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  1. Very interesting and informative! But as usual with me, a little knowledge leaves me thirsting for more... This is the first I've ever heard of the ancients using a 10 day week... Thanks for giving me something to research!
  2. Forgiveness is necessary?

    Really? May be... May not.... Might be... Might not.... I don't recall....
  3. Forgiveness is necessary?

    In keeping with the theme here.... When I find that my actions or words may have caused offense to another (sometimes the realization is immediate, sometimes only after reflection and contemplation of the apparent consequence of the action) , I apologize as soon as I realize my offense. With the utmost sincerity, I apologize.
  4. Forgiveness is necessary?

    The more I this about this subject, the more I think that forgiving oneself may be the hardest to do.... Especially when one has "reasoned" his way into committing an act that would be regretted by any individual capable of honest self-analysis.... "The man that says he has lived his life with no regrets, is either a liar or a fool." - Me
  5. Forgiveness is necessary?

    OK. If you prefer Luke.... Chapter 23, verse 34- "Father, forgive them. They know not what they do." Those guilty of His death were ignorant of the enormity of their offense, were unrepentant, and yet they were FORGIVEN anyway. The Christ did not say, "Ask me for forgiveness, and it will be granted." He gave the guilty absolution without hesitation and without prerequisite pleas for forgiveness.. Shouldn't His example be followed by His followers?
  6. Forgiveness is necessary?

    Dan..... In your reading of the Bible, did you skip Matt. 18:21-22? From the KJB.... 21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? 22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven. The Christ's whole ministry was based upon the necessity of forgiving others...
  7. Forgiveness is necessary?

    Is Forgiveness necessary? ABSOLUTELY!!! My spiritual/religious beliefs are based on immutable universal laws, the two most important being the "Law of Karma" and the "Law of Forgiveness". Most people are familiar with the concept of Karma (stated simply as "What comes around, goes around.") but not all are aware of the dire consequences for their actions. Karma demands payment in kind ("an eye for and eye...") for any spiritual or physical offense against anyone or anything. A Karmic debt not only effects the offender, but binds the souls of the offended and offender together, and is carried beyond the bonds of this life into the next, and the next, and the next.... until the wrong is righted, or the offender forgiven. Only by the application of the Law of Forgiveness can the offender be pardoned and released him from the retribution demanded by the Law of Karma. Is Forgiveness necessary? POSITIVELY!!! Not just forgiveness for our own sins but (more importantly) forgiveness of others for their offenses against you. Forgiving another person (for their sins against you) may be done for purely selfish reasons.... Forgiveness releases you from the Karmic bond that would otherwise require you both to deal with the unresolved issue in the next life. Finally, Forgiveness need not be sought to be given... A willful offender, ignorant of Karmic penalties, may not even regret their act. Forgive them anyway. For YOUR sake.
  8. So good to see you here too, G! Hope you're loving life out there on the left coast!
  9. In response to the original post... I identify myself as a Karmic Creationist. As far as I know, I am the only traveler on this particular path to Understanding. Few are aware of my religion or it's tenets, so I get few questions. While I have no desire to proselytize, I welcome earnest inquiries from individuals honestly seeking knowledge and enlightenment.
  10. I just saw this... My thoughts and prayers for his family and all that grieve Brother Al's passing. I'll miss him too.
  11. New haiku thread

    In a dry basin, Hidden in a cloud of dust, A dirty bird bathes. .
  12. Hello Everyone

    Doing well, thanks. I'm traveling the country hoping to land an inside job that will last through the winter. How about you?
  13. God has been "defined" in this forum many times. And you've repeatedly claimed the definition was lacking. Just because you don't accept the definition, doesn't mean that the object in question doesn't exist. It just means that God has not granted the proper words to one, or complete understanding to the other.
  14. Risk

    There's risk in everything.... I don't proclaim my ordination in public, but have told my friends.... I don't wear a distinctive costume or collar that would lead others to believe I am anything other than the sinner that I am... The future.... Who knows?