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  1. ~ Well of course I have more to babble about! It always surprises me when people mention I'm thin. My body has changed & I've become one of those scrawny old women, but I'm not used to it... ~ Personal Perception... I'm guessing I'm at least 10 yrs behind what I actually look like & what I think of myself Our 5-yr old grandbabe mentioned she likes to look at herself in the mirror. "So I know what other people see." Yep. Is the reflection in the mirror a reflection of you or of what others see?
  2. ~ Break the watch unicorn's wristband? Find something else for the unicorn to watch? Or just watch out the watch unicorns butt Dude!
  3. ~ Devon, you are a Marvelous person :wub: You are a hero! Ettiquet is always going to be different for each culture.
  4. ~ Hmmm... Perhaps a bright red sign { can't miss that! } saying something like "This lawn has been treated with Toxins Please protect your pets!" I work with grumpy old customers every day & find the most effective tone of voice is the 'cranky child soother', but that's probably not going to work since he's already gotten aggressive & insulting Perhaps taking pictures & calling the authorities may be your only option. Very unfortunate! But you shouldn't have to deal with scoopin' the poo & being yelled at. Maybe when the authorities visit him they'll find he does need assistance. ( That would be a goood outcome, huh? & ya end-up with the dog! Sorry. Just, y'know... )
  5. ~ In dark or light, what is right is right... What is left is right? Whether dark or light?
  6. Waiting in shadow Dreams unseen, unremembered Light shall yet reveal
  7. Our 5 yr-old Grandbabe asked me about the moon driving home from getting me from work. 15 min. drive. She mentioned the moon gets full every night late. I said no, Midnight means it's the middle of the night, that's why the 'mid'. The moon isn't full every night. Because the sun is over on the other side of the earth from where we are and that's why it's dark here, but the moon is far away over there and so the sun can still shine on it when the Earth doesn't block the light from the sun. Moonlight is sunlight shining off the moon. ... I wondered if I had explained it so she could understand, y'know, she's 5. We got out of the car & she looked at the moon & yelled, "Gramma! & can see the part of the moon the sun's not shining on!" Sure enough... Crescent with the dark at sunset, perfect! ~ I got to help a man & his son find clothing that fit in their price-range. It was a big thing because their wife/mother had died. They didn't know what to look for, where it might be, what sizes, etc. They were lost... I helped them find what they needed then. *sigh* I am afraid often. Anxiety attacks, pounding heart, shakes, etc. Every day I have antacids & Exedrin in my pocket. But whenever I ease a another's distress, I ease their problems, I am calmed.
  8. ~ I saw it pronounced more 'snuff' Snus { since it's another one of that type product... }
  9. ~ Manners keeping people down? That's when there are no manners shown actually Being rude to anyone, whether they display proper etiquette in a specific situation or not, is not mannerly. Striving to make others comfortable, assisting them with any situation they are uncomfortable with gently and with consideration is showing manners. Yes. There are etiquette rules & formulas out-dated & unnecessary & were originally pretty darn silly in the first place! Queen Victoria of England ushered-in the 'Victorian Age'... Chairs, tables, pianos, etc. all had to have covered legs { lust don't ya know! } & women then had 'limbs'. No bossoms, no ears, no necks, no wrists nor ankles to be shown. By anyone. Ever. Bathtubs with covers so you wouldn't see yourself. Tea cups with little handles so the pinky finger was held out. Specific spoons for white sugar or honey to mix your tea. Spoons & knives to deal with toast... many. A lot of this has been lost { woe is us! } Not many people these days need to worry about dining with gloves or tying a Windsor knot, but observing basic rules of manner do softly & gently ease society. Simply often saying "Please" & "Thank you" can get anyone much farther than "Gimme!"
  10. ~ Just a thought... He may not have been glaring per se, he may have bad eyesight or be hard-of-hearing or just have a generally grumpy face. { My husband's in pain all the time & he looks like an axe murderer quite often Sweet as pie, but grumpy-faced a lot! } Could be the territorial lines haven't been very clear before & that's where the 2 have their habit ingrained. Perhaps a few stretches of that short fencing they sell at garden centers, decorative, not really functional, but could dilineate Your lawn from doggy potty? Just a suggestion...
  11. ~ Well yes Songster, humans are creative, not only at explaining the reasons they do what they do but also what they do to others. Not everyone is honest. Humans are also more powerful than they generally believe they are & so I believe that there is more than a possibility that such is possible. I've met 3 people that said they were psychic, had 'Spirit Guides', but I made them uncomfortable. Each said basically that 'my spirit was too old' & couldn't be read. I'm not a sceptic, I'm not rude, but... oh well { Didn't cost me anything but the quick "Bye!" }
  12. ~ True manners do not point-out the lack of such in others. Place your napkin in your lap. When seated at a place setting with many utensils, start with the outer-most appliance, some meals it's a spoon, some a fork. Work inwards with each course. Scoop soup away from yourself. Place the spoon upon the plate under the bowl when not eating, not in the bowl. Place your knife & fork on the upper edge of your plate when not eating. Keep your elbows off the table. Do not reach across for accoutrements, ask for the butter or salt or potatoes to be passed to you. Do not talk with food in your mouth and close your lips while you chew. Food is passed to the right to be served. Do not gesture with a utensil in your hand. If you do not like a food, say, "No thank you." If something is unpleasant in your mouth quietly pick up your napkin & put it there. { Napkin on the lap is discrete. } When done with your plate place your utensils across it & your napkin upon it. Say "Thank you, that was lovely!". Try not to burp or fart too loudly. Bon Apetite!
  13. ~ That's just cool! Thank you Belenos
  14. ~ Welcome Foxcedar! Welcome Day! ~ Wonderful posts & hope you both enjoy being here & learn & teach & make friends Sounds rather Gnostic { not a bad word here! }. I've been called so by suggesting that we're all lights glinting off a small facet of a complexity of vastness we're really not capable of comprehending... I do believe humans are much more powerful than they believe they are & that it's a fact we're confined within a body with such few senses for a reason.
  15. ~ Come on! Where do you think those annoying little bugs at the beach came from? Salt & sand...
  16. ~ My husband & I were just discussing this The job of a parent is to teach a child how to be a member of this society & hopefully to flourish as such. & yep, at times parents are incapable of doing their job. Of course parents are generally the most influencial, extended family { my husband has our grandbabes 50 hrs a week }. teachers, counselors, & <erp> other children exert influence... Learning to be a mamber of this society is important. Manners & civility & control are very important. Kudos to those that support and nurture children to become civilized beings everywhere!!!
  17. ~ Yes... shadows make the light glistening in the river fish dart back and forth
  18. ~ You're all just bein' silly! All ya had to do is ask... Women pay attention. All the time. To body-language, tone of voice, differences in habits. Men don't. Men will notice such when it's important, yes! Times of stress, danger, 'high-alert', extremely good at it, maybe better then. But day-to-day? 'Short-hand' minded, just noticing enough to get by So yes, 'knowing' what one's mate is thinking is not too difficult for most women after a while because body language & tone of grunt usually signals. Any other mysteries ya need unravelled?
  19. ~ It makes sense & cents ... Millions of shoppers at these big chains, it sucks when they don't have what you want, right? Everything All the time can't be available just in case Someone wants it...
  20. ~ The best way to kill a roach is a boot. The best way to clear an infestation is a lot of cleaning & 'bait' with pheremone stoppers so they don't breed any more & contact poison to kill those rompin' & residual poison for those not yet born that will come a'stompin'... { Roach bombs do not work fo long. Eggs are unaffected. It's a war against future generations also. } My husband did pest control in So. Cal. & many roach grounds did he clear. Connected buildings, apartments? Ya have to do the entire structure. Electrical outlets are dandy roach roads! Roaches do leave an oily trail along floor-boards if you're looking. Yes, sorry, but some roaches can fly quite far. Yes, Madagascar roaches can grow to 10", but they're usually in this country as pets, they eat old fruit. ... Roaches don't like the cold! No roaches in No. Nevada unless they're implants & they don't last long. Nice
  21. ~ I like it. Thank you Humans have always been afraid of shadows, never quite sure of what it is in the darkness that cavorts in the corners of the light... Sure, sometimes it's a 'monster', a beast to eat you, & sometimes it's simply fear. The tricksy thing with humans is they often don't like simple things, & so that fear can be nurtured to blossom into something much worse than a beasty in the night.
  22. I really am thrilled for you Angie It's marvelous when one finds themself & is comfortable & happy { I'm still a bit of a head banger, but not so much }
  23. ~ So, ya got tramping rats out late chasing garters? ... & they get tipped for it too...
  24. ~ Love to you all! :wub:
  25. ~ Philosophy... OK. { Thank you To'na, the figs do bring some philosophy in... Well, & some Freud too } Hyper, how is a billionnaire adopting a girlfriend a philosophical discussion? I understand the discrepency in social strata aspect & how that is distressing, but it's a capitalist country & this shtuff happens often. She's guaranteed his estate as a legally recognised heir & since she's of age & not blood-related they can monkey-about as they wish. Seriously, do you think this is the worse the massively rich do? Hon, getting upset about such is just gonna give ya the pip & not change a thing...