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  1. ~ Oh Mike! Ya gotta watch Rome! Really, it has some of the finest scenes I've ever seen on film. {& some 'eh'; politics bores me, but they kept it moving... Lots of politics in Rome then y'know } ~ Woo-Hoo... Kelly's got the shnazzy stuff! I'm glad that you can catch-up when convenient
  2. ~ Kelly, that's why I mentioned they're gonna do a 'mini marathon' ~ Mike, I agree, HBO series' are really good! Deadwood & Rome were marvelous! {Our son bought them for us } Yes, they are adult shows, graphic & all... but life frequently is.
  3. ~ Anyone watching HBO's 'Generation Kill'? It's quite a show. Makes me grumbly grumpy as war tends to, but it's really well done. It's a 7 episode thingy, just showed #5 tonight. Next Sunday #6. The week after they're gonna show the first 6 Saturday before the finale.
  4. ~ I take it that confession in this case involves ?Well, I guess it's why & to whom one is confessing. If it's only to unburden ones self knowing it's going to harm another or others, that's pretty selfish. I know! People are going to say that honesty is always best & lies or ommissions are evil. I don't believe that's always true. Some relationships can take 'the horrid truth', some can't. My husband had a drunken indiscretion many years ago. He told me. I could deal with it. Some can't. If it was an on-going love affair, that, I don't think I could have. That's a much deeper betrayal. {A drunken "Oops! I tripped & fell in her" is different. Still stupid & worthy of his grovelling, but forgiveable. & not repeated! That's an important aspect too.} I just don't believe that harming others to allow ones self to feel better is an OK thing to do. Under any circumstances. It's selfish. Sure, confess to a Priest or Minister. Atone & be a better person, more loving & consciencious. Don't harm another.
  5. ~ Well, I tried to censor when my children were younger {14 or so} & they'd buy the graphic rap crap... Take it back to the store & chew-out the manager for selling X-rated stuff to minors. But they'd get it from thier friends & I'd destroy 'em. After 18 I couldn't do much but not allow it in my house. When they were younger it was much easier, they listened to what we listened to. Not much choice
  6. ~ Just blatently bumping... 'Cause ya ought to read it! No one is only & all what one person sees them as. Each & every contains at least a bit of everyone they meet.
  7. ~ Thank you! I'll try to keep it simplistic for ya {Don't be tryin' to snot-ball me darlin'! Ya can't, I love ya too much } It's a re-work of a piece I posted here before is all. It's better now. Or so as I see it.
  8. colors falling into a depth beyond that place I seek perhaps clearly misty shadows disguise it so once created broken from a dream fall and fall and fall golden leaves upon dark water fall and fall and fall from a dream once created broken misty shadows disguise it so clearly beyond that place I seek perhaps colors falling into a depth
  9. ~ Lovely imagery & emotion! Can't honestly say I understand it all.
  10. ~ Oh... Hooka-pooh! I hardly ever look this far down & for some reason I do & there's that! {It's the avatar! That's not me darlin', I'm fat now & not too swift on my tootsies. But I think you're nifty too } I love this place because I've friends here that enjoy discussing like I do & they're patient with me. {& yep, I've needed patience! } Topics & members shift like the seasons & it's neat to meet new people It's also wonderful to have long-term buddies to knock key-boards with!
  11. ~ Ahhh... Well done! Very strong, good imagery. {If you want to chat P.M. me, I'm here. Just an offer.}
  12. ~ Dammm... !!! I do love your wrighting so. Thank you
  13. ~ Chris Isaac, 'Lie to me'. {I'm sorry I can't give links & all, dial-up I am. But it's lovely rich & if ya find it, enjoy!}
  14. ~ Oooo... That is really nifty! {Just a thought? The last line in the 3rd stanza, maybe 'sunburnt'?} You do give me joy with your writing! Thank you.
  15. ~ Who wouldn't whould be a better question! I doodle some, my mother's much better & my son is a graphic artist {tho' he's more into skulls & dragons } I'll send a copy of the piece to my mother & see what she can do. It'll take a while tho'! She's 76 & has M.S. so ya gotta give her time. But she has whimsy! I so enjoy your art!
  16. ~ 'I Think I'm Going Bald' - Rush
  17. ~ Ya need some really sweeet graphics to go with that story! My Grandbabe & other littles would sooo enjoy that with the pics! { yes Dear, I realise it's not babe intended. But y'do know most children's rhymes were originally political & whatever... }
  18. The broken roads once travelled by so many lead to rusted diners now, empty of even roaches or rats. Yet my memories sit there sipping malteds, eating greasy burgers. That short skirted waitress, her face older than her legs and waist & more salty than the fries taught me how a woman is, wise and needing respect.
  19. ~ Yummmy imagery there! {I've been told to stop saying 'sorry' so often... But I do feel sorry when others are harmed & I wish they weren't! Guess I need a larger vocabulary.}
  20. ~ Hon, they're only words. I read a book & they seemed fitting for the protaganist I guess... Nothing personal. Just words. Thank You!
  21. Calling upon the deep roots of mountains Curled within the muscle of the Earth... Calling upon the breath of capricious storm-casting uncaring violent Winds... Calling upon the life-taking rivers rushing to join the un-forgiving Sea... Take. Take what I can not have. I weep. Take my tears away. Take my pain. Take from me!