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  1. I'm studying for a degree right now so I am reading several books; Fragile Branches, James R. Ross (About the Jewish Diaspora) The Wisdom of the Celts, David Adam The Seed of Abraham, Raphael Patai Praying with the Jewish Tradition, Elias Kopciowski One World, One Heart, Susan Polis Schutz The Mysterious Beyond, Terry C. Muck Praying with Saint Teresa, Barristina Capalbo On Union with God, Albert the Great Looking for Mary, Beverly Donofrio Aikido, The Way of Harmony, John Stevens Questions of Heavens, Gretel Ehrlich ( An American Buddhist Climbs Chinese Mountains and compares the climbs with the inner journey) Zen and the Birds of Appetite, Thomas Merton Teachings of Buddha, Jack Kornfield Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, Paul Reps The Art of War, Sun Tzu I Ching, Cleary Tao Teh Ching, Lao Tzu The Way of Chuang Tzu, Thomas Merton When I finish these books I have to write a thesis on comparative religion. They are all good books. My thesis will probably be on the Feminine aspect of the Divine. It's is interesting to see how women are treated in countries where there is no feminine aspect of the Divine.
  2. 1. Yep 2. Didn't even think of that one... 3. Like a stale 3 Musketeers bar 4. Didn't even think of that one... Sad to say, and embarrassing to admit, but I don't "think" of what I'm writing as I write it - I just write. Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad...I write what "pops" into my head AS I type...words to me are toys (as they are to Flowers (where are you?)) that I enjoy playing with. On occasion, they have a deep meaning...most of the time, they're just words. What they do to others is up to others, not me... Not much of an endorsement for Phil as a writer, huh? From my experience of writing and spending a lot of time with writers, the author of a poem many times is not fully aware of what he/she has written. That is the sign of a true poem, rather than a contrived poem. It came from deep within. In other words sometimes we write about something that has not yet come into our consciousness. If you look back at some of your older work you might see some of this. There is a lot to be said for free association writing. I think it is good not think about what you are writing, the judges are less likely to be there.
  3. Snow whispers on glass Cozy in my library Fireplace dancing Above Haiku written by Sifuphil. Phil, I really like this Hiaku, it has several levels of meaning and is composed of nouns and verbs, no descriptive words. Here are some of the levels I see, maybe you see more: 1. It's cold outside, you are warm and safe inside. 2. Even though the body fades, passion and energy abound inside. 3. No matter how tough the outside is, love and warmth remain inwardly. 4. After death the eternal flame continues on.
  4. December moonlight silvers the evergreens, silvers my hair.
  5. The old bum shivers; a vacancy sign flashes on-off in his neon eyes. From cherry blossoms the spider climbs down its silk; our love too on a thread.