that they can devolop if they keep an open mind )0( Lordie
  14. As in came to my attention you all assume my abstract writing is wrong well as foryou that like it i thank u for you all that don't i don't care .u c i am the one who has to live w myself and therefore i do what i want even tho some of u cannot stand my writing style instead of reading w an open mind u read w a closed mind as the way u were taught. i was taught the same but u should see my teachers faces when i was tested and the examiner told the teachers they ate teaching wrong . it was great and. my one teacher taught me to be open minded .not close .if you all can't read it learn it show respect don't hate .
  15. Grammer and spelling is a form of witch craft i remember a story i read in school that most english men thought grammer was percieved as witchcraft and it was the devil work . as the story went that if some one got caught percieving another writing upon there page and corrected their grammer it was percieved as a crime as i read tis story i didn't realize i was reading my uncles writing which i inherited as i write here i do not c the problem rev tim i c the aspect of cruel not my prob no one think it is readable as i write as a reminder we didn't create writing god did and he created us as we are in his image as a person who yes a survivor i don't see abuse i know abuse my writing can't be that bad when i won 60 award for my free thought abstract writing . thinking u don't use punctuation u use thought . i cannot stand know it alls no one knows it all only god does so keep picking i m right