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  1. ~ Aaahhh... Not Johnny Cash I assume? Looks interesting for sure!
  2. ~ Don't worry, you weren't the only one to giggle! He was like the Croc dude, "WoW!!! A nice steaming pile our girl left today!" type stuff, & then goes on a tirade calling everyone <beeps> & <beep-beeps> & more <beeps> because people left smiley-faces & 'see ya next year' stuff on rocks... He felt they were threats. He was a well-meaning & way-over-board trusting of grizzly bears nut. He seemed to feel he had a beyond-Nature connection with grizzlies. Am sorry he & his lady friend got eaten. But it was in the middle of a drought, so fewer fish, &
  3. ~ I saw 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou' as pretty much a remake of Homer's 'The Odessey'... Ulysses kept questioning the Gods & such, so he was given travails. The sirens, the cyclops, etc.
  4. ~ OK, I'm gonna be a 'thing' once again! An 'American Haiku' is 5-7-5 syllable count There's nothing wrong with that! It's just a different art form than what is considered 'Real haiku' {not constrained by syllable count, but by imagery} Sorta like this stuff... Dark limbs cross the moon Dancing with an autumn wind Drawing me closer dark limbs cross the moon autumn wind draws me I'm sorry, but I'm gonna do another, I love the abreviation of it so. Hey! At least I'm only doing my own! Dark is the river Moonlight strikes each gentle touch Flashing to my eye Nope. Couldn't do that one... I like
  5. a gentle rain falls golden leaves adorn the lawn and so Autumn comes ~ Yes, I'm doing American haiku {sorta} kitten on the bed needing the kneading on us winter's wind crying ... I still am a minimalist tho doncha know! I love the fact that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. I want everyone to see it differently, & hopefully each time they read it it's different... bent tree ripe apples fall dark water silent reflection reformed
  6. a nest in the eaves broken by harsh winter winds holds old memories this house now empty cold wind knocking at the door only dust answers shrill songs sung by wind haunt the shattered places gone of those once loved here
  7. an owl calls away the moon falling in the lake shimmering star lit ~ That's an experimental run-on type. I like it whether it's 'right' or not... fat frog's summer song creaky as this old wood chair we're just as lazy
  8. "Interpretation Sees meaning beyond the words Old thoughts gain new life Old thoughts gain new life Sees meaning beyond the words Interpretation" - JohnnyBee ~ I call it 'Mirror Haiku' & find it a very cool usage of the form Shivering moon-light Shattered by the broken tree Silver-lined river Silver-lined river Shattered by the broken tree Shivering moon-light ~ I just enjoy it, y'know? Turning things up-side-down & side-ways is my speciality B) When the wind changes The young blossoms dance away Early Spring is cruel Early Spring is cruel The young blossoms dance away When the wi
  9. Not meaning to carp, I'm not fishing for a harp! And I'm not that sharp. {~ Shame! Shame! I know, that was awful } ~ O.K., back to ??? Silver by the fire The river passes silent I see your outline {American Haiku... Japanese?... a Senryu B) maybe... I'm just a student as is everyone else!} ~ P.S. Phil... that was coool!
  10. ~ OH! If I could cuss in this section you'd be getting it baaad!!! <_< {Comparing me to... you are botha a bunch of POOOPS!!! } So you say I'm nice I even got told it twice! Yeah right, I'm a saint? Don't you try to taint My Self with your pretty paint I still have my vice B)
  11. ~ Oh KAYYY!!! Ya wanna play? Phil is too Chinese To speak as the Japanese So he will do these Western-type Haiku 'coloring-up' what a few simpler words could do I'm sure that he knows It's only hot air that blows From old Claire's bellows! It's a comic's stance That creates this sad clowns dance For a smile perchance Please try to forgive The obnoxiousness I give With a poets shiv ... Sorry... Sometimes I'm just an evil evil person B)
  12. ~ Oh Phil... That's lovely! & if ya call it Senryu it's fine {Senryu is subjective haiku-type poetry B) } ... If you'd like, I can help ya haiku-way tho' ... Perhaps? cozy library fireplace dancing snow whispers ... I know it's very abbreviated, but most haiku is. {Oh, & haiku has no capitalized letters... DAMMM I sound like a neurotic bitch! Please feel free to ignore everything I say!!!}
  13. ~ Oh, if you insist Dabby-Darling shadow-limned hills snowy sunset defined softly grey above jade waves timelessly graceful pelicans soar an early frost cherry-tree petals fade to fall away ... I still can write American Haiku, y'know Glad to see Dabby Playing with his poetry Missed his art and smile! It's fun to rhyme too With American Haiku... So syllabic, true Yet playing with words Is so much fun it's absurd The joy that is heard {Yes, I'm a goof-ball quite frequently too silly... I just like to play }
  14. ~ Ooohhh! Dabby!!! Love ya & miss ya fishing in the cold dabbling in dark water ideals found ~ ideals found dabbling in dark water fishing in the cold {Y'know I love that mirroring, Dabby! } this brightness found within winter an ideal ~ an ideal found within winter this brightness ... For you my dear friend... I've missed your wit & wisdom, ya poop! Where've ya been?
  15. ~ Ooo... I so enjoy the appreciation! I feel cuddled & yummy... Thanx so much Dearest!!!
  16. ~ Thanx guys! ... I have more, y'know headstones broken forgotten granite choked by weeds chill mist drips from a bare branch mud and frogs sunlight shivers pelicans still above jade vine looped rain rhythm drops a beat
  17. ~ Here are a few of mine... they're not American Haiku {5-7-5} tho'. I've been working on Japanese haiku, which relies more on imagery count than syllabic. rain drops down a dark branch reflection broken hidden rabbit listens with heart sobbing the world is silent whispered caress leaves dancing on the wind breath taken ... I know, the last one has several meanings, which Haiku shouldn't. But it's still one of my favorites