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  1. I guess it's easier than spending the countless hours reading, learning, discussing, and altering your worldview to a pre-christian European weltanschauung.
  2. Researchers using a technique that dissolves the glue in Mummy masks from Egypt have recovered many ancient papyri including works such as Homer. Among such finds they have recovered a fragment of the Gospel of Mark dating before 90 C.E. The oldest known Gospel fragment ever found. The findings will be released at a later date.
  3. Do that which is right is an excellent and libertarian philosophy to me that is shadowed by be excellent to each other. Which although from Bill and Ted I find to be excellent as well. It is both hard and easy to follow Do that which is Right. The beauty of it is that that which is Right is left up to the person to decide. Like reality and morality it is ultimately subjective. I find that even people who do wrong barring mental issues know that they are doing wrong. Therefore they also know what right is as well. Basically on some level we have an idea of right and wrong and while knowing what
  4. I'm about a 1/4 of the way through. Some obligations have kept me busy so I apologize for not responding sooner. Did you want to discuss anything in particular??
  5. I would be glad to do so. I'll start tonight and I am a fast reader so I will probably be able to start talking sometime tomorrow. In the meantime leave any questions or thoughts and I will reply when I am ready. I used to try to run a book club here and I encourage anyone who has the time or access to join in on this discussion.
  6. I have not read it in a few years. I would be willing to read and discuss it in this thread.
  7. Oddly enough Satanism advocates responsibility to the responsible and admonishes shifting blame.
  8. If an ** is going to kill someone because another ** with a guitar tells him too then he was an ** to begin with and going to do it anyway. -Pete Townshend It's all about avoiding personal responsibility and accountability. Also pushing ones morality (which is subjective) and/or religious beliefs on others to conform them to your way of thinking.
  9. Waes thu, Ealdred, Hael. If there was a like button I would click it. I would like to hear more of your take on Englisc Wiccecraeft. As the Vitki said there are a few of us around.
  10. Thank you for the information Gruff. Have a good Equinox. I take it you are a welsh based Druid?
  11. Just over 1800 years koki. Now if another country took away your land because someone's ancestors had lived there 1800 years ago... I think most of us would have some issues with that. Almost two billion Muslims in the world and somehow a tiny percentage of a small percentage are a majority..... $)
  12. The moderation team is reviewing posts in this thread. We would like to remind everyone to act with civility and proper decorum.
  13. I can honestly state that I was terrorized as a child by Satan and the Christian hell.
  14. I think perhaps the greatest thing to come about as a result of his death is the opportunity for so many people to pretend to be morally superior, even though they talked a mean game when he was alive. Personally I haven't lost a wink of sleep and maybe even gotten some better sleep since.
  15. Thank you guys for all your hard work.
  16. Perhaps it is unclear I'm not sure I can spell it out Can you hear, see, or smell them? Know you have nothing to fear Lest you be in doubt Even if you think in tandem Could it be coincidence? Or mere conjecture? Nay, I say it is neither Sure it may be a confusing instance Perhaps mere obfuscation or symbolic gesture? It could be one or either Reason if you will And talk amongst each other Could it be hard to swallow? You still must take the pill Unless you find it tends to smother Now it may be hard to follow It can even be a bother To see all dancing to the trill Everyone