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  1. Unfortunately we get a bit of renewed interest on the forum about the time the ship's rails sink into the treacherous waters of Farcebook Overload....too bad this is getting interesting and welcome aboard Overgrown! Blessings of Peace, Al
  2. Just to be able to offer alternative life style ceremonies to folks. Not many within the established realms of clergy have a clue what a "Handfast" is or how to conduct a Pagan House Blessings. Marriages have been a few over the years as I'm selective about the "who" since I don't charge for my main goal is to help those who otherwise have no alternatives through regular lines of clergy. So far it has been a real eye opener into the outer realms of humanity and I very much like it.
  3. Bro Atwater

    How are You? 

    Hoping all is well with You!

    Have You heard from Bro Nestingwave ?

    I have been emailing Him and can get no reply. 

    Hope all is Well with You and Yours!





  4. There's a lot of Members in risk of deletion then, some haven't posted for years and are still on the roll-call. I've never seen such low response here at dot-net, ever, as over this last year. Shameful on one hand but the huddled masses MUST have their Farcebook time along with their friends. Too bad that, forums use to be a great exchange and way to discuss at leisure. As far as this article goes, yeah, I have to agree ... I'm pretty sure it was the CPR and IV that worked here and not the prayers, unless of course you consider the prayer being for "save his life" and the actions of EMT being that "save". That's a long shot though and not specific enough to pass the litmus test. Blessings of Peace,
  5. Providing insightful information is great and let each of us decide if it "convinces" us or not. I've watched hundreds of "proof docu-dramas and supposedly scientific evidence of which the line certainly get blurred. While I believe in the possibility of angels, demons, demi-gods, super humans, ghosts among many other phenomena, as well as cases of being brought back to life...I still don't have the absolute, 100% proof I need for true BELIEF. Thanks for the links, interesting to say the least... and it was great to leave it up to others to choose what they wish with the info. Blessings of Peace,
  6. Gnostic Bishop - Naturally the first person assaulted would be the clear answer. Getting twisted at members because they don't answer benign, silly questions is not something anyone will adhere to around here. Frankly I've had quite enough of your high brow BS, name calling and childish demands of being the center of attention and focal point of discussion. It seems to me that in your mind DL, the only answer that matters is the one you selectively pick to fit your very pinpointed version of who in any semblance of sanity can keep up with that? Enough is enough. Al
  7. ...what is right...for them ...and we can only hope it is within the guidelines of social and morally accepted norms. Outside of that simple premise, no, I don't need someone telling me how. Blessings of Peace,
  8. We know the media-blitz, important only for this broadcast view regarding the circumstances involved around these horrific crimes, nothing more in most cases. You say "no excuse powerful enough for ignoring our social and moral duty to each other" ...okay so where in the blazes was the public to stop the perpetrator from raping/molesting/harming the little boy or girl??? What about their moral and social responsibility to prevent crimes from happening? A very close and dear friend of mine was victim of 'priestly gratification' (how worded in the civil settlement papers) and was not until he was 66 years old was he forced to come forward. He didn't seek money or trial and only came forward because of a friend of his abused by the same priest during the same years and lawyers pushed him into it. 55+ years after the fact it was still hard fast in his brain and caused him numerous troubles throughout his life. He was married for only a couple years which gave him his wonderful daughter, but the trauma suffered was too much for him to bare and saw sex as an evil, something the wife never agreed with. Few of us ever knew about this until the local rumor mill started when media got involved and of course "the public has the right to know!" screamed the media while our friend withered away in humiliation and embarrassment. He went to his grave last year a very broken person because of the lewd acts of a supposed 'man of the cloth' who had no self control. During the negotiations for the several men in the law suit, as usual the lawyers came out making more than the victims which lends evidence to a whole other form of crime. No, I simply can't agree that there is a blanket statement of Moral or Social Responsibility for all circumstances and especially lewd acts. It should be left up to the individual how and when, if ever, they handle the matter. What my friend did from adulthood until his passing, was help every friend or acquaintance he knew run background checks, do media research and scour public records if and when there was need to for kids going to camp, after school programs and even church attendance. Once the Internet came around he could more, quicker, in more detail and far less expensive than in person...that's how he helped, silently and behind the scenes. Let each person formulate and maintain their own moral base and how they feel obligated to help. We don't need the Nanny State telling us we have to reveal our deepest secrets for the media good. It is only on paper it's for the causes good, the rest the media steals and corrupts. Blessings of Peace,
  9. When it comes to any organized religion, sect, cult, group ...etc doesn't matter what banner they fly or flag they worship under, all have good and bad reputations and qualities. We can put the Hell's Angels and Catholic Sisters Charities side by side in a poll and come with reasonable lists of good vs bad points for both groups, seriously we can if the public is being honest about their evaluation. Decades ago when I rode with the club we were the typical grungy, cussing, drugging group. When one of the Member's father passed away none of the four club members that attended wore their colors to the funeral out of respect for the mother of our friend. At the wake numerous people commented on "how nice" Jimmy, Bob or Curtis was and what a joy to have us all there helping the son get through his grief. As for others that attended from churches not where the dad worshiped..."who were they again?"...the mother went on and on about "those lousy...*%*&^#%'ists or $&!*%#&#!'ics" Seemed to be in her opinion if you weren't their brand of Methodist, well you just did belong there. I witnessed the one lady (wife to the deacon of the Baptist church across town) turn 30 shades of purple, blue and black when she heard the "nice young man" she was complimenting so lavishly was the Master At Arms for the club...yes Curtis really was a charmer until you ticked him off. And with all the forms of multi-media entertainment now days we see all sorts of social experiments on TV and yes, it is amazing how opinionated someone can be when they know someone's background vs when they don't. We've said it a million ways and times here just do what's right and leave the rest to whom/what-ever runs the Universe. Seems simpler that way. Blessings of Peace,
  10. The battle between Believing and not believing will never be settled, even in the next 2000 years. While non-believers can list a thousand sources for their disbelief, the believer only needs the “one 'true' source of God's word” to satisfy their notion. So the battle continues. One thing I must point out about a statement above “there is more written about Jesus Christ than Julius Caesar” … ah really? Well we do have documentation on his birth, rise to power, death and burial, and above just those facts, from numerous sources, not just the official Roman Line. Far more than most f the Prophets of the OT or “Messiah” Anyway, we all believe what we do because of the things we are willing to accept. Sure, many of us agnostics, atheists and pagans see things far differently and all it boils down to is “Judge not lest ye be judged” okay? All I ask of devout Christians is don't claim I'm going to hell because I don't believe like you do... because you simply don't know, you only believe that's true. You'll find few people that condemn others more than many Christians … and that speaks volumes to me and most of the non-believers on the planet. And the few who poke barbs at Christians, knock it off, remember for every finger pointed at another's fault there is three pointed back at ya and as a good non-believer in should know better!! Blessings of Peace,
  11. Well this is email was down for several days so just now saw the Hot Seat sign up request. Looks like Mere had it covered! Blessings of Peace,
  12. We'd like to Welcome you to the ULC forum! You are valued as an individual h-ere, regardless of which particular Spiritual Journey you are on. We look forward to getting to know you better. We hope you'll join in the many discussions under the numerous category headings. Our main goal is that everyone feels at home while here and has an enjoyable experience! Blessings of Peace, Al

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      unfortunately this forum has fairly well dried up ... you may find a tad more action at our sister site "Tribal" at:  and our Facebook presence at: intertribal (you may have to c/p tribal fb as notice came up not embedded)

      Try back here as much as you like, but I haven't seen anything new here for quite some time. Be careful of ULC Monastery clones of the orig ULC Modesto Church...long story found in archives but not the same founders or foundation of beliefs.

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  13. We'd like to Welcome you to the ULC forum! You are valued as an individual h-ere, regardless of which particular Spiritual Journey you are on. We look forward to getting to know you better. We hope you'll join in the many discussions under the numerous category headings. Our main goal is that everyone feels at home while here and has an enjoyable experience! Blessings of Peace, Al

  14. Hello All:

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  15. cuchlain - wow I haven't heard of the firetruck banner escort since living in an extreme northern county of California... and yeah, only when they won, not lost. Superior vs. Inferior is a hmm, with a grr and a tah-dah tossed in at the end. As has been said there are many times when seemingly "inferior" things can be of greater value or support/help to a person than a "superior" item or product. At different times in my life things on these lists have exchanged places. Things I felt superior in my 20's became inferior in my 30-40's and then back to superior and visa versa. But then it sort of hit me, you didn't define whether these things were physical items, intellectual property or mere psychology terms (nor does it really matter other than which list something would go on) For instance... in shear psychological terms I would think "moderate intelligence" to outshine "moderate material wealth" ten to one, but that's just me. Perhaps you could expand a bit of the classification the characterizations have been placed in for this discussion? I know, I know, always the crazed Viking to toss a whale egg in the cookie dough! Blessings of Peace,