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  1. I registered for the page you sent. I did not see a course for the Master of Spirituality course. I think, I will just post here and maybe make a course post on the other site. Who checks to make sure the material for courses is reviewed?
  2. Thanks. I did not know this existed. Strange that I never stumbled upon it or was given the link. Well, either way, hope this posts helps folx. What is this forum meant for if not for courses?
  3. I think the distinction between heart-driven and mind-driven, is an important distinction because it indeed shows that some folx tend to use certain parts of their personhood, more intentionally than they do other parts. However, as I have been reflecting on this lesson, and engaging in observation of others, I feel certain in saying that, part of being a minister to "science" or "knowledge" (which is what science means) is recognizing the authentic need for concepts that facilitate tangible chances in people's lives but also practices that cultivate more of an active decision to take a multi-disciplinary approach to one's life challenges. One may be more included to using a heart-driven approach to life, but a Minister should be able to help equip that person to take various avenues of addressing the situations/scenarios in that person's life--in order that the person can see the wide scope of humanistic/spiritualistic ways to thrive in the world. Heart/Mind premise is vital but as we know, humans are not merely binary beings.
  4. I just began the Master of Spirituality course written by Rev. Chuck Bynum. I quite enjoyed the first lesson because it was meaningful, clear, concise and it spoke to some truths that I have always known since I first began my work as a commission lay minister in my denomination (Roman Catholic) and now as an ordained minister (interfaith). Namely, people have journeys that they must go through and it is our duty as ministers (but also as fellow humans) to journey as companions with folx on their respective journeys. We may be ordained, have a title, or wear special religious garb, but at the end of the day, our mission in this reality is to be a resource for those who are initiating their journey. We must assist folx in trusting their process....*something I often say to folx in spiritual direction*. Trust your process. I thoroughly resonated with what Rev. Chuck said in the beginning of the lesson when he stated, "...our calling is to aid others in their quests, it is not to simply surround ourselves with those who already believe". If I may add to this eloquent statement, I would tack on, it is our duty to intentionally surround ourselves with those who are different than us because it does our faith a disservice to believe that another faith can not teach us something about our faith. It does our journey a disservice to not ask for assistance when we are not sure because "not being sure" does not equal "being lost". The first assignment is to "observe" if folx are heart driven or mind driven. I am curious, how do you drive yourself on your quest/journey/path? Heart? Mind? Maybe you are driven by a mix of heart and mind? One of the things that my training in humanities/philosophy instinctively brought up during this first lesson is the reality that truth often times can best manifest when we dare to hold space for "both and" existence. What I mean is, dare to hold space in your life to be driven by your heart, driven by your mind, AND EXPECT more...for more is always the essence of the great life experience or life mystery. Peace to all of you. If you'd like to leave a comment, please do. Also, feel free to connect with me via twitter: @revjerryhtx or email me via Blessings!