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    My interest are in the Dark Arts (Black Magic), as well as in things of the old ages and relics. Ancient text and books are facinating to me. I am he who will search out those who are not true in themselves.
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    Dark Pagan

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  1. Today and Forever the boundless Time for Space and Knowledge are comming together....

  2. Kiss of a Lovers Star A moment of the lover's embrace Hand on cheek always placed Forever feeling the warmth of the kiss that is always there. Reaching out with opened mouths and closed eyes yearning to share Cuddling in those strong arms there resting on his chest so bare The kiss from me to you, shall always be full of Loving new Going beyond the two and resonates into the outer universe to see. Caught in the time of the unchanging stars Forever to always give the kiss wanted by me to you Of a True Love are you, wanting to be held and wanting you always The universe soon will let it be known of their Love... Moved are the teary stars, of their love for each other Engaged remain their faces towards each other Locked in an eternal stare of love’s embrace and caress. Touching heads and lips lined with moonlight Untamed hair that the wind blows Lovers that shall never be separated by the world or universal cares As one they have become and always an unending pair. © Argonious 2010
  3. I would have to say the style is Grand I quite enjoyed it, and I like the unfolding of the imagery, that s happening it takes e far away in my mind Love It!!! Mostly I write poetry that has imagery, and lots of imagination so I can really hardly wai to read more.....
  4. Beginings are also the ends of other beginings that are past.

    1. RevRainbow


      nice to have you back with us!

    2. Argonious


      Thank You good to be back

  5. I am sometimes very Happy and, sometimes very saddend. I think it is just my nature to feel the emotions of what is around me. Being Content is always a state in which I try and be. The use of noncontentment is a waste of energy, when there are many things in life to be content with. Life is a contentment, to Live and Feel its energy of being.
  6. Today is Life and Tommorow is unwritten in Life.

  7. Sorry was gone so long but I am back...

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    2. Argonious


      Thank You and Good to see you

  8. Keeping a Positive space in time and letting the Laws of Love and Caring guide one..

  9. I really like this poem it so sets the scene for those things which we do not comprehend about ourselves, and the things that go on around and in us each day, and all through our time here in this realm...... There is a song that is simular and has verse by Sarah Brightman " If you win or you lose it's a question of Honor, and the way that you choose is a question of Honor." "I can't tell whats wrong or right, if black is white, or day is night. I know when to realize its a question of Honor". Its a great song.
  10. Wow this sounds like a sticky question, or a hard one to get to...
  11. I would say was 5, I remember a creek flowing behind our place and I was told to stay away but didn't.....
  12. Really enjoyed the information. and welcome and have an interesting time here.......
  13. Christy Feehan: Dark Melody Novel about Carpathian Vampeal and his search for his eternal mate.
  14. Well Spoken in the words of its Author and his Authority........
  15. well I read it and it is quite interesting to see all the simularities that are used by Dark Ones to cast out whitey, and yes I had to take a Zantac while reading the passage.....but the understanding and my great standing with my Father is still in tact...