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  1. ~ Ok Thanx for clearing that up for me! { You know me, I'm easily confused & just wanted to make sure } Yes, I know, I ought to 'get up to speed' with the rest of the world. Ya ought to hear our son when he's visiting & wants to use my comp! { Actually, I feel guilty using any connection, we can't really afford it, but my husband says I need my friends. } I don't have any connections to music, but I am listening to Led Zeppelin's 'Boogie with Stu'. Where I am now. & next on is gonna be 'When the levee breaks'.
  2. ~ Uh, Stormy Hon? Everyone's been posting music that fits how they feel. { That's why the topic title, "Current Mood, In song" } I don't mind if you feel the need to post sermon stuff, but do really think this is the best place for it? ... I've dial-up so youtube isn't on my menu. If you're posting links to youtube music descriptive of how you feel, I apologise for any misunderstanding
  3. ~ Interesting. I may be wrong, but I thought the U.S. Constitution guaranteed the Government would not dictate a religion. Nothing more. No guarantees. & to the labled topic? Well, People are curious creative critters that find quite often what they don't expect when seeking what they wonder about...
  4. ~ Y'know, sometimes it seems easier to make it complicated... Don't know why. A human thing perhaps? An allowing can be very hard thing to do... A demand of Self could probably be the most difficult thing ever... Opening oneself to Truth... Yep. I'm babbling once again
  5. ~ Arcana, I understand your pride in the path you follow, & the desire for the respect that you deserve I'm sure you've worked hard to be where you are. I thought Wicca meant 'wise' or 'wise one'. Am I wrong? If so, I would very much like to be corrected! Personally, I thought Tsukino spot-on in her post. I'm sure she meant no disrespect to you or your fellow practitioners... Perhaps more education would be beneficial? Would you please elucidate upon more of the particulars of your practice? I'm sure we would appreciate it
  6. ~ Himitsuko, I just want to say I'm in awe of your post. Thank you so very much!!!
  7. ~ You've always been a gentle & kind person with a fine sense of humour! Whatever you wish to call youself & whatever path you take, you really can't change your inner self
  8. ~ Humph... { Hey Darlin', you're being playful... I gotta! } ... As I said, "Humph... " Hey, I don't know. I vary moment by moment, at times very much believing in 'something' & the next confused by myself All I think I may know is that what probably IS is beyond what we can easily understand or explain with our limited vocabulary. Is that Agnostic? Or in Awe? Or admitting I'm only human & really can't comprehend the totality of what is All... Well, perhaps we find out at death. That would be nifty, huh?
  9. ~ Good question! I weep whenever I hear a fine voice or instrument clearly display tones ... Seriously, I cry. It's why I listen to certain groups, because the combination of their efforts allows me to enjoy a piece of music without weeping. ... That seems pretty weird, I know. Music makes me cry. For some reason {perhaps because...} I can't remember those that do.
  10. ~ As you said { & yeah, noticed over the years } you do tend not to be too open. I appreciate your honesty It can be difficult. It's a very personal thing, belief. Religion not quite so. Religion's often trotted-out quite openly actually, huh? As a badge or banner or some sort of descriptive of a 'member'. I don't understand that. No one can have the exact same emotional or spiritual connection or understanding that another has. I do wish you strength & wisdom in your path
  11. ~ Well, you could try to not be so dry & hit it suko... Just a thought. I know, not sought. Would an apology a bit soggy lighten your dry wit to allow a twit to mention a suspension of your own fear? Don't worry dear... I know I'm just babbling. It's your self you need to find and unbind.
  12. ~ Himitsuko, I thank you so much for your posts! You've allowed me to understand a bit more of myself actually 7, 8 years ago I carved symbols I'd seen in a dream into stones we'd found at the beach & drew designs on cloth. Open-ended, non-defining, personal. ... Not as divination tools, but for understanding. { Most everyone thought me nuts, no surprise! } Concentration upon the readings did allow thoughts that may have been hidden by fear or misunderstandings to be faced. Helped a few. Hadn't thought about that in years { Life does tend to knot things up sometimes, y'know? }. & just babbling along as I do... Collected drift-wood too & carved walking sticks also. Interesting how designs would come 'from the wood'! People wondered how one would be viny w/a fairy & the next a rattle snake & I'd just shrug & say, "Someone wants that." { & some day someone will! } I understand what you're saying about 'glamour' & thank you for clarifying that. Our house is full of stuff. Stuff my father collected, stuff my husband & I have collected, etc. Finding the right place for everything, well, I've got a skill at finding places for things. I know, things are just that, 'things'... & yes, it's a silly talent. Yet, 'things' are at times imbued with memories & energies & proper placement can alter perceptions. Like with Fung Shue. (sp?) I realize the basic tenets of such includes no clutter. I don't consider the '20s leopord beside the bronze dragon vase to be 'clutter'. It's balancing that corner. & so I move & manipulate 'things' adjusting to what I feel needs done. I know, I'm not making much sense, huh? Sorry. I apologise for interrupting.
  13. ~ What a wonderful discussion! I don't have a lot to add, you've all done so marvelously! Personally, I'm not big on rituals & symbols. I once was. Now I find that finding my center & focusing is all I really need. {OK, truth, I don't do it often enough } You asked Himi, what more you could do with your energy & focus. Have you tried retirement homes or a hospice? Gentling one towards death would be hard, but I would think would be a wonderful use of your talents. Just a thought.
  14. ~ I do enjoy your imagery {Just a suggestion? When doing centered poetry it helps if it's a design... that's the main reason for such Just a thought... I know a pain in the butt I am! }
  15. Dark waters carry golden leaves with a whisper and pause, Farewell to the birds that call to the season. ~ I tried to come up with more... Any suggestions?
  16. ~ So glad you're here & finding strength & place & being comfortable within yourself Enjoy learning & teaching & sharing with us
  17. ~ So, grin! & bear it Don't be so serious Sweet! It's just a discussion. {yep, without vocal inflection & body language which makes it poopy quite often, but come on! Not that bad, huh? }
  18. ~ Wisdom. Generally seen as experience isn't it? Could be. Could not. My husband's mother died when he was 8. He was left alone with his 3 younger siblings for 10 days. His grandmother lived 5 miles away. He called her every day & she just said "Your father's coming." & hung up. He killed their pet rabbits to feed them because no one would come & they were hungry. His father was in another state dealing with government stuff & had to get clearance & so, a week & a half an eight-year old boy was left alone. With a five-year old brother, and a three-year old sister and two-year old sister. To feed for ten days. With no word about their mother. {I'm sorry, but I am so still angry at that old bitch! His grandmother left those children because of her anger? I met her. Seriously, not a nice person to anyone. I realise that she probably had reasons to be so nasty to everyone around her always. But children begging for help & she ignored? I don't understand.} ... Yes, I babbled. Sorry if it annoys, but there's a reason... Simply because someone experiences horrid crap as a child does not endow wisdom. If that were true every child born into a crack house would be a font. No. All they learn is how to survive. {Which yes, could be considered a form of wisdom, but I don't think that's what we're talking about? } I love my husband crazy-style, forever. He's wise when it comes to me But neither of us would I consider 'Wise'. Getting older, well yeah. 49, 48, generally considered getting so. Feel older than that quite often. {I've been manic-depressive since 9. Wears ya out.} Wisdom? I don't know as how anyone ever feels wise. It's others that claim one so. Age? It's what you confine youself to.
  19. ~ Hmmm... Gonna get a good grumble out of bringing 'fact' into a discussion about 'truth' !
  20. ~ Finally! I knew I'd read somewhere that it's possible some people have Neanderthal genes... {Been driving me nuts trying to remember where & when & what. }
  21. ~ I read your post mm. I didn't reply because I couldn't. Sorry, the tears just squirt on my glasses & I can't see well, y'know? Very few days go by when I don't remember. I don't need a specific date, it hurts & shocks all the time...
  22. ~ Let's all be nice, OK? {& if it wasn't a lovingly liquid metal girlfriend & got peeved? Meat grinder comes to mind }
  23. ~ All I know is if you say "six six six" out loud some people will hear "sex sex sex" & if you say "sex sex sex" some will hear "six six six"... {Or " sick sick sick" to either... }
  24. ~ Lots of good posts here! Don't know if the question was asked for personal reasons or as an hypothetical or whatever. Personally, I think if one feels the need to confess a transgression against another knowing it will cause pain & harm not only to that one but to others... The question is still 'Why?' Because they deserve to know? Or to make yourself feel better? If it's only to make yourself feel better, that's a selfishness. If it's for the hope of punishment to cleanse one's own conscience, {& perhaps give a reason for it} that's selfish. If it's to honestly deal with problems that caused the transgression & to strengthen understanding, that could be a healing deed. & take a long time healing.