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  1. Wait... so the bible that is supposed to have been written by men who were directly inspired by the holy spirit of god almighty should have been clearer on anything?!? How so? Isn't the god that inspired it all-seeing, all-knowing et cetera...?
  2. Well, at least scientific facts disproof creationism as described in genesis:
  3. Yes, you don't see it. That's obvious. But the fact that you can even say that the proof is "+99% speculative" already shows two things: 1. you really do not understand statistics, and 2. you really do not understand science. And that's OK. Not everyone can handle those. No problem. But there is ample proof too (like carbon dating, astronomy, biology, physics et cetera) to prove beyond any reasonable doubt (maybe that's more comprehensible than for instance saying that there is 95% confidence level) that the bible is simply wrong. That the story in genesis is actually no more than exactly that: a story. PS. please don't bother jumping through the loophole of the remaining 5%...
  4. It isn't important what you or I find of that proof. At least there is proof. Objective, empirically testable, proof. So a lot more proof that there is of creationism. As for creationism there is absolutely no proof whatsoever.
  5. Yup, that's what you get once science is "not convincing"... anyway: That says it all.
  6. Yes, we all know by now you think binary. But as has been explained to you numerous times (and you just don't want to grasp) that is not how the real world works. In this case: no, no definitive proof of either (nor will there ever be without the invention of time travel). But a lot of indirect proof for evolution theory and no proof whatsoever for creationism...
  7. Still a #3[[ of a lot more proof that there is for genesis.
  8. Yes, but that was less precise/personal. Things like traffic info, flight data et cetera. Lately ANPR camera's made it more personal and phones will make it even more so...
  9. Thank you for the (very) nice read (again)? PS #1 still has me smiling BTW...
  10. And the "blackmailing" has already begun (here in the Netherlands). The minister of Healthcare - in a reaction to the privacy/constitutional rights movement - has responded that the lockdown will take longer without a corona app. Am I the only one who responds "badly" to blackmailing...?
  11. The steps are being taken as we speak. First by China, as Wuhan Loosens Restrictions on Movement as Local Spread of Coronavirus Eases but "people wishing to leave the province will need to show a 'health code,' a digital health certificate issued by the province"... This is (part of) an app that tracks your movements and registers whether you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. (And yes, as discussed previously, these kind of apps - for now - are easily "deceivable"... for now...) And now, here in the "progressive/liberal" Netherlands, the government is seriously investigating possibilities of implementing this kind of app/certificate here too... Of course, it won't be "mandatory" but if you would like to use certain "privileges" (going into public offices, restaurants, concert halls, theatres, stadiums, shops whatever...) it will be "needed" (thus - de facto - becoming... mandatory).