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  1. "Music is the language of the soul." Your dream sounds beautiful, and even if you couldn't remember the exact score the next day, if the harmonious vibrations of what you heard were soothing to your soul, just be thankful for the experience.
  2. I've been working too much lately to take an active part in the forum's discussions, and was surprised that this "conversation" was continuing.... Dan.... There's a couple old adages about the futility of arguing with an ass: 1) An ass will never change it's mind, and only a "dumb ass" wastes his time trying to change it. and 2) Once an ass has made up it's mind, the only way to change it is with a bullet. Let it go... Peace.
  3. If you're saying you don't possess a soul, I'll take your word for it... Your book say you don't. My book says I do. You believe your book. I'll believe mine.....
  4. I am well aware of my own personal and intellectual failings. You, apparently, have yet to find anything about yourself that disappoints. (TRY SMUG, ARROGANT, AND CONDESCENDING...) As for my leading another to enlightenment.... My own soul is my only concern. If I can assist another, I do what I can.... Personally, I have absolutely no care (but absolute certainty) where your soul (assuming you have one) spends eternity....
  5. When one's eternal soul is concerned...... Yes. Deadly serious...... From my understanding of "atheists", some believe humans have souls. Others don't. Which are you? If you're an atheist that does not believe that a human body possesses an infinite soul... You may very well amuse yourself with flippant and/or derisive comments to those possessing a knowledge beyond your understanding. If you're an atheist that does believe one has a soul... It might be prudent to heed the words of one that is certain of the fact that the soul IS immortal.
  6. Dan, cuchulain has no desire for an honest exchange of views. He's what my wife calls a "right-fighter" (one who demands that his opinion or position be recognized or proclaimed as "right", even if it's wrong.) "Those that refuse assistance on the path to enlightenment are deservedly doomed to dwell in darkness."
  7. We are not here to prove ourselves to God. We are here to glorify Him and His creation. Those that don't recognize or acknowledge His existence do not get to decide for others whether He exists. Denials of the Truth, made by those ignorant of the Truth, does not alter the Truth.
  8. KARMIC CREATIONIST best describes my beliefs. I have never claimed to be a candidate for sainthood. I lack the patience, and have neither the time nor inclination to accommodate the arrogant ignorance of the Godless (especially when they display their disdain for those possessing a KNOWLEDGE that is evidently beyond their comprehension.) Jesus may forgive them.... I say, "To Hell with 'em. They deserve what they get."
  9. EXACTLY!!! Words of wisdom shouted in a deaf man’s ears are wasted breath, and a blind man that refuses to accept that something he can't see exists, deserves to dwell in darkness.
  10. Perhaps God has decided that some are simply not worth His time.
  11. Thank you for the recommendations, RevK, but because of her other ailments and the numerous medications she's already taking daily, I am attempting to keep her on the diet and medicine prescribed by her doctors... (Getting my wife to do what she's supposed to do is proving harder now than at any other time in our lives together.)
  12. I wish I could view the post, as I do not recall making any reference to your mental health... As for your demand for "plausible proof"... I'm not going to waste my time. You've made up your mind, and I have doubts that you would accept it if God were to appear before you and speak for Himself.
  13. For the record.... “Ignorance” is defined as “lacking knowledge or awareness about something in particular. ”... You stated in a previous post, “...I don’t know.” (That is an admission of ignorance, is it not?) “Ill-mannered” is synonymous with "bad mannered, rude, impolite, etc..." Your inference that I was being disingenuous and/or purposefully misleading in my responses in this topic is arrogant behavior and, in effect, calling me a “liar”. (Calling someone a “liar” is generally considered rude and “ill-mannered”, is it not?) Finally, as for your assertion that I ever expressed any doubts about the status of your mental health... I had not previously considered the possibility, but given your irrational response to my posts, that might be something you should look into.....