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  1. (It's) definitely (going to be a different world than that binary one)! And, please don't get me wrong (y'all); I'm not blaming the Islamic religion here as the culprit. It (religion) is only the vessel that is being used by some power hungry elites for their own powerplay... That "play" seems prone to "collateral damage". And yes, Christian religion (and their elite) will be part of that "play" too. As long as we keep talking to one another, there's hope. But if I look at the "leadership" currently being "chosen" by the evangelists... I am not so certain if "they" are willing to talk...
  2. I've seen my fair share of collateral damage in Yugoslavia from it... that (collateral damage) is the more worrying part.
  3. For what it is, it's a great job. I'm impressed. Yep! +1
  4. Wait... that's that same god that killed off an entire generation of first born children just to prove a point to a Pharaoh who didn't listen to his stepbrother...? Although he is supposed to be alknowing and almighty (even supposedly hardening that same Pharaoh's heart to that same message, sic!)... that god? And you expect him and his followers to be consistent and just? WoW...
  5. Yes, so there is an interaction between gullibility and self interest then...? So, there is hope...?
  6. Please don't (walk away). Although not everyone participates in the discussion doesn't mean they are not influenced by it. I know you(-r contributions) influenced my live. And it was for the better. So: thank you!
  7. You do understand you're contradicting yourself...? If that supreme being already knows what you're going to do, you actually do not have free wil... it is all predestined then.
  8. Ah yes, that obviously justifies infanticide. To you, at least. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: enjoy your "good" god.
  9. Maybe. But a baby is not. Anyone (a supposedly all-knowing, all-mighty god in particular) who punishes them for anything is a "sick puppy" in my book.
  10. Wow, that's really messed up! So he willingly "worked on" Pharaoh knowing he would be killing babies?!? And people still call that god "good"... Wow... just: wow... 🤮
  11. Again the hostage-taker-argument? That's weak. (And we're running around in circles.) I can not come to any other conclusion that that a god who knowingly kills infants is a bad entity by my morals. But obviously you only "believe" the bibals ethics, that's your choice. No one's arguing Pharaoh eventually didn't get what he was due. But killing an entire nation's innocent first born is not "good". And that is what your god says he did. That is not "good" by my intrinsic morals. And not by anyone who has any intrinsic morals. But hey, nice ethics that book is conveying!
  12. This has nothing to do with you or me. It's about your god claiming that he is "good" while killing innocent children. (No, Pharaoh didn't kill them, your god did. If he had an ounce of morals and was even close to being good he would have punished Pharaoh, not innocent children.)
  13. You do understand that you are not only condoning but actually smiling upon infanticide. Dude, that's sick. I don't care who does the killing... it is inherently evil to kill babies. All you have demonstrated with your bible quotes is that your god is a vengeful evil being. And you smile upon that...