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  1. ~ My daughter would cuss you out! That's not nice
  2. ~ What, you couldn't get Eastwood singing too? THAT'S Hell... LOL
  3. ~ I believe this is large, really Really REALLY large! & I believe this ought to be here. Please, let us all weep & pray & hope that all those people are given strength. We are Ministers. Though we can't be there to minister to the people in need, please, let us join in universal love & care, OK?
  4. ~ Sweetling, that is all their crap. You see this. You know this. Stay away from this. You are strong enough to weather this & be calm
  5. ~ Ugly thoughts, yeah, they happen. Do you act upon them? No? GOOD!!! People are creative & sometimes that creativity isn't always pretty or up-lifting or sane. Too bad... Be nice. When I was young my father told me that any horrible thing you could imagine has already been done { My father, well, was an unhappy man with his own problems } 'In'sane should be better than 'out'sane or 'ex'sane, right? "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one." - Albert Einstein
  6. ~ Rainbow... yes. ~ Thank you for understanding that Bro Sky I appreciate your opinion very much.
  7. ~ Thank you Irma Just 'No body's home'... 'Cycle of Despair' fits also Our eldest child is {jeesh!} 30 years old now & been spending most of the last 10 in prison or crack houses & ...
  8. ~ No body's home Empty scattered windows Scarred and brittle doors Hollow weeping shadows Fragile torn-up floors Corners holding darkness Echoes left behind Walls that keep in sadness So we are not reminded of Empty scattered choices Scarred and brittle goals Hollow weeping voices Fragile torn-up souls ... Any assistance would be much appreciated! Don't intend to annoy! Just a thought...
  9. birds take to the air leaves cascade from the branches a loud fart echoes
  10. ~ How about making it a bit more simple... That's just making me blind I personally find that deeply cleaning Spring & Autumn { when you feel that energy, grab it & scrub! } works. I've always been a 'mover'. Not to another house! Once I park myself I'm put. As the sun moves I feel my 'things' need to move also & tho' it may at times be difficult I get it done. { Right now I need to get our 100 lb. fish tank moved 6'. No one is happy, I'm trying to be quiet, but it really does need to move... I've waited 2 yrs. NOW?!} Yes. Your environment affects your spirituality unless you are at a place where your physicality doesn't matter...
  11. ~ Thank you everyone! I will look for that book mom, thanx for the suggestion
  12. Speaking to a violent sea and receiving peace, My soul has been washed and released. I may be a stone at the shore, Yet I have shifted tides And the tides touch all. Any suggestions? I do appreciate criticism, seriously!
  13. ~ Really truly wonderful replies! { One of my favorite songs is 'Epic' by Faith No More. Try that } If God were, wouldn't God be us? Wouldn't we be God? Wouldn't the questing we do be being done by God by us? ... Just a thought.
  14. ~ Do you have certain words that focus or enlighten you? Please share!
  15. ~ Oh yeah I'm looking forward to this! I was entranced by the original { tho' I was young & it was sooo lovely creepy... Enjoyed! } Gonna be watching with a vodka tonic. < Seems an appropriate drink, what d'you think? >
  16. ~ I always wonder about 'my children'... So many years later, huh?
  17. Goddess

    1. Argonious


      Saying Hello to you and Poems will come haven't forgotten

  18. ~ No, that's cool Aid... jeesh! { I want lime in my gin & tonic please? Make it a triple Thank you! } It's the people. That I can find so many that have been able to put up with me for so many years! { Well, OK, not alll that many have put up with me, true }
  19. ~ Hi Dabby! ... I don't know where that came from { well, I often don't, huh? } I woke & there it was. & now this. What is it about dirt lately? Blinded by want... I claw and find no fine soil here, yet fill my mouth with this drifted dirt. Tasting metal and stone mixed with the salt of tears, I taste my soul. Hill shadows leap... Clouds nor goats could find footing here, yet I grasp on to this stone found. Having known myself I stay strong and here, now I know.
  20. My sanity unravels - As I grasp the reins tight I am pulled and something tears... The soil is too fine, I desire dirt. Broken glass from bat-shattered windows comfort and lay a bed of want. Howl louder than the wind dry and lonely and breakable tongues swiftly bleed this song.
  21. So you cuddle & huddle and hide all your anger being the sweet one the kind one and disguise all that rage with soft words and generosity when your soul screams for vengeance and your tongue burns for curses you stay sweet you stay quiet you stay for good
  22. Facets that shimmer with enlightening sight in so many directions... Too many are unseen by those blinded by only one light.
  23. ~ Congratulations! Wishing the best
  24. ~ Hon? You are going to have to learn to take applause. You deserve kudos. Try not to assume sarcasm in every "YAY!!!" OK? Love the art-work, truly!