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  1. KARMIC CREATIONIST best describes my beliefs. I have never claimed to be a candidate for sainthood. I lack the patience, and have neither the time nor inclination to accommodate the arrogant ignorance of the Godless (especially when they display their disdain for those possessing a KNOWLEDGE that is evidently beyond their comprehension.) Jesus may forgive them.... I say, "To Hell with 'em. They deserve what they get."
  2. EXACTLY!!! Words of wisdom shouted in a deaf man’s ears are wasted breath, and a blind man that refuses to accept that something he can't see exists, deserves to dwell in darkness.
  3. Perhaps God has decided that some are simply not worth His time.
  4. Songster

    Prayers Please

    Thank you for the recommendations, RevK, but because of her other ailments and the numerous medications she's already taking daily, I am attempting to keep her on the diet and medicine prescribed by her doctors... (Getting my wife to do what she's supposed to do is proving harder now than at any other time in our lives together.)
  5. I wish I could view the post, as I do not recall making any reference to your mental health... As for your demand for "plausible proof"... I'm not going to waste my time. You've made up your mind, and I have doubts that you would accept it if God were to appear before you and speak for Himself.
  6. For the record.... “Ignorance” is defined as “lacking knowledge or awareness about something in particular. ”... You stated in a previous post, “...I don’t know.” (That is an admission of ignorance, is it not?) “Ill-mannered” is synonymous with "bad mannered, rude, impolite, etc..." Your inference that I was being disingenuous and/or purposefully misleading in my responses in this topic is arrogant behavior and, in effect, calling me a “liar”. (Calling someone a “liar” is generally considered rude and “ill-mannered”, is it not?) Finally, as for your assertion that I ever expressed any doubts about the status of your mental health... I had not previously considered the possibility, but given your irrational response to my posts, that might be something you should look into.....
  7. I thought I had posted a reply to this post a couple weeks ago... evidently my lengthy response was not entered (or perhaps deleted?). First of all, your inference that I have been purposely misleading or dishonest is insulting and indicative of the inferior caliber of your character... I offered a plausible explanation for the "burning bush". You're free to discount whatever you desire, but your denial in no way negates the facts that a plant may indeed ignite and burn without being consumed. I did not claim that the plant itself was capable of vocalizing anything. God spoke to Moses from WITHIN the bush... Your inability to consider the possibility that YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING does not in any way negate the account as written, nor does it affect my views (or that of millions of others). Your ignorance may be excusable... Your arrogance and ill-mannered attitude is not.
  8. Songster

    Prayers Please

    Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers... Berni has been diagnosed with heart disease and though the prognosis isn't good, we're following Dr's orders and hoping for the best. Again, thank you all!
  9. My mission in this life is to get MYSELF through it without causing others harm in any way.... When the opportunity to help another comes along, I’ve been ever-ready to assist, but I'll not drag anybody where they don't want to go.... I offered a plausible explanation for the phenomena... It appears your mind is not amendable. You have decided what you want to believe, and I have neither the time nor patience to coax you into enlightenment. Again, my mission in life is to get MYSELF through it.... you, sir, are on your own.....
  10. I'd like to ask that my wife, Bernadette, be included in your prayers. She's experiencing some heart problems, and I'm scared to death.... Please pray for her. Thank you.
  11. " Is there proof that there was ever a burning bush? " - Dictamnus albus ".... scientists are open to the possibility that they are wrong. " Thanks for the laugh!
  12. Songster

    New haiku thread

    Wild westerly wind Whips willows to weeping While wanderers watch.
  13. Hi, Doc! Thank you for the post! I'm a poor apologist. I've found that most folks that inquire about my beliefs are not really looking for insight or enlightenment, but for an opening to opine that my faith is unfounded and/or false doctrine. I know what I know... If I cannot prove that that which I know to be true is true... If I fail to answer all queries adequately... If I fail to assuage an inquisitor’s doubts... If my most persuasive rhetoric fails to entice even sympathetic listeners to comprehend and "see" the simplistic beauty of my faith, Then an antagonist might infer by my failings that denunciation and annulment of the principle tenets of my faith is justified. But my inability to convincingly communicate an ideal in no way negates the Truth... The fault is in me, not the doctrine.