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  1. RevBogovac

    value of religion

    Maybe... Source: The Newyorker, by Isaac Chotiner, Jan. 14, 2019
  2. Try Lessons In Apologetics, Part 1: Introduction & Agnosticism , for starters...
  3. RevBogovac

    value of religion

    Hmkay, will have to search that one... But it is the same reverence; in "V" the humans "served" the aliens too...
  4. RevBogovac

    value of religion

    Forgive me. I have to ask: do you mean like "V" (in the 80's)?
  5. That example was referring more to the “social” part of Kingfisher’s remark...
  6. Well, didn't want to throw in the Godwin like that... but, basically: yes. Both from my personal experience in Yugoslavia as well as my research into a couple of job offers I had in the middle east. It looks social and all from the first (superficial) view. But if you "zoom in" a bit: local residents in the emirates don't have anything materialistic to complain about, but god forbid (again: pun intended) if they "think" a bit differently (Khashoggi! Not coughing, but recent example) and if you look how they treat expats (not even talking about women)...
  7. Isn't that more of an Islamic national-socialism in practice...?
  8. Hey! That hurts!!!
  9. Yes, indeed it would be... In this example the bible would, from the very first page, stay consistent to that universal truth. And not some lope-holes like; oh yeah, the old testament said it's okay to have slaves and kill homosexuals but now Jesus came along and we all of a sudden think differently... (@Dan: no need for another jump here, I really cannot take you serious any more.)
  10. RevBogovac

    Godly Love

  11. I thought you'd (both, you too cuchulain) would like the (intended) pun...
  12. And it's your god-given right to do so. But do consider that people live in social structures. Rarely do people operate completely self sufficient. So it would be nice to respect other people's freedom; your freedom stops where other people's freedom starts. If you choose to put more belief into an age-old collection of books over the believe of empiric evidence, so be it. But don't bother other people by demanding certain privileges by doing so.