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  1. My mission in this life is to get MYSELF through it without causing others harm in any way.... When the opportunity to help another comes along, I’ve been ever-ready to assist, but I'll not drag anybody where they don't want to go.... I offered a plausible explanation for the phenomena... It appears your mind is not amendable. You have decided what you want to believe, and I have neither the time nor patience to coax you into enlightenment. Again, my mission in life is to get MYSELF through it.... you, sir, are on your own.....
  2. I'd like to ask that my wife, Bernadette, be included in your prayers. She's experiencing some heart problems, and I'm scared to death.... Please pray for her. Thank you.
  3. " Is there proof that there was ever a burning bush? " - Dictamnus albus ".... scientists are open to the possibility that they are wrong. " Thanks for the laugh!
  4. Songster

    New haiku thread

    Wild westerly wind Whips willows to weeping While wanderers watch.
  5. Hi, Doc! Thank you for the post! I'm a poor apologist. I've found that most folks that inquire about my beliefs are not really looking for insight or enlightenment, but for an opening to opine that my faith is unfounded and/or false doctrine. I know what I know... If I cannot prove that that which I know to be true is true... If I fail to answer all queries adequately... If I fail to assuage an inquisitor’s doubts... If my most persuasive rhetoric fails to entice even sympathetic listeners to comprehend and "see" the simplistic beauty of my faith, Then an antagonist might infer by my failings that denunciation and annulment of the principle tenets of my faith is justified. But my inability to convincingly communicate an ideal in no way negates the Truth... The fault is in me, not the doctrine.
  6. To me, it doesn't matter which faith (or non-faith) one may follow, Personal gnosis is but the first step on the path to our reunion with The Infinite... My reading and religious education did not prepare me at all for the intensity of the blinding flash of immense and all encompassing love and understanding that accompanied my own "personal gnosis".... Before my epiphany, I had my doubts... But now...... I KNOW GOD. Should another cast doubt upon the validity of my experience... Desiring physical "proof" of the experience... I have none.... I need none....
  7. Songster

    saw a sign

    Is clean dirt dirt cheap.....?
  8. Songster

    Hi again

    Welcome back! May God continue to bless you...
  9. Songster

    My Grandmother

    My prayers for Carolyn.... May God bless her and her's.
  10. I've known a couple people that were atheists... I've known more than a couple that said they were agnostic... The vast majority of those folks were white males.... The Pew Center has a good reputation. Their analysis is consistently correct, and I have no doubt in the validity of their findings here.
  11. I just noticed that I have failed to thank all that have responded to my earlier plea..... Thanks for your kind thoughts and healing energies! Again, thanks!
  12. Songster

    I resemble that remark.....

    To me, nothing compares to the "theater" experience, but I admit to spending 1/3 of my free-time in front of the tube.... I also spend more time viewing Netflix than any television station or cable channel, so $10/month divided by 50+ hours a month of viewing time (at MY convenience) is a heck of a bargain.
  13. An up-date on Dad's status... Last Thursday, Dad was hospitalized after the flu he had developed into pneumonia. Placed on a ventilator & under sedation, after 2 days, he seemed to be going from bad to worse. Over the next couple days, several hundred people participated in both private and group prayer for his recovery. Today, he has recovered 80% of his lung function, and was moved out of ICU and into a room. I won't say the Docs don't deserve mention here... but when they say, "All you can do is pray.", I figure they're know where to turn for help. Thanks all!
  14. I'd like to ask that those of you that might be so inclined to add my father to their prayers. His name is Andy, he's 86, in ICU with wildly fluctuating blood pressure, and being sedated so he doesn't rip tubes out.... Again, I appreciate your prayers... Thanks.