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  1. I resemble that remark.....

    To me, nothing compares to the "theater" experience, but I admit to spending 1/3 of my free-time in front of the tube.... I also spend more time viewing Netflix than any television station or cable channel, so $10/month divided by 50+ hours a month of viewing time (at MY convenience) is a heck of a bargain.
  2. An up-date on Dad's status... Last Thursday, Dad was hospitalized after the flu he had developed into pneumonia. Placed on a ventilator & under sedation, after 2 days, he seemed to be going from bad to worse. Over the next couple days, several hundred people participated in both private and group prayer for his recovery. Today, he has recovered 80% of his lung function, and was moved out of ICU and into a room. I won't say the Docs don't deserve mention here... but when they say, "All you can do is pray.", I figure they're know where to turn for help. Thanks all!
  3. I'd like to ask that those of you that might be so inclined to add my father to their prayers. His name is Andy, he's 86, in ICU with wildly fluctuating blood pressure, and being sedated so he doesn't rip tubes out.... Again, I appreciate your prayers... Thanks.
  4. I missed this topic when it was originally posted back in August.... Having been blessed with an experience which allowed me an intimate knowledge and understanding of the personal presence of the eternal God, I'll share my thoughts on God "appearing" to humans... As I am a Karmic Creationist, my understanding of the Divine and another's may differ, and we may also disagree on what shape, form, or fashion the Deity's physical manifestation might adopt for personal interaction. Whatever image donned or displayed, He would certainly appear in a manner best suited to convey the message the occasion required. Jews claim He appeared to Moses as a burning bush. Mohammed felt His presence behind a veil of blinding light. Christians assert He assumed the mantle of Man as the one known as Jesus. I see Him in everything...... In closing, I talk to God all the time.... But I found out that if you talk to God in public, people may look at you funny, so I try to keep my conversations with Him private.
  5. To me, this best describes what Hell really is.... eternal separation from the Divine.
  6. Blame, Tame, or All The Same Games

    I think distinctions need to be made- There's a big difference between - one unknowingly/unwittingly making a choice to act that accidentally yields undesirable results and - one making a conscious decision to act despite foreknowledge of the undesirable results. In the former, Karmic debt may be mitigated. But in the latter case.... there's no dodging culpability.
  7. I make a distinction between prayer (an expression of the soul offered up to God) and the mindless recitation of a string of words employed to indoctrinate people to a cause.
  8. A prayer's power lies not in the words, but in the faith of the supplicant...
  9. Prayers for him, and your family. God bless.
  10. If I were Buddhist... I might take offense at an image of the Buddha being used as a hat-rack... And I'd probably be pretty vocal about it. I guess "funny" is in the eye of the beholder....
  11. Your legacy...

    From my perspective... Everything about that which is YOU has always existed (in one form or another) and always will. All acts, good or bad, are recorded in the Akashic Record and any act of love lives forever as a part of the harmonious vibrations that construct the etheric plane......
  12. Though not one of a church's primary functions, providing social interaction for adherents of all ages is beneficial for many reasons, the most obvious being that it strengthens the bonds of friendship/love among the congregation. Despite the fact that some have used the cover of religious authority to prey on the innocent, I still believe church activities are pleasant, positive experiences.
  13. Enemies

    If that's what you got from the reading, either you have a reading comprehension problem or you've intentionally distorted the words to fit what you want them to say. God save the world from "Christians " like you...
  14. Enemies

    Really? For one so well versed in the words of the Christ, you repeatedly appear to prefer to not only ignore His teachings, but seem to revel in doing the opposite of His will. Maybe you skipped Matt. 5..... In His sermon on the mount, He presented the world with words of wisdom and encouragement and advised us to refrain from the very human temptation to repay evil with evil. When pressed into service to carry a burden for a mile, are we not directed to carry it two? When stuck in violence on one cheek, are we not instructed to turn the other? Are we not counseled to forgive our enemies? Are we not admonished to live our lives in such a manner that our example may be as a light to guide others so that they may also give glory to God?
  15. Very interesting and informative! But as usual with me, a little knowledge leaves me thirsting for more... This is the first I've ever heard of the ancients using a 10 day week... Thanks for giving me something to research!