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  1. How very recognizable. It reminds me of something I read the other day: Sounds like someone we might know...?
  2. Oh man... that's tough. Don't get too worked up. We're here for you. We hear you (OK, not all of us... 😆).
  3. I tend to agree with the mod on this because religions thrive under persecution. It's better to let them vent their beliefs and opinions out in the open for everyone to see and decide for themselves whether they are believable and honourable. Although mod also has to understand that venting a belief or opinion that is proven ridiculous also opens up the one stating those opinions to ridicule (like claiming Noah's flood happend literally and the god of the bible is a loving god) I tend to agree with Jonathan's stance on this; it is insane to (repeatedly) argue with someone who is so
  4. I tried putting that notion up... But Dan's stayed in character:
  5. Thank you for confirming that since your god can not be demonstrated to exist the question of your god's existence is both meaningless and futile. It is simply irrelevant.
  6. Please let me help you, Dan; there is a big (huge) difference between past, present and future tense here. Demonstrable means: able to be proved. So Dan; what can be done, repeatedly (or as scientists tend to say: verifiably), to demonstrate your god exists?
  7. As I mentioned many moons ago: if you were (living as a) Quaker I would actually - at least - respect your position. But on the other hand... One must - at least - admire the irony in you being able to use the wonderful things science has brought us to spread you "opinion" on what's knowable...
  8. I like the tips! I also tend to get into these kind of arguments and as I have seen you comment very often; they lead to nothing good. Getting too old for that... life is too short. Thanks!
  9. What about an apatheistic agnostic theist? Someone who "believes" there is possibly some supernatural being (or beings) but know he can never know (prove) it for sure and therefore doesn't care...?
  10. Yes, I actually have a couple of those in a display case in my study. Now comes the science; those sea shells are there because those mountains have been sea bottoms millions of years ago. I know your bronze age book says the earth isn't that old but carbon dating actually proves otherwise. Those sea bottoms have been pushed up bu tectonic plate movements (another part of science, how nice)... The nice part is that those sea shells actually are impossible to have been grow or deposited by that supposed flood because they are all millions of years old and not all from the same (40 d
  11. The biblical "flood" has been discussed already: fiction...
  12. Exactly Dan! If some cataclysmic event wiped out most of humanity and all written knowledge that would be exactly what would happen; science would come back exactly as it is (1+1=2 and 1^1=1 et cetera), but although religions would come back non would be exactly the same as before... the truth thrives.