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  1. Nothing to misrepresent, Atheist believe in no God or deity, nothing complex about that, so what's there to learn? You have repeatedly said that you believe in nothing and don't care about anything (Apatheism). It doesn't take a genius to comprehend the depth of that statement. If you refer to my first 3 post on page one of this thread, I didn't mention God or my belief. So I stayed on topic until you guys brought the biblical God up. When I remain steadfast in my belief, its not an attack or an expectation that others see things my way, but rather an explanation of
  2. This isn't your bully pulpit, its open to all.. How many Christians have fled this forum after being attacked? No one is forcing you to accept the bible, so stop condemning people who believe it. "We don't want to hear it... It doesn't fit our view". I didn't know it was an exclusive club limited to atheist? Yes, I disagree with people who condemn and mock my God. As my first post in this thread said, "You have no argument because you believe in nothing and have nothing to defend". So I doubt your frustration is with me, but emanates from within yourself.
  3. Of course, any real Christian believes there is one way, one truth, and one life that leads to eternal life (John 14:6). Nothing wrong with that, its called monotheism. It doesn't force you to do likewise, so don't be afraid. America is already a predominately Christian nation, I simply endorse those values and have no desire to 'force' others to do likewise. Part of my belief entails testifying of the faith, not running away, hiding, or being bullied into silence. I need no support to be a Christian, my faith isn't based on numbers, but 'One Solitary Life'
  4. Of course I believe it.... 100% How am I a problem? You seem to have a ton of animosity towards Christians and I'm guessing your an Anti-Semite too. Your hostility towards those who believe in something beyond the here and now reveal a hateful character. If a bumper sticker angers you, get some help. No offense Pete, but I suspect you've always questioned your thoughts and never really fully accepted Christ as your Savior. You've always questioned the bible and didn't like much of what it said. Everyone has their own truth, the
  5. Not at all, I get the concept of evidence... But the concept of faith seems to elude you. Your criteria is objective verifiable proof, while God's criteria is faith and trust. Having undeniable facts to confirm a truth requires no belief. We are here to make a choice (John 3:16), irrefutable evidence defies the necessity of choice and negates free will. Talk about conflating! Washington may have had 5400 soldiers who crossed the Delaware with him, but Jesus fed 5000 is a single afternoon. And once all the 'eyewitnesses' are dead and gone, it could all be construed as hea
  6. I'm aware that you don't believe in God, my point was that by your own criterion, you don't believe in George Washington either.
  7. As usual, you guys missed the point.. By your criteria, you can't believe any book that can't be proven. Whereby, all history is myth, the Constitution is a fabricated lie, the Revolutionary War never happened, etc. We only know that George Washington crossed the Delaware River on December 25, 1776 because of a written record and witnesses. Its the same with the bible, yet you believe one and not the other. That's selective belief, because you accept that Washington crossed the Delaware with no verifiable facts, no physical evidence, and no scientific proof, while using those same qualificati
  8. Some people accept a written record of past events as evidence. Even courts accept sworn transcripts (affidavits) as evidence. So what your really spouting is that the written testimony of eye witnesses is not acceptable. You have concluded that something is false with no evidence to support your conclusion. If proof really matters to you, then you shouldn't be so quick to discount something without the necessary proof to prove its fraudulent. That's like saying, "Well I don't know if this guy is guilty or not, but just in case he did it, someone get a rope." You have fai
  9. God was demonstrated and revealed in Christ.. Unfortunately, that's all He's going to do, and it was more than enough. When I say that you believe in nothing, I'm referring to nothing divine or spiritual. And everyone does get a chance for eternal life (John 3:16). Belief is a choice that we all make, you have chosen to believe in man (science) and I've chosen God. Man has discovered and invented things, but he's created nothing. Why would God create what we can make? He's given us the raw materials but expects us to do the work
  10. I'm fully aware that you believe in nothing.. I'm also aware that you demand physical evidence as confirmation of God.. The book that I believe testifies of that physical evidence embodied in Christ, sorry you missed it. I'm not mad about anything, I'm just convinced that the proof you demand will come. Jesus said that some people would not believe even with miracles and evidence (Luke 16:31), so I consider you a prophecy come true. Understand that if you believed as I do, you would not be angry with people like yourself, but rather feel sorry for them. A lost soul is a tragedy.
  11. "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse" (Romans 1:20). God is not a science experiment, nor can science demonstrate God, let alone prove He exist. You can't verify a spiritual entity by physical observation or experimentation. God's existence is demonstrated by all that exist, of which science has no provable answer for. Science can't create anything, it can only discover what has always been here. I agree with your l
  12. Christ did demonstrate God on Earth.. He did the impossible and rose from the grave, neither of which is irrelevant or meaningless.
  13. No question is meaningless... But the answers often are. God's existence is only meaningless to the faithless, but He is not a question mark to the faithful. Didn't mean to turn this thread off topic
  14. Not to me. Yes, the Lord works in mysterious ways.