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    I've been on this forum since 1999, was suspended 2 or 3 times I believe, and occasionally go on "hiatus" to take care of personal things. This is one of the best forums I have ever took part of on the internet, and hope it will continue to be so.

    Note: Please check my post thoroughly before replying. If you check, you will see that I attack faulty reasoning. I address statements made, etc. I do not, and will not, resort to personal attacks.

    I'm here to meet friends, that's it. So, no matter how you take my post, remember that deep down, I am speaking to you as a potential friend and not as a condescending jerk as you may make me out to be.

    Once more for those who have a problem understanding: I can seperate the person from the argument. If I disagree with you on an issue, I don't resort to personal attacks or name calling as do many others here on the forum do. I can argue all day with someone and feel they know nothing of a topic, yet understand in another thread that the topic was one area of disagreement.

    So, I can seperate the person from the argument they are making... Can you?
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    Infidel, as well as Marketing Director. I prefer the infidel part better...
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  1. I remeber you by name kokigami. Coolhand, AZCowgirl, Monkey... Damn, so many people from back in the day. Oh yeah, wasnt monkey banned?
  2. Okay, so who is still around? Remember me? It has probably 10 years now. I see mdtaylor is still around so that is good to know. Damn, it has been a divorce, marriage, 2 additional kids, and a recent move from Los Angeles to NH since i have been on here.
  3. XTC did hundreds of excellent songs, but you may know "Senses working overtime," "Mayor of Simpleton," "Dear God," "Senses working overtime," or "Thanks for Christmas," a song which is often played during christmas time, even though it's mocking Christmas... Elvis Costello? You never heard of him? Radio Radio, pump it up, Everyday I write the book? He's one of the greatest artists in the past 100 years... Devo is the best, and if you listen, almost all of their songs have a double meaning.
  4. Thanks for checking my song out... If you like it, please review it! Poundtastic? I'm not sure if that's a "goth" term or not... The funny thing is, my music, as I picture it, will sound like a cross between Elvis Costello and XTC, with some Devo thrown in... Unfortunately, it's just me that recorded that song and it's how it came out. I need to get a band together sometime and try recording some more upbeat songs...
  5. Anyone check out my song? You can hear it, and see a close up of my own personal avatar! That's a direct link to the song...
  6. I got my first song "Swallow my soul" on Amazon. It's sort of a goth alternative track... Jesus & Mary Chain meets Ministry or something, though I had NO Intention on it coming out that way. It's actually an older song, recorded close to 10 years ago or something... Anyway, check it out! Just search the song title or Democritus AChE. I am recording an album, but none of the songs will sound anything like that song, and the band name won't be "Democritus AChE." I'm looking for more musicians before recording something though, as I did all of the stuff on the song above and don't believe I'm that good at guitar/bass/drums to do it period, let alone all by myself... P.S. Please don't review the song on whether you like me or not. It's atheist in lyrics, and if I were to visit a page with Christian lyrics from one of you, I would either not review it, or would review it with the quality of music. If "goth" or alternative is not your style, you won't like my song.
  7. Thank you Rev. Ed. I started out my night last night/morning this morning watching Cool Hand Luke about 12:00. When I was a kid and was down, that was an inspiring movie for me... Anyway, 3 f'ing 6...
  8. The dreams in which I'm dying, are the best I've ever had...

  9. Murphs was the best answer so i'd just read a print out of his post and ask to borrow his books when he was done.
  10. Now I got that Morrissey song in my head... What was the question?
  11. So are we now fully transgendered on the forum?
  12. No, there is no protection actually, look on the California state website which only lists certain classes as protected. I have spoke with attorney's and was told that I had no chance of wining a lawsuit, which was not frivolous in the least. That does not mean I believe we need protected classes either, this was about tolerance, as I don't believe in additional protection other than equal protection; as with hate crimes etc, which make no sense, a crime is a crime... Nothing was said about all Christians, but rather my experience with most Christians. Fair enough though, I will still use a lot of paint, but will try using a smaller brush next time!
  13. I agree. I have always been 100% for affirmative action, and other topics. If some of you recall, some of my biggest arguements when I first joined this forum were in support of affirmative action. I changed this position after a few incidences which made me no longer feel it was an appropriate system. The point is, equality, with everything. No person should have less rights than another in our society; other than those that lose rights due to behavior (crime).
  14. We are not a protected class, just as white males are not a protected class. If a boss makes an insulting statement about religion, or race, one could find a lawyer immediately and sue. When it comes to sexual harrassment from a mans position, or race, from a white mans position, or views, from an atheists position, there is no recourse for a hostile work environment as we are not part of a protected class. So again, there is less tolerance towards those who do not believe by all religions. Of course Christians don't tolerate anyone, not even other Christians, which is why they make distinctions always about what is a "real" Christian and what is not...
  15. That's because politicans pander too much to what they believe is what the people want. We tried that in 2 elections, and dems lost. When Obama did not pander to the right, he won easily. Unfortunately, once these guys get in office, it's our job to remind them all why we put them there... Thank you by the way...