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  1. There is not now, nor will there ever be, anything compatible or reconcilable between religious faiths, their creation stories, and natural science and evolution. All cultures have primary creation myths, along with their accompanying flood stories, sky fathers, etc., which supposedly explain the first stage in what might be called the psychic life of the species. Current creationism and intelligent design proponents simply expound on the Hebrew cultural myths copied from other societies, following many hundreds of years of homeless nomadic wandering, slavery, and war, and written over hundreds of years by biblical scribes. True freedom of religion, as professed in the U.S. Constitution, by the founders of this country, will only become a reality when Christian-dominated newspapers permit the detailed public discussion of the sources of biblical stories, their controversial scriptures and dogma. Yet newspapers continue to permit critical articles detailing evolution theory by those who believe in creationism and intelligent design, but deny the equal rights to any discussion of the mythology-base scriptures which most modern intelligent and learned people and scientists recognize in the bible. It is disdainful to me that newspapers do not have the courage such as the New York Times which published a comprehensive public discussion of religious issues a few years ago. Anyone with the desire to study true biblical sources can easily find them in ancient mythical fables originating from Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Syria, Persia, Egypt, Greece, India, and other countries of that region, which predate the bible by hundreds, often thousands, of years. Further knowledge of biblical sources can be readily gleaned from study of exegetical Jewish biblical interpretations from Midrash writings and in the Kabbalah hidden scriptural teachings, Haggadah parable teachings, and Halakha or traditional precepts nor covered in the Mosaic laws. For anyone who, with common sense, studies and follows the laws of nature and scientific advancements, it is difficult to believe in virgin births, resurrection of the dead, or supernatural-caused miracles, and have faith in the horrible supernatural being of the Old Testament and the man-god portrayed in the New Testament which treats his fearing human creations with disdain and vindictiveness, threatens eternal painful punishment based on his God’s creational failures, and demands prayer from humans in return for human needs, wishes, desires and the forgiveness of insecurities. Human’s sin because of their inherent human characteristic failures, not because of creational failures espoused in the bible. Hopefully, someday, compassionate citizens will fully understand and practice the precepts of secular humanism. Whether humankind is metaphysically materialistic (matter-based), or idealistic (spiritually-based), remains to be determined far in the future. The Logos of the bible provides no proof. I believe it was the German philosopher Nietzsche who said, “Faith means not wanting to know what is true.”