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  1. ~ Ahhh Devon, your senryu are lovely! :biggringthumb: { Senryu are self-focused short haiku. } Traditional haiku is like a snap-shot, a picture of what is happening, the observer not involved. I love all forms of short poetry, it's difficult to condense & perfect a moment in just a few lines... lovely done! ~ Yes Michael You're doing fine! We're here to enjoy playing with a goofy expresive language & express imagery. I love it! ~ Thank you Songster I had a haiku teacher very strict. It is only that moment you capture, But { & this is the drive-ya-crazy shtuff } must tie-in with another image or thought smoothly. Yep. For a brilliant haiku. ... Screw it! I just enjoy the conciseness of a moment red velvet sky falls mountains catch the clouds pools of amber below
  2. ~ Oh Hon, glad you did post here about this! It seems to be helping you, which we all want to do, & could help others also Keep staying strong, know that many are cheering for ya & that we know you can do it!!!
  3. ~ You go Murph! Remember, it IS possible to stop any addiction, & you can do it. Physical & psychological, the dual aspects, you can handle. { The teleportation device? The 'Zurph' }
  4. ~ Thank you Michael golden plays the light across the fallow field still silver water
  5. ~ Oh HON!!! Encouragement & best wishes & love & all the support I can send :wub: It's not just the addiction to the nicotine & other chems, it's an addiction to the habit... Perhaps a finger board or something to keep your hand busy when it would be normally fussing with a cig? Maybe a snowglobe or somesuch where you usually keep your ashtray? Ya gotta trick your mind too, if your brain sees an 'empty' where there once was a 'yummy', that little brat in the back will fuss louder Best to ya!!!
  6. ~ Nice Decline the moon is brilliant branches sway making shadows autumn has a dance
  7. laughter on the breeze children in the wading pool water in the house smiling hand given wine glasses rest for moments reflecting candles It was a lovely weekend last...
  8. summer on the lawn lazy afternoon zephyr breeze cools the young ...yaaah...
  9. wind whips the corner scattered cigarette butts fly end of a quick break Work & all...
  10. ~ That smoker/grill is lovely! It's obvious you enjoy crafting these things & that's the coolest part
  11. ~ Yes! Thank you for the video Ren Faires are a totally different world when you're immersed & a part of it... That definately brought forth old memories
  12. ~ Well, I don't know the song, so don't know if you're singing it correctly You have a nice clear voice, & as far as I could tell hit the right notes, so yes! Continue singing!!! It brings you pleasure & isn't damaging anyone. { Unlike my cousin } A voice coach may be helpful in breath spacing & such if your'e really serious. Just a suggestion! Not a criticism... You sing very nicely. Thank you for sharing with us
  13. ~ I played the violin. Haven't for years, arthritis & a cut tendon kinda put the kibosh on being able to do it well & ... it's depressing to not be able to do it correctly. I was trained to be a soloist by a very strict teacher. no sitting { that's for concert violinists } & to memorize the music & such. 2-4 hrs a day of practice did make me a bit rebellious by 16 & I quit the lessons { Hey! There were males out there, y'know? } I still have my beautiful violin, it's old, 'bout 300 yrs old, once owned by a gypsy { made Mr. Shapiro a bit grumpy that it had 'gypsy art' on it , inlays & initials} He had trained his daughter on it & sold it to my parents for what it had cost just before WWII } Very loud, being a soloist violin, had to use 2 mutes on it when practising or you heard it down the street! That beauty does have a soul & I really do need to find someone it can sing with. It's not right to leave it alone & not creating those tones. Just not right. I need to get on that.
  14. ~ OK, way back, went to Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' in L.A. { Don't remember much but bright lights... 70's, not quite functioning }. The 'Black & Blue' concert in Fresno, Black Oak Arkansas & Blue Oyster Cult. An odd combo in a red-neck town; 90% walked out after BOA. They missed a good show! Yes, that's it. I don't do stairs well & freekin' stadiums have steep narrow stairs &
  15. ~ Our daughter had a mouse. Just a field mouse the kids down the way caught & gave her. Mice have a life-span of tops 2 years, right? Well... Cheerios. Yep, Cheerios & a small piece of cheese once a week with a piece of walnut. 5 yrs! Freaky little critter just kept goin' on & on & on! It got bad when it lost it's hair, a bald mouse is unpleasant {Tho' he was still cheerful!}. But when it's tail started rotting off, I just got the creeps Like a zombie movie... { Poor husband had to do the deed. } Anyway, Cheerios really ARE good for every critter, including you. {They ought to pay me for this, y'know?}
  16. ~ Looks drooly... Ya have a bib I'd love a hug!
  17. ~ I recognize the style of nose, yes, a digger! { Rex was always busted when he'd come running in with that bald dirty nose }
  18. ~ Granddaughter was doling-out kibble to dogs today... Her Daddy brought over their large lab & husky puppy also! It was like a flock of geese about her ~ Well, sorry! No can do...
  19. ~ Looks like shorts this summer are gonna want to optional, huh?
  20. ~ That's lovely! Poetry is like a form of meditation, you focus & contemplate & it's good for ya, huh?
  21. ~ Wonderful simple words are still read & enjoyed tho' huh Murphly-poo? Actually, the 5-7-5 syllabic count of haiku is considered 'american haiku'. Japanese haiku is not syllable constrained, it's constrained by imagery... I find it harder & so more fascinating Two images like snap-shots, just the image, no emotion { emotional short poetry is senryu } , that's why the middle line is longer, to join two images in as few words as possible. Japanese haiku also never rhymes, which evidently is very difficult since a lot of japanese words do. { Not a problem for me, I don't do the japanese language, so...} An example of one of my japanese-style haiku; rain drops down a dark branch broken reflection A senryu; a veil of tears keeps me from seeing your footprints ~ No capitalization or such... Originally haiku was graffiti written by lonely monks It's been categorized & all of course in the last 3000 yrs, but I just love the conciseness & beauty to congeal an image in as few words as possible. & of course you can enjoy anything I've written in any way you want! They're only words I love studying poetry... How about a Tanka? It is syllabic, 5-7-5-7-7, emotional, personal. Only the wind sings Now that the house is empty. The birds have all flown Far away with the summer. I am left behind wingless. ... A hard one that. 3 separate thoughts must be tied together, each on it's own a complete thing, matching the syllable count of 5-7, 5-7, 7 That'll keep ya busy for a while!
  22. ~ Actually, the quote is, "When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout." - A book, 'Even Cowgirls get the Blues' { & I can never remember the author's name! } Also from said book, " There are very few personal problems that can't be solved with a judicious application of high explosives. " ... I know. I've an odd mind. Sorry . { -ish } The itty bitty lap-rat dog we got swirls about in circles all the time & just makes me dizzy. I meditate by watching the sky & clouds form & dissolve, I like that. Used to, when living near it, watch the ocean lick the shore & the light sprinkle in the waves, hours of that & you're 'golfed'.
  23. ~ Like the music. Thank you! Uhmmm... the alien reference; I was thinking perhaps it's a good thing they didn't wash their hands so well? Y'know, contaminating the gene-pool to create mammals & such as some folk believe ... Goodness! Sandwich makers not washing their hands could... { Naaah! } Well, doctors not washing their hands have... WASH YOUR FREAKIN' HANDS!!!