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  1. I saw a nice conversation where Ricky Gervais explained to Stephen Colbert the difference between religion and science very succinctly: Now, that's not an opinion... it's a fact.
  2. I read a quite discerning article on this topic yesterday: Why religion is not going away and science will not destroy it by Peter Harrison (an Australian Laureate Fellow and director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Queensland).
  3. Sure. Why should one think for himself if he has such a god, right? But, like Jonathan said (even if you believe the death penalty is something that humans should be entitled to do): But yes, your god is much more cruel and spiteful than that. Lord forbid (pun intended) that someone would "insult" him...
  4. The most extreme version we can see through the so called "prosperity gospel"... even reality checks don't stick with people who have that world view... unfortunately.
  5. Yes, the distinction between punishment and suffering eludes Dan completely... Why am I not surprised (any more, by Dan)...? But yes, it does seem some Christians (including Dan) really believe that stoning is an appropriate "punishment"...
  6. So, your "god" evolves from being a hard-core bastard who believes people should be stoned (for any reason) to a loving and understanding "god"... sounds more like people and sociaeties evovling than like an "all knowing" god to me, but hey... I'm not here to argue about that. Your position is crystal clear: Exactly. I am just here to ask you, Dan, politely to stop pulling both the "argumentum da hominem" as well as the "argumentum ad absurdum about "pacifists". When you have been in ("religious") war twice (in my particular case in Yugoslavia), then you might get to understand what that word actually means. For now, please stop using it in-vain. It's (especially) insulting (to someone who has seen first hand the results of "religious" actions).
  7. I agree, up to e certain point... it becomes less "theoretical" once the society you live in (and their policymakers) is using that idea to "shape reality"...
  8. Yes, in a philosophical way we are all at the centre of our universe (although I highly doubt that's the way the bible means its geocentric view). But yes (too) the astronomy of the bible is laughable; and the evidence absolutely proves that... although Yes (again), absolute "believers" will jump through all kind of hoops/loops just to point out our observation and evidence is flawed and their biblical "evidence" is right...
  9. It is, isn't it...? PS. But some people think we (that ONE grain) are SO important that we are the grain everything else revolves around (and not even talking about the astronomic/geocentric perspective)...
  10. Yeah, it says something about me; it just gives me a "spiritual moment" putting things in (numerical) perspective... Another example would be a numerical comparison of the number of grains of sand on our planet and the number of stars in our universe... just for (my?) fun and perspective...
  11. True, but still... the sheer numbers (to me) are "fun" contemplating...
  12. On re-reading one of my favourite "classics" (Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos) I came across an "golden oldie" (for everyone who take the bible literal):