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  1. You're thinking of the U.S. Libertarians. Libertarian means, for all intents and purposes, anarchist and has a broad spectrum of meanings. For example, as an anarcho-communist I fall under the umbrella of libertarian socialist.
  2. That is how it is with nonhuman animals as well. Animals overbreed until predation, disease, and/or starvation culls their numbers. After which times are again bountiful until the breeding kicks back in and nature decides it is time to wash, rinse, and repeat.
  3. Research should not be restrained. Who is fit to judge what is or is not studied and what motivations might they have? Let's say Lab X develops a new disease(I'll call it SuperFlu) and SuperFlu has has a virulence of 98% and a fatality rate of 97%. Lab X could publish their paper on it and teams all over the world could study it, discover how it functions, discover how it affects the body, discover how the body reacts to it, and so on. In short, we learn a great deal on a great many subjects. But the government steps in instead. Perhaps they lock it up, perhaps they study it for a cure. How long do you think it'd be before someone decides the national villain of the week deserves a case of the SuperFlu?
  4. Never had dog. But I have cat. Greasier than duck(so very very) but pretty good.
  5. How is that sociopathy? There is strong historic precedent for eating "pets" some dog breeds were even developed for that purpose. Eating the corpse of someone who has died does them no harm. If I were to die and my friends could be sustained through eating my flesh, let them have at it. To be honest, if I could find a legal means of letting my closest friends consume my heart when I had passed, I'd request it. What better send off for someone you love? And there is nothing inherently immoral with prostitution. I'd argue the profession of prostitute is much more moral than that of the priest.
  6. Today is the 42nd anniversary of the Kent State Massacre.
  7. Solidarity, grateful! Sorry, I posted during my limited posting experience and suppose someone chose not to approve it. Honestly, I suspect the disconnect is deliberate. We have those in power working to keep it and the best tool for doing so is to keep the masses ignorant and to keep them at one another's throats.
  8. Space and time(or more accurately spacetime) are just words for describing the expanding geometry of the universe. So they are as real as the universe and everything in it is.
  9. In addition to the erroneous assumptions BrDevon noted, you also seem to be equating money to survival. There are people all around the world even today who manage to get themselves and their families through with little to no money. In some cases the situation is not ideal, but starving to death they are not. In my own experiences, it seems to be those who see money as a panacea to the ills of society that suffer most when times get tight. So the question then becomes, why do you worship money to the degree you feel there is only chaos without it? BrDevon, I am unsure what living situation you are in now, I am hoping it is much better. I urge you to give a look into Plant a Row For the Hungry, if you do any backyard gardening. For that matter, I urge that of all here.
  10. I find this modern notion of rule by greed very particular and very telling when considering just how it comes about. It's amazing the lies people will believe that drive them to the extreme of rule by greed. I hope your contemplation went well and you took confidence that things, slowly but surely, are moving in a positive direction. After our talks yesterday we had a reading of Berkman and some Bakunin and sang Solidarity Forever. It was incredibly moving to see so many comrades holding hands and singing in solidarity!
  11. Today is May Day, International Workers' Day. On this day in 1886, the Haymarket Massacre happened in Chicago while workers were in the streets protesting for your rights to work in safe humane conditions. In this case an 8 hour work day. Do you celebrate May Day? How do you do so? Do you strike? Do you take to the streets and protest the slavery of the capitalist system? My comrade collectivemates and I are attending a protest today and this evening giving talks to our comrades from all over this region on anarchism, communism, collectivism, and independence from the power structures society tries to force us in. Solidarity!
  12. They have for all existence. They have also stood apart from the Tooth Fairy, leprechauns, and werewolves.
  13. I know some anarcho-communists who'd volunteer there if you ever got that. A good thing to think of on this May Day, I think.
  14. I'm not interested enough in money to vary my routine for it. I am happy doing what I do now. My job provides more than I need to get by, but beyond that, it is a job I love. If someone were to offer me a million dollars for no change to my routine, I'd give it to my collective so we could put it to good use. Perhaps we'd use it to start a new communal house, who knows.
  15. There is some data indicating DMT to be responsible or partially responsible for NDE's, which presents some interesting questions as well as interesting ideas. It can, to no small degree, be used to induce "spiritual experiences" in people. Experiences no different than any other "spiritual experiences" a person believes themselves to have experienced. It is for this reason Ayahuasca and other entheogens are so common in spiritual use, the users literally believed themselves to be having spiritual experiences on it. We know now it is just neurochemistry at play. The same can be said for all "spiritual experience". It's all in your head. It's all in my head. It's useful so make use of it. It just becomes detrimental when you lose the ability to separate what is in your head from what is actually happening. Which seems to be the very basis of modern religion. Imagination is good, imagination is useful. I use it myself. Just don't convince yourself what you're imagining is real.