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  1. ~ Ahhh... Argo! That's beautiful.
  2. ~ Ah, I have poems from the 70s! They don't leave all that easy, do they?
  3. ~ A haiku for you Sam... resting in the sun as the shadows tumble past the stone is at rest
  4. ~ That's definately a depressing & distressing image. Sorry that is in your mind.
  5. ~ Poor Sweet! Have known some young that went through the same & they would come & sit in my garden all wilted, drinking limeade & dripping tears on the stones. It's not a shame to be happy & proud, but pompously expectant of accolades will generally provide amusement to those that know you too well Nice piece. Thank you.
  6. ~ I like that! Fun & thoughtful. Thank you {Posting you poetry also makes it copyrighted, time & date stamped & all.}
  7. ~ Read good reviews. & in an interview with Paltrow she mentioned they're all signed on for another 2.
  8. the cherry tree lost still the pear blooms with gusto the wind didn't win
  9. ~ Thank you {Our son is an ever-more inspiration } Not really happy with the last 2 lines... It's why I like free-form more often.
  10. gently to declare the weeping of a shadow hidden in the trees winds whisper of love angels wait for the moment God declares the time bird singing lonely within the tall tree shadows pure notes ringing true
  11. ~ Well, it's my husband & me. But in case of allergies they should know we have a cat & 3 dogs if they're visiting. {Never met anyone with a problem with fish tanks, so don't mention them}
  12. Laying broken in the soft rain, So close but now forever out of reach... What was once my dream is put out, A candle wasted by a hurricane. I'm left with this dark glowing pain, A deep sea-monster rotting on the beach... This mirror shattered with a shout, So now my world is twisted and insane. Wrapped and coiled within this chain I am damned to eternally beseach... Why and how this all came about, My mind is yet now forever constrained.
  13. ~ I so love you I really like this... never knew you were into liquid poetry!
  14. ~ Hmmm... Tasty! You do have a talent Have you tried your own voice yet? {I intend no insult! It just seems as though you often use another's voice to display your message} What does your own voice sound like?
  15. ~ Oh! Darlin'... I so love it when you play so You are sooo good! Bravo!!! More please Sir?
  16. ~ Ahhh... I so enjoyed this piece! I'm caught & entwined by that line...
  17. everything is darkly seen when constant is hollow sometimes and depth echoes loneliness to return to pain still there there still pain to return to loneliness echoes depth and sometimes hollow is constant when seen darkly is everything
  18. ~ Wooo! I enjoyed these very much Especially 'Paths to Decide'. Thank you!!!
  19. ~ Beautiful Rainbow! You are an artiste
  20. ~ Oh well... & here I thought maybe some others had some days they wanted to share Had a teacher come in one morning needing a fresh cinnamon roll. She'd gone to the carwash the day before {one of those automated ride-in ones} after work. Got stuck. Was trapped in the wash with water & flailing whippy-things for over an hour! Finally got home & her great dane had gotten the fridge open... Yep, every bit of food & every container devoured. Her husband made dinner, she was so beat. Yep... grease fire. No one was hurt! Kitchen was totally destroyed. But she really needed that ci
  21. ~ Thank you Sol! {I hope you don't mind me shortening your name? If you want I won't.} I really like the imagery there... the passion contained & constrained yet not consuming; the waiting for the free flight of night; very nice
  22. ~ Yeah... I like it! Well, you know I tend to diddle with poetry a lot, so changes in my stuff's not a surprise to anyone! I like this one better, more direct & exact. Thank you!
  23. ~ Now now Kami, y'know some days, gifts even so, just weren't good. If you'd known, ya wouldn't have even opened! One day I had for instance... Our eldest child was 2 1/2 , our next was 10 mos, crawling really well usually but he & I had real bad flu. My husband left very early for work & put the 2 in bed with me {the heater didn't work well in that house}. Woke up & the younger had had diarrhea alll over the bed. The older was rearranging their room, all his brother's toys out the window. Got him stopped, set him down with breakfast & then went to clean-up the younger & m