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  1. Really?!? You're funny.. How many of your "answers" are provably true? Seems like you don't have any answers. As for the evidence for evolution from "nothing": please read up on archeology, carbon dating and cern. More proof han you will ever find in the bible...
  2. No. The book you are using to "prove" your thoughts on "spirituality" is myth. It doesn't even understand basic concepts on day and night but you insist it is 100% true. It is not. Only to fundamentalists. It's mythology.
  3. If we look at consciousness as a function of the brain, than it is exactly that: energy. The brain functions by "firing neurons" which is energy transfer... When you are unconscious, the neurons aren't firing...
  4. It is the fact that you first have to grasp physics, before you can begin to understand metaphysics, that escapes you... You're talking about mythology, not spirituality, let alone philosophy...
  5. Very easy; because there are people who do terrible things with that book as their "justification". Now that threatens/frightens me... personally... So also anybody giving that book legitimacy and spreading its message as 100% truth is prolonging that suffering... It is a book. It should be taken as a book. You can learn a lot from it, or not... You can have fun with it, or not... But you can never, EVER take any book for 100% truth.
  6. Nice deflection Dan... the point is that if you do not understand basic principles you are not even coming close to understanding higher principles...
  7. So you can be totally oblivious about how basic astronomy works but still be 100% right philosophically...? Interesting conclusion you make there, Dan... I've got news for you Dan: we all die. I know that for a fact.
  8. Yes, and what about: "16 years ago"...?!?
  9. At least, from time to time, someone "new" comes along and finds your words inspiring (and it saves that person a long detour to find those same arguments/conclusions)... 🤔
  10. Please quote your sources, if I take a look at the Total Public Dept : 2005 Total public dept was: 26 trillion and now its over 58 trillion.... so where do you get your numbers from...?
  11. It matters to those who feel so overwhelmed by the real world that they need mythology to reassure them... been like that for eons...
  12. Thank you! Really appreciate it! Your's (and Cuchulain's and Key's) really contribute (to my own understanding and development), just wanted to point that (and my personal appreciation for it) out...
  13. Hell no, my “beliefs” actually have a base i real world reproducible and empiric sciense (and actually provide the technology your using ATM to vent your ideas). Your beliefs are based in mythology (and would have kept us in the middle ages if it was up to fundamentalist christians).