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  1. Just a little side note (though still on topic). Fun for a bit of "light" reading (pun intended) and says (again) more about people than about any (real or perceived) deity: Nightfall — by Isaac Asimov.
  2. Unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant people who seem to lack the ability of logical thinking (either by lack of intelligence or by consistent brainwashing) providing enough oxygen and fuel to keep the temperatures high and the flames going...
  3. Or... we start taxing assets/profits more (instead of work) and introduce 'universal basic income' ASAP... PS. and I am not "looking for a job" myself, nor afraid of being unemployed or without income myself...
  4. Cool, thanks! EDIT: found the 2014 edition online:
  5. Which book (so I don't have to watch an half hour of video; I can read faster than he speaks...)?
  6. Thank you for making that point. We more or less just summarised my Bachelor' thesis' conclusion... PS and - of course - I also acknowledged my own personal biasses...
  7. Doesn't that (kind of bias) apply to all human analysis (more or less)...?
  8. Funny... my bachelor's thesis was actually on the political philosophy of Star trek (and the conclusion wasn't pretty)...
  9. Although the point is valid and the video entertaining (to those who are open to the argument) it is open to an 'argumentum ad absurdum' critique... Anyway, I enjoyed it. Gave me a chuckle. Thanks!
  10. Would second that, only adding: good sleep, honest work/purpose, good friends/family.
  11. Now you're assuming - to stay with the comparison - we are talking about a light switch. What if it is a dimmer..?
  12. Why are you so sure? Isn't that exactly what it's supposed to mean...?
  13. Exactly, he's got no problems with infanticide... very loving. Have fun with him, for eternity... Terrorism at its finest. PS as I've said before: I think the basic question and topic of this thread has been answered: because it's a schizophrenic god (dividing himself in several personalities) that pretends to be all-knowing and all-powerful but because of his issues with obviously not being any of these (because even with free choice he knows the choice in advance and chooses to set things up so people can fail) he has to do some masochistic "sacrifice" t