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  1. And there we go with the threats again... one would think that a benevolent god would have found more persuasive means... but no. Anyway, if your god really returns and is such an ego-tripper that he needs my affirmation in advance on blind faith well... he isn’t an all good god then whom I would choose to spend the rest of eternity serving. Not even mentioning his “temper” (which is totally arbitrary too, having bears moal he one and leaving the other be). Have “fun” with him I say! (I’m with cuchulain.)
  2. funny... usually you are the first one to point out the "higher" meaning of bible verses and I always thought those verser were (also) to be taken as an instruction to not only proliferate literally but also to "spread the word"... but OK, whatever suits your belief. Seems a bit selfish to me (knowing the prophesies that are coming and still not trying to save as many of your fellow people as possible... (At least the Jehova's witnesses pretend to care.)
  3. Isn't that the opposite of what your bible commands (in Genesis 1:28 and 9:1)? Bye Dan!
  4. I like the concept of Apatheism; a god that is not able to make himself known, nor is able to intervene is - by definition - irrelevant. Saves us all a lot of useless arguing. Hi Dan!
  5. Hmkay, thanks! That got lost - to me - in translation. But I get it (now)....
  6. I don't get it... what question is being asked...? I hear a "homework" assignment ("does the multiverse exist") but I believe that's intended for the viewer (i.c. me, and I don't consider myself to be the God)... so, sorry, but I really don't get it...
  7. IMHO I feel it is the very essence of this forum (to discuss matters "amongst ourselves" with differing view as to grow in our understanding of those matters)... And yes; welcome to the forum!
  8. Wait? Appeared?!? Now what is it?!? Was he resurrected, or not??? Appeared sounds like some kind of ghostly "appearance" where resurrection - to me - sounds like an empty grave and the formerly dead person walking around, constantly (so being able to be perceived by law-enforcers, journalists, the general public et cetera)...
  9. Not really the case, was it...? By that time, according to scripture, Jesus was more or less "Israel's most wanted" and had been tried and put to death in a very public spectacle. So having him walk around after that execution would have been a bit of a big deal (that reporters, law enforcers and historians definitely would have noticed)...
  10. There's another - very big - difference; I find child abuse (scaring and indoctrinating children with threats of eternal damnation, this topic) a far worse crime than the "average" death threat from one adult to another... too bad still a lot of our "power base" (like teachers, prosecutors and judges) is still under the influence of that indoctrination and doen't act how they should act towards child abuse. Please, don't forget that any good argument also has a third party; the audience (who might actually enjoy and learn something)... Well, you just proved you actually do not understand the theory. Try reading up on the Higgs boson... anyway, that theory has two major point on your (bible's) theory: 1. it's mature enough to admit - a priori - it is "only" a theory. That we humans are still learning and most things we know are only the beginning of knowledge. But that we should continue learning and and build upon previous knowledge. Your theory (and the bible) actually say: you're right. Period. And (the fruits of the tree of) knowledge is actually forbidden (that should be a major givaway). 2. the BBT actually has a beginning of some reproducible evidence... however small (see 1.), however "trivial", it's a beginning of proof... the bible has none (except itself; great argument: I am right, because I say so).
  11. True, you don't understand. It's a good thing "we" haven independent judges - in the "free west" at least - who would still sentence the criminal who is threatening to shoot someone, whether he - at that point -actually owns a gun or not. The threat remains...
  12. And - again - a load of condescending, assumptious load of b#!!(&@-.... There is nothing wrong with admitting you don't know something. You can actually win a lot of respect by such and admittance. Yes, living things die. Yes, their matter "returns to dust". But; no, we don't know what happens next. (We do know something about energy that never dies). There are some theories going around, but these are the facts. We'll come back to those theories later... But here you go giving the exact example this topic is about: threats of eternal damnation... you just proved Jonathan's point.
  13. Exactly, you don't... but let's take a look at children (for instance). So let's also prohibit any "religious" indoctrination of children too, hmmmm...?
  14. True. And it's nice you have made peace with it. The threats (indoctrination) of damnation by christians continue though...