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  1. Hello Jonathan, I am a Druid and a Celtic Polytheist. First of all, just let me say I am speaking only for myself and not all Polytheists, nor all Druids. In my personal experience most Polytheists are unconcerned whether others believe in the Gods or not. Most Polytheists have no commission or mandate to proselytize; most Polytheists do not claim their Gods are the only Gods or that their way is the only way. I offer no irrefutable claims of physical proof that would satisfy a scientific study. I cannot tell you how much a God weighs, or how many Gods can dance on the head of a pin. For
  2. Merry Equinox, Today is the Vernal Equinox and the First Day of Spring. In the Druid tradition it is called Alban Eiler or "Light of the Earth." I hope it is a happy time for everyone of all faiths Yours under the swaying palms, Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  3. Hello all, This Sunday is the Spring Equinox, which Druids celebrate as Alban Eiler or "Light of the Earth." So here's wishing a Happy Spring to everyone, including your families and friends as well Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  4. Hi Pete , I certainly agree that the majority of faith healing is bogus. But I have seen faith healing work to benefit people more than standard medicine alone (but not instead of standard medicine) or in cases where standard medicine has exhausted its methods. I am a Reiki master and some of what I saw may be along the same lines as energy healing of which I am a proponent. But I am willing to concede that in many cases of faith healing the truth may lie somewhere between placebo effect and strengthening someone's willpower to fight the illness. Of course hucksterism is also rampant as
  5. Hi Jonathan , No one can say you aren't paying attention I have many relatives who are evangelical Christians that want nothing that smacks of Paganism or idolatry in their home but have wall calendars honoring Tiw's Day (Tuesday) , Woden's Day (Wednesday), Thor's Day (Thursday), and Frigg's Day (Friday) BTW, I loved your Buddhist quote.
  6. Hi Pete , Please forgive me; I did not mean to imply I was questioning what you said. I have no doubt you encountered those things. My experiences were at a Southern U.S. Pentecostal church in the 1970's and 1980's. The same church that taught homosexuality was a form of demon oppression or possession and wanted to cast the demon out when I was fifteen. They believed in the reality of angels and demons, faith healing, and prophesying. I left Christianity behind as a teenager over the issues of homosexuality and the concept of Hell Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  7. I was raised as a Pentecostal, and I remember there was still a stigma of being associated with the snake handlers who were also Pentecostals. But we were always taught that picking up a snake was not an act of faith but tempting God (as in Dan's quote). We believed in faith healing and other miraculous things, but we did not believe if someone didn't get better it was due to a lack of faith. We were taught that God has a plan, and while we may not understand it there was a reason for it. Of course as a teenager I left Christianity behind, but this story just reminded me of things I had e
  8. Hi Jonathan , Even among Druids, Witches, and Pagans there are those who follow some Eastern concept of a Divine All instead of following the gods of their ancestors. Others worship Nature in a generic sense but do not honor the old gods. Some are even Atheist or Agnostic but are attracted to other aspects of adopting a modern Pagan path. I'm afraid that some see those of us who follow the old gods as an anachronism not worthy of the current age. But for now we still remain, like the last of Tolkien's elves in Middle-earth (or perhaps more like Gandalf and the Istari ). Bendithion
  9. I agree. I am a polytheist, and the chart does not take into account the nature of the god or gods implied. I believe in spirit entities and ancestral spirits that could be labeled gods from a polytheistic or an animistic viewpoint. But I do not believe in a Supreme Being or any entity comparable to the Judeo-Christian God who would possess the attributes that god is usually given by his followers (omniscience, omnipotence, etc.). I also do not like the 100% certainty. I do believe what I believe, but I do not claim to know anything with 100% certainty. I just feel that this chart is simply th
  10. Nice Monkee's song! Fits perfect there lol.... Thanks!

    1. Gruffydd y Dryw

      Gruffydd y Dryw

      You're welcome! I've been a huge Monkees fan since watching reruns of their TV show as a child :)

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      Me too! And I don't care how much that "dates" me anymore lol... we had so much good music!


  11. Reminds me of the lyrics to the Monkees' song "Daily Nightly" (written by Mike Nesmith): "Darkened rolling figures move through prisms of no color, Hand in hand, they walk the night, but never know each other, Passioned pastel neon lights, light up the jeweled traveler Who, lost in scenes of smoke filled dreams find questions, but no answers."
  12. According to the chart, I would have to say I am a Gnostic Theist. I do believe there are gods, but I do not, however, believe in God as a Supreme Being Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  13. Hi SisterSalome, Druids were the Pagan priests and scholars of the ancient Celtic people. Modern Druidry (as Druidism is referred to in many UK based groups) is a combination of Celtic Pagan beliefs coupled with a reverence for Nature: The Druid Network is one of many Druid groups, some of the other major ones being The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, the British Druid Order, and A Druid Fellowship (Ar nDraiocht Fein). The Druid Network was founded by Emma Restall Orr, former Co-Chief of the British Druid Order and a well known Paga