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  1. Funny. I fall under the tree of Gnostic Theist. However, just because I believe with 100% certainty doesn't mean I have the desire to prove it to somebody else. It's just my experience that makes it true for me.
  2. THERE'S A TABLETOP RPG?! Now I definitely need to get through this series... (:
  3. Okay, so I was hanging out with my friends at lunch on my birthday earlier this month when we got into a conversation about the books I was reading. Right now I'm reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher and told them I thought Harry WAS SO ADORABLE. And I also said: "I'm only four chapters into this and I have a million ways I can ruin the Dresden Files by turning it into a romance." Then I heard someone across the restaurant start laughing at my comment. So, yeah. I'm like halfway through the first book and am kind of sad that Mr. Butcher has to cram a bunch of stuff into su
  4. Oh! I've already had experience with Qi Gong and Reiki. Reiki is something I've already had the first attunement for. Sadly, I haven't really worked on practicing it. I should really get to that. Also, I've realized that just because I believe in the immaculate birth of, life, teachings, healings, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ doesn't mean I have to be Christian. I think right now I should just do some studying into Judaism. Because, honestly, I've more experience with Wicca than anything and I have quite a few positive tools that I've learned from Christianity. Perhaps I should just
  5. And that's awesome, Keystrikr. I've witnessed the same thing, myself at many events. However, sadly, the churches I would attend are more narrow and would not accept that those things happen. You know, because Jesus is an exclusivity and everything else is witchcraft. Although, I would consider myself Jewish - it would probably be a more liberal kind. Like a mix of Judaism, Qabbalah, Christianity and Gnosticism. I focus on both esoteric and exoteric teachings. I'd like to attend the Assemblies of God church here but I doubt they would be very happy to hear that I am Liberal. I still practice T
  6. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, though - that means something! I'm pretty sure I can come up with something if I Google a keyword or searched Amazon I would find some interesting things.
  7. This is asked before I type in sacred-texts in my search bar, mind you. Okay, so I decided that I wanted more empowerment and spirit behind my beliefs. When people ask for me to pray for them, in person, while they are sick or having trouble - a lot of people ask for me to pray to Christ. I have had absolutely no problem with that. When we do the act of prayer I can feel a heavy warmth come over me and naturally assume that it is the Holy Spirit that has descended. I have felt this presence over and again while in Pentecostal churches. Baptist church, Messianic church, Methodist and the non-de
  8. I think what you're doing is great, Rev. Donald. Atwater Vitki also took the words right out of my mouth and made them look pretty. (:
  9. I'm so glad that your faith is still as strong as it ever was - if not stronger by these circumstances. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I pray that ministry's success is counted by hearts saved, not money made.
  10. Looking For Paradise: Primera Parte is completely published on JukePop Serials with all eight chapters including the interlude chapter Chicken : Robber. Click on the picture for the link! Completely free to read. Currently, I am working on Segunda Parte and Tercera Parte. Cuarta Parte will come after that. When I am done with these parts I'll be publishing them in novel/novella format with the publisher of my choice. Keep supporting - and don't forget to sign up for a free account on JPS so you can read and bookmark all your favorite serials on there! All that's required is a working email
  11. Yes!! Now I have an hour to kill listening to awesome music! .... Listening while writing.
  12. Oh good Goddess, my childhood! I always love looking at these pictures. Not because of the entire "hippy" generation dealie but because when I look at these kind of images I can taste them, I can feel them and take not only my physical eyes but spiritual eyes to another world. This is awesome. (:
  13. Good question. I thought we were talking about llamas.
  14. I honestly had no idea what the Pickle Conspiracy was about... But this fills in a few gaps. Not all, but at least a few. (: EDIT: Wow. I just read Dan's post. So THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. Seriously, we need more plastic in our moony refrigerators that way the paintbrush of doom would have no more dominion over candy.