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  1. ~ Kill a Watt??? { But I don't wanna! }
  2. ~ OK. You're writing a book on your faith & you need help explaining it? Can't help you there... A good suggestion for any writer is to get many notebooks. The first one you write down your ideas. { I suggest little 'post-its' to mark new ideas } & just write what hits ya! Spend time writing in that book & let stuff percolate in your mind while you work on... another with thoughts settled & phrased as you're happy with. Then you work on those for the next & ... Allow your thoughts to wander & be wild at first. Keep that. Keep your original ideas. You may find that when
  3. ~ While I agree with John, political parties don't seem to have the sustainability of a religion generally. Religions do tend to carry a much stronger emotional day-to-day & life-long attachment than political parties for most. ... Of course that varies depending upon the individual Humans are variable, aren't they ?
  4. ~ Mary, Thank You very much for your patience and willingness to re-post It's very appreciated! I don't know much, but do agree that careful steps should be taken. I personally shield strongly because otherwise I'm useless. I haven't been able to control anysuch much & so just don't. Safer not to, y'know? There are times & places I really have to concentrate on shielding... I use concentration on white light pouring down & mirrored outside. It does work well for me & easy 'up-keep' is a plus I do apologise if I'm not clear or if I'm annoying!
  5. ~ We lived in Canyon Country California. A newly manufacture city, Valencia, went up abutting. Big money community, developers hired a new police force. Very aggressive on getting that 'One of the safest communities' badge. Yay. Had some neighbours that spiraled waaay out of control in our house & wouldn't stop, called 911. They were there quick I explained the situation & the officers removed them & everything was cool until the one officer came up to me, in front of my husband & said, "When you want to dump him & this crap, give me a call" & dropped his card down my
  6. ~ My husband just told me I'm silly, it's not a typo for a snake habitat, it's an advert for a shake-roof shed or some-such { Visions of that poor 'Jim' on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom fetching another monster from a river... Yes, many decades ago! }
  7. ~ 50 foot. 50 foot?! I don't care what knid of shake, or what critter you might want shook... 50 foot??!!
  8. ~ Oh HON! Congrats!!! Your'e a wonderful ministering person & we're all blessed to know you
  9. ~ Like. My husband was on a bowling team with Debra Harry's sister & we got lot's of Blondie t-shirts { Well, yeah, still... }
  10. ~ Murph? Please, know that we are all are very grateful & please tell Kevin he's marvelously appreciated!!! It is sad a few days of posts of such variety have been lost, but the Site isn't gone & without Kevin paying for & maintaining this wonderful place we'd none of us have a place to complain about a malfunction, would we? We all really out to offer-up a Big Cheer! Yay Kevin! He's our man!!! If he can't do it, no one can!!! Yaaay KEVIN!!! :bouncy:
  11. ~ Thank you everyone A wonderful discussion with much information It's marvelous to get to know you all better!
  12. ~ You'd want the number of a sympathetic veterinarian I would think & probably a lawyer...
  13. ~ Never smoke in the car or house when the grandbabes are around or going to be around. { Not totally true. When it's below freezing we go in the back bathroom & run the fan, have a half & close the doors. } Baby lungs, my stupid choice, they're not going to get polluted by it! Ugh, I remember driving the 3 hrs to my Gramma's house in the back seat of a 65 Mustang { yes, I KNOW! Not really much backseat...} & my father smoking cigars & listening to baseball on the radio. Me barfing in a bowl. Still dislike baseball announcers { Do they clone them or something? }
  14. ~ Oh Darlin', you are a Joy, y'know that? Your pride & attention to detail & CARE in everything you do... :wub: You are a hero every day! Love you so Knowing you gives me greater strength. Thank You. You are a wonderful Minister to me.
  15. ~ Interesting thoughts. Thank you all you do make me think... Words & personal definitions, so different sometimes, huh? I never thought as 'evil' as a religious-only word. { I'm not religious. } ~ Thank you Von War is an example of what I cannot understand. I believe that war is evil. Death, pain, torment, destruction... I do understand that sometimes good people for what they feel are good reasons are involved in such, but the entire concept of 'war' is evil to me. It's gotten to be a pretty small planet with the amount of humans & the technology & all & I just feel it's
  16. ~ Federal funding is granted in odd & unusual ways... & there is no wizard behind the curtain
  17. ~ Oh, Hon! Yes, those steam tables need to be taken care of... Managed that cafeteria for 15 yrs, & every day, drained & cleaned, every Friday de-limed, nursed those things. Perhaps posters??? { I tried that with teen-agers in our home, actually? Didn't help a bit. } Yep. It's time for you to just wipe your hands at the end of your day... I give you kudos tho'!!!
  18. ~ I would double-check that my remains were pre-paid & that my family didn't have to fuss on that shtuff. { Clothes & such, removed. } I've been working on giving away possessions our children aren't wanting { Thank you my friends here! 'Things' are not 'self' & I've been enjoying surprisingly gifting }. & then I guess I'd be the person I am, probably a bit more whiny, depends on the cause & the drugs I guess ~ Mark, my sympathies & thoughts to you
  19. ~ Some days are just dopier days than others, y'know? I work with women that have wotked there 5, 10, 15 yrs. I've been there 6 mos. WHY are they asking ME what to do??? I am not going to take on responsibility I have no authority to deal with. { Learned that one long ago the hard way! } ... Yeah, 5 carts of big-booby bras with no home according to the computer & they're just left? Managers gone home? Not My Problem. Seriously, $8.45 an hour does not pay me to stress over stupid crap like that. & evidently what our manager gets paid wasn't enough to deal with it either. :dirol: &
  20. ~ Thank you Sparky Yes, I smile. Differently than I used to, front teeth broke. Always found that the most important part of a smile is in the eyes anyway, y'know? Our grandbabe mentioned today she can tell I'm old because I have wrinkles on my hands. But my face isn't tooo wrinkly yet ~ Now for something completely different! The new Cran-Cherry juice? Very good! Rather strongly flavored. I think it would be a perfect mixer with vodka. ~ Read an article that mentioned snow-fall in 1887 in Montana that produced the largest snowflakes ever recorded... Fifteen inches across & eight inches