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  1. Hello Jonathan, I am a Druid and a Celtic Polytheist. First of all, just let me say I am speaking only for myself and not all Polytheists, nor all Druids. In my personal experience most Polytheists are unconcerned whether others believe in the Gods or not. Most Polytheists have no commission or mandate to proselytize; most Polytheists do not claim their Gods are the only Gods or that their way is the only way. I offer no irrefutable claims of physical proof that would satisfy a scientific study. I cannot tell you how much a God weighs, or how many Gods can dance on the head of a pin. For me, my Gods are real because I am here. My Gods are considered divine ancestors, so then I would not exist if they did not. Whether Beli Mawr was a God, a giant, an ancient king, a warrior, or a simple huntsman, there was a Welsh/Brythonic ancestor who was the progenitor of my father's line. Similarly, whether Nuada was a God, a king, or a simple farmer, there was an ancient Irish/Gaelic ancestor who was the progenitor of my mother's line. In my own lifetime I have seen legends grow up around family members I personally knew, but that doesn't mean the actual person who was the inspiration for the tale never existed. Now as to whether the spirits of my ancestors continue on and watch over me or assist me in my daily life, again, I can offer no scientifically measurable proof. But thinking that they do provides me comfort. So my ancestors have a positive effect on my life in that way if in no other. Yours under the swaying palms, Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  2. Very well put! I remember the looks I have gotten in the past when asking off for Halloween (Nos Galan Gaeaf/Samhain) as a religious holiday In my opinion Christians have already taken over, although some Evangelicals claim that any consideration shown to a minority faith is a "war on Christianity." Yours under the swaying palms, Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  3. Speaking in general, I agree in that before one is able to more effectively help others one needs to take care of himself. Too many times others act selflessly and are pulled down; then they are no longer around to help those they might have. For example, a caregiver runs themselves into the ground, but once they are gone there is no one to care for the loved one. In paramedic school our instructor had a hard time explaining this to some firemen (who were paramedic students) regarding running into burning buildings. I am not knocking the heroism of firemen, but when you are the paramedic on the scene your job is to care for the sick and injured. If you aren't careful, then you can't render care. Our instructor put it bluntly on a class handout as "Dead paramedics save nobody." Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  4. Not meaning to ruffle any feathers, but even ancient religions must eventually change with the times. Druids have had to give up human sacrifice (BTW, I am a meat-eater, but I do not feel animals should suffer any more than is necessary.)
  5. Hello Rev. Richard, Welcome to the forum. I am a Pagan Druid following a Welsh path (American with Welsh ancestry). I look forward to hearing from you on the boards Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  6. Hi Jonathan, Mysterion is not the fat one (Cartman), but no spoilers. If Kenny is your favorite, you should watch the "Mysterion Rises" episode online if you can. It addresses why Kenny dies every episode and comes back Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\ P.S. I don't know why, but my favorite Baker companion was the second Romana (Lalla Ward). Who doesn't love Sarah Jane Smith? I know it is heresy among Dr. Who fans, but I will admit to being one of the few who liked Adric as a companion.
  7. BTW, which Doctor? For me it will always be the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
  8. How about Mysterion from South Park?
  9. Hello LeopardBoy, There is nothing selfish about taking care of yourself. I have not been raped or molested, and I do not pretend to know what you are going through. I am, however, openly gay and know that whatever progress has been made the general public can still be very unkind. I also agree that there is a disproportionate lack of sympathy for male victims of sexual abuse. I find the thought of blaming you for future victims repugnant. The blame lies solely on the perpetrator, not any of the victims. You have my best wishes. Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  10. My primary symbol is the ancient Celtic triskele or triple spiral which I use as my icon. It signifies earth, sky, and sea as well as many other triplicities. It is also a stylized version of a spinning solar wheel. Versions of it are carved on the prehistoric New Grange monument in Ireland. I wear one with a ruby (my birthstone) as a pendant. I also use the Awen symbol which Cuchulain mentioned above. It was created by Iolo Morganwg and has been widely used by Revivalist Druids. Like the triskele, it also has multiple attributes. For example, the 3 points symbolize the three drops that spilled from the goddess Cerridwen's cauldron of Inspiration. The three rays or bars symbolize the Triad of Sunrises referring to the solstices and equinoxes. The three circles symbolize the Three Circles of Creation from The Barddas. Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  11. The Druids were referred to as "the most just of men," but somehow I think they would be some of the first ones that Gnostic Bishop would "vote off the island" "The Druids are considered the most just of men, and on this account they are entrusted with the decision, not only of the private disputes, but of the public disputes as well; so that, in former times, they even arbitrated cases of war and made the opponents stop when they were about to line up for battle, and the murder cases, in particular, had been turned over to them for decision." -Strabo (Greek historian, 64 B.C. - 24 A.D.) Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  12. Hi Pete , I certainly agree that the majority of faith healing is bogus. But I have seen faith healing work to benefit people more than standard medicine alone (but not instead of standard medicine) or in cases where standard medicine has exhausted its methods. I am a Reiki master and some of what I saw may be along the same lines as energy healing of which I am a proponent. But I am willing to concede that in many cases of faith healing the truth may lie somewhere between placebo effect and strengthening someone's willpower to fight the illness. Of course hucksterism is also rampant as well
  13. Hi Jonathan , No one can say you aren't paying attention I have many relatives who are evangelical Christians that want nothing that smacks of Paganism or idolatry in their home but have wall calendars honoring Tiw's Day (Tuesday) , Woden's Day (Wednesday), Thor's Day (Thursday), and Frigg's Day (Friday) BTW, I loved your Buddhist quote.
  14. Hi Pete , Please forgive me; I did not mean to imply I was questioning what you said. I have no doubt you encountered those things. My experiences were at a Southern U.S. Pentecostal church in the 1970's and 1980's. The same church that taught homosexuality was a form of demon oppression or possession and wanted to cast the demon out when I was fifteen. They believed in the reality of angels and demons, faith healing, and prophesying. I left Christianity behind as a teenager over the issues of homosexuality and the concept of Hell Bendithion (Blessings), Gruffydd y Dryw /|\
  15. Thank you, Jonathan, That was very insightful