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  1. Smoker / Grill I made out of a 55 gallon oil drum and scrap steel. Iron Butterfly
  2. No as that is not how they "work." I've been playing around with pendulums since I was a kid. I will make no specific claims of fact about them except that they do seem to work. It could however just be subconscious muscle movements that make it work. If you take a pendulum and hold it over a males hand or body it tends to swing one way. If you then put it over a female hand or body it will swing another way. There used to be a custom of holding one over a pregnant woman to see what sex the child will be. You are supposed to after having acquired one sit there and think "what is yes" and "what is No." It will swing in certain ways depending. You can then ask questions and observe the way it swings as either being yes or no. The feather really does not affect this at all. That one worked fairly nice. Honestly it's just something I've done on and off since I was a child and had read about it. Its fun and an interesting thing to fiddle with. I have had some quite accurate results with it. I once asked jokingly if my current girlfriend had cheated on me. It had swung a yes for me and continued to do so during multiple tries. I of course did not take that as anything but strange. It did turn out she had. I don't generally sell what I've made for myself over the years. I have given away some things.
  4. A clock I made. A box I made A pendulum I made for a friend. More to come......
  5. This will be the Book club thread for the Age of Reason. Enjoy the read ! The age of reason can be found here.
  6. The first Reconstructionist Heathen Journal for recons and written by recons. This is a very cool and free heathen journal with contributions from some very good and itelligent people.
  7. You might have noticed we now have a section dedicated to the Arts. Since many ULC members are of course a little bit off the mainstream, I figured we have many creative people here who might want to share that creativity. I am sure many members of the ULC either appreciate crafts and artwork or make it themselves. We now have the Crafts section. This is where you can post anything you want related to crafts, crafting, trades, etc. If you are a tradesman show off your tools! If you build things show them off! If you paint, draw, are some sort of artist, or just enjoy art/artists and want to talk about them go ahead! If you craft or enjoy them this would be a great place to share it with the rest of us. Enjoy! Your friendly neighborhood moderator
  8. Razberry Blueberry Blackberry The Tribe.. including Mogwai RIP
  9. It's really not that much money. I've been collecting them for years now so it was a little cash at very separate times. The JT-50 I got off my old boss with a Peavy Rage 158 amp for 250, 9 years ago. I got the Schmidt at a pawn shop in South Carolina for 150. I got a peavey audtion amp for 50 bucks used. I bought the Vypr for 100 bucks on sale. The Warlock was a christmas present from a best friend. I had wanted it and he knew that. When we were growing up he didn't have it so good and he ended up needing to spend large amounts of time away from home. I would let him live at my house. My mother and I helped clothe and feed him. It was his way of saying thanks. The Hot rod Strat I got for 50 bucks used at Guitar Center. The staff was pissed because none of them had noticed it or they would have bought it. The locking tuners on it are worth like 125 new. It was 50 because guitar center had to sell it at book price. The entire thing is custom but I got to buy it for a generic squier strat price. The guy who built it left his name and address in it. One of my good friends worked for this guy for years. He is a craftsman. Other then that I just bought some new hardware for the SG. Added the abalone knobs to spice it up etc. So as long as your in the right place at the tight time and have good friends. It's not much money at all. Besides I bet your a hell of a lot better at playing the damn things then I am.
  10. I have a few guitars and I attempt to play them. Nothing too fancy or expensive. I enjoy having them. Do any of you have or play instruments (Ravenstrikes where are you?) My Jay Turser JT-50 Custom SG with mother of pearl and abalone inlays. My Hot Rod Squier Stratocaster with killswitch and whammy bar. My Washburn-Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Electric. My B.C. Rich m7 Mick Thomson Warlock. My Peavey Vyper Digital Amp along with my fancy headset recording studio
  12. Well can only post 2 at a time so here is the third. For your listening pleasure I have also thrown this in. Gotta say this is one of my favorite threads and it's filled with a ton of good stuff thanks to the broad range of music some of us listen too. Keep up the good work guys.
  13. Love the stones. One of the coolest times of my life was having them play 6 feet in front of me. They have many classics like Sympathy for the devil, Gimme Shelter, Satisfaction, etc.. love them all but the 3 I like best are.. Well can only post 2 at a time so here is the third. For your listening pleasure I have also thrown this in.
  15. http://lyricstransla...-egil-sega.html Translation^